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Online Version of Frankie Magazine

If you’re a fan of Aussie fashion mag Frankie like I am, you’ll be happy to know that those of us outside of Australia can download Frankie issues from their website. Yay! I did not know about this until recently when one of the editors let me know via a tweet. Of course, there’s a fee involved for each issue, but if you love the magazine you’ll no doubt have little problem shelling out the cash for your own personal copy to support it. Though I’m a bigger fan of the hard copy over the electronic because I’m old school and since I fear more and more mags may fold for good, I think that when magazines want to reach out to a broader, international market that it’s wise of them to have electronic versions available.

Frankie Mag: e-copies!

Frankie Mag: e-copies!

I guess in the end if I cannot have a hard copy of Frankie I guess an e-version will have to do… :) Find out more information on how to get your hands on these here.

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Editor’s Note: I’m heading out for the day to finish some pre-move errands (we leave our house Saturday morning – eek!) so if you’ve emailed and I haven’t gotten back to you I’m sorry – it’s best to tweet me at this point as I’m not glued to my laptop day and night as I usually am — but I do carry my trusty iPod Touch with me so I can answer your tweets if you send them to @decor8. Also, there will be no Musical Thursday this week simply because I don’t have time to write it — but I’ll say this — the 500 Days of Summer CD is great so be sure to check it out!

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Posted in Books + Magazines, fashion + accessories on July 30, 2009

Utterly Engaged

I received an email last week from Utterly Engaged and totally forgot to post about them — so this post is long overdue. Have you heard of this wedding e-zine? It’s so inspiring, whether you are engaged or not it’s like Martha Stewart Weddings — you don’t need to be walking down the aisle to appreciate the beauty of it and draw inspiration from its pages.

Utterly Engaged

Utterly Engaged

Utterly Engaged is a lovely e-publication, you can flip through it online and enjoy it 24/7, I spent some time on Sunday flipping around and here are some of my favorite images from it. I hope you visit them online and see for yourself, it’s so charming!

(images: utterly engaged)

Posted in Books + Magazines on July 28, 2009

Copenhagen Cottage Escape

The moment I spotted this little red, white and blue cottage in Hus & Hem I was in love and thought it would be the ideal spot to escape to this weekend for the long holiday break.

Hus & Hem

Located near the coast just south of Copenhagen, Denmark this cozy cottage oozes with charm and spirit. I adore the eclectic aspect of it all but what I appreciate most is how happy and full of life and energy it is. Plus, the kitchen is adorable. I really like how well the recycled furniture, flea market finds, vibrant paint and a mix of explosive patterns has transformed this place, owned by Lan and Brian Frandsen and their 4-year-old daughter Frida Mei, from a dark den (before they moved in) to a bright retro paradise. I read that most of the furniture came with the house when they purchased it but since it was not their style they brought in a few cans of paint and went to work, mixing in their flea market finds and IKEA goodies of course.

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

I love the quilt in Lans and Brian’s bedroom and found out that it was made using a combination of retro fabrics and new ones from Liberty in London. To view more beautiful homes, make sure you visit Hus & Hem online.

(Photos: Tia Borgsmidt & Stylist: Sidsel Zachariassen)

Posted in Books + Magazines on July 02, 2009

Introducing Lonny Magazine

Have you heard the news? Lonny (decorating/lifestyle mag) is soon to hit the web in September with a new online magazine rounding up the best of the best editors, designers, artists, bloggers and friends. Designer Michelle Adams of Rubie Green just announced it — you can read more about it over at Rubie Green. Yay!

Coming Soon: Lonny

Sounds pretty exciting, I can’t wait to see what inspiration they have in store for us! I’ll try to post the link as soon as they launch, so stay tuned..

Congrats Michelle and Patrick — go get ‘em!

(image: lonny magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on July 02, 2009


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