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CUT Magazine: New

This is a happy day for me because my friend Anne blogged about the new German indie DIY fashion/craft magazine called CUT which looks absolutely cool. Though I’m told it deals more with fashion than crafts and decorating/design, but still…I can’t wait to find a copy and preview it for myself so I can see what it has to offer. I value Anne’s opinion though, very much, and if she likes it then I’m sure it’s pretty good.

CUT magazine

CUT magazine

CUT magazine

If you live in Germany or can read German I suggest you visit their site. And CUT staffers if you are reading this, I just moved from the states to Hannover and would love to know where to find a copy locally. I haven’t seen it around here yet. :)

9/18 UPDATE: This magazine is available in Hannover in the bahnhof in the “crafts” section near the wedding magazines at Quick Press. I went today and looked at the magazine – it’s wonderful. I highly suggest buying a copy.

(images: cut magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 16, 2009

Happy Weekend!

So! Here it is Friday and after 4pm my time so I’m heading out for the day because we have things to do and friends to visit with, and tomorrow a festival at the enchanting baroque gardens here (shopping, food, music, entertainment, etc.) and on Sunday more people to visit. I want to spend the next hour or so completely alone so that I may have a few moments to myself before the weekend madness begins. I love/hate weekends with back-to-back plans, though I cannot complain because I could be a lonely expat sitting here with nothing to do and nobody to do it with! Not the case at all, so I feel lucky and should be grateful. Before signing off though, I have many posts below this one that I invite you to look through and enjoy because I think they’ll give you a cozy feeling for the weekend and lift your spirits, invigorate your creativity and perhaps inspire you to do something nice for yourself over the next few days until we meet here again on Monday morning.

Happy Weekend!

The weather here is in its 5th week of deliriously gorgeous temps with loads of sunshine and now the evenings have this “crisp” quality to them that promises Fall will come soon (love) – the weekend shall be nice so fingers crossed, it will be so that I may take some photos to share with you on Monday of this festival I will attend.

Books to Review

I’m hoping that if I can sneak it in I will take the morning on Sunday and curl up with a pot of tea on my sofa to review 3 new books that were sent to me. Perfect English Cottage, Essentially French and Romantic Irish Homes all arrived this week from the publisher and look ever so promising – I can’t wait to dig in and hopefully offer you a review of at least one of them next week. One perk of being a writer, you occasionally get some great books to share. Yay, books!

What will you do this weekend?

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Posted in Books + Magazines on September 11, 2009

Elsk Dit Hjem: New Book

I just learned about a new book from Denmark that I must get my hands on, it’s called Elsk Dit Hjem which I think translates to Love Your Home in English. It was recently released and the author, Ranvita la Cour, is a Feng Shui expert, stylist and freelance writer from Copenhagen and one half of the duo behind Happy Living. Here’s a peek of her new book…

Elsk Dit Hjem

Elsk Dit Hjem

Elsk Dit Hjem

Elsk Dit Hjem

Elsk Dit Hjem

I’m hoping that someday I will get to meet Ranvita at a home show or something, as she’s just north of me living in Hellebæk, Denmark and I’m dying to meet the movers and the shakers in the design world over here and Ranvita seems to be quite an “it” girl in Denmark. I just learned about this book today via Spagat (thanks, Sidsel!) so I will now go off on the great hunt to locate a copy of this book online…

(images: elsk dit hjem)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 08, 2009

Parasol Craft Magazine

I heard from Yasmine Surovec this afternoon, the talented editor, designer and illustrator of the new Parasol Craft Magazine and author of A Print A Day (the decor8 blog of the week). Parasol Craft is an inspiring new magazine that you can download and is dedicated to showcasing handmade products and features freebies, too! The primary focus is to promote and inspire creativity… here’s but a peek…

Parasol Craft mag

Parasol Craft mag

Have you heard of either of these two creative spots online? I hadn’t until today, so I’ve been busily perusing Yasmine’s lovely pages for the past half hour. Gorgeous, I highly recommend picking up the current copy of Parasol Craft — it’s lovely!

Thanks for writing in, Yasmine!

(images: parasol craft magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on August 24, 2009


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