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The Farm Chicks Show – June 6th

Have you heard of The Farm Chicks, Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards? I really admire these two ladies, both are so sweet and down-to-earth but also very dedicated to their work and fans. Their latest book, The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, really brought me closer to them because their bios were written from such a genuine place.

The Farm Chicks

I was touched by Serena’s childhood spent living out of a hippie gypsy wagon with her family — I guess it’s easy to think that those who are “famous” got that way easily or perhaps had the ideal childhood with stability, a house and the picket fence and it’s refreshing to read the life stories of those who grew up a bit outside of the “lines” so to speak and still made it big. In fact, Serena attributes her success to her childhood.If you don’t much about Serena and Teri you may enjoy visiting their website to learn more. These charming “real” ladies are living their dreams — writing, recycling unloved finds into something functional and fun, traveling, sponsoring events and thinking up new ideas to present in Country Living magazine where they are Contributing Editors.

If you live in the northwest and are able to make it to the show, I suggest stopping by their upcoming annual event in Spokane, Washington where they’ll be hosting a show complete with antiques, vintage objects, handmade goods, and a curated selection of 130 extraordinary vendors where you can shop and find inspiration from the creations of others. They’ll also have a book signing on Saturday from 1-2pm during the event and will have copies of their new book available in their booth. If I weren’t so far away, I’d be there in a heartbeat because I’d love to meet these two and watch them in action doing what they love!

If you’re like me and cannot attend the show, you can visit them online via their blog where you are sure to find decorating tips and inspiration.

Show details: The Farm Chicks Show, June 6-7 at the Spokane Fairgrounds Plaza, Bay 1 and Bay 2 in Spokane, Washington. On Saturday, June 6th the hours are 10am-6pm and on Sunday, June 7th you can attend from 10am-4pm. Admission is $6, and is good for both days. They will be signing their book in the Plaza on Saturday from 1-2pm.

(images: the farm chicks and country living magazine)

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Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

I’ve been an Atlanta Bartlett fan long before I started writing decor8, in fact it was her work through the pages of her design books that inspired me early on and was one reason why I started taking art & design classes. My current favorite book is her new one, Easy Elegance, photographed by the great Polly Wreford whom I’m profiled here in the past. It’s heavenly, I absolutely suggest picking up a copy and I’ve made it easy for you to find it because it just-so-happens to be the decor8 book of the week. You will cherish this one forever, trust me.

Atlanta Bartlett

Atlanta’s work as an interiors stylist absolutely clicks with me and my own personal style, when I look at the rooms and tablescapes she pulls together I always think, “Oh yes, perfect”. I frequently stalk Atlanta’s website but gave up awhile back since it wasn’t pulled together nearly as beautifully as her books and did not have much to look at — it was more of a placeholder for what would come… And now as I did another drive by of her site today, to my surprise, I found that her website was gorgeously redesigned. I am so thrilled to see it. I believe you will be to, it’s bound to make a Bartlett fan out of you if you aren’t already.

Atlanta Bartlett

I noticed on her site that she’ll soon be launching an online shop called Pale & Interesting. Sounds enticing enough… It also sounds like perhaps what I should call myself right about now with my white legs and arms. :) Atlanta currently designs decorative ceramics for The Big Tomato Company and those are available here.

Atlanta Bartlett

And.. if all that weren’t enough to qualify her for the title of superhero goddess, she also co-owns The Beach Studios alongside her husband, interior designer Dave Coote. Together they handpick locations and offer them as shoot spaces for film, photographic and television industries. You can view them here (prepare to drool).

Dave Coote

And speaking of Dave, who I must include in this post because like the saying goes, behind every good woman is an amazing man, he just launched his gorgeous website showcasing his portfolio.

Dave Coote

Dave designs rooms but something that really sets his work apart from the pack is that he also designs workshops and cabins out of reclaimed wood, made to order! Wouldn’t you love to order a craft hut or some type of outdoor/indoor atelier space?

No doubt you also have favorite stylists, decorators and designers. Who are yours? Please share them with me! :)

(images: atlanta bartlett, photography by chris everard, polly wreford and penny wincer)

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BH&G Do It Yourself Issue – Yay Bloggers!

I picked up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens special Summer issue “Do It Yourself” over the weekend and was so excited to run into two lovely bloggers there. Victoria from SF Girl By Bay and the cute little couple, Sherry and John, from This Young House. Here’s a peek to whet your appetite for more…

Buy This Issue! :)

Sherry & John

Sherry & John

Victoria (SFGirlByBay)

Victoria shown above in cute clothes (what else would you expect?) blogging away. Psst: You can catch a great interview with this lovely lady over at Shiny Squirrel today with some pretty photos since she’s changed her apartment a bit since BH&G took the photos found in this issue..


Victoria’s uber chic space. This is so exciting, go bloggers, go! If you live in the U.S. make sure you pick up a copy to support these lovely members of our blog community.

P.S. Sorry my photos are a little fuzzy, the lighting in here today is horrid. I did my best. ;)

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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Dujour Magazine

I really need to break down and shell out the thirty-six dollars this magazine will cost me because it’s making quite the impression on lots of my online friends these days. It’s called Dujour magazine, their roots are in America, and I’ve pointed you to it before but I’ve not included photos or anything. Just look at some of these spreads — talk about inspirational eye candy. I want the vintage issue quite badly as the theme really suits me…

Dujour Mag

Dujour Mag

Dujour Mag

Each issue is limited-edition (only 1,000 distributed worldwide) with custom wrapping and a special gift inside making the $36 investment somewhat easier to swallow. I think in America it’s harder for us to drop that kind of cash on a single magazine when we’ve been trained to pay $12 for 12 issues or at most, $4 for a copy of our favorite magazine. I’m interested to see if Dujour will be a hit here because of that or not. In Europe and beyond, it’s not so difficult to market a magazine like this as so many pay $10-12 an issue on average for high end design and fashion mags as it is. I have yet to see a copy so I can’t give a very good review, but from what I’m noticed around the web, it looks delicious and I’m intrigued. You can also buy digital copies — a full year is only $10 but a year doesn’t mean 12 issues, it’s 2 6 total (not 12) just so you know.

Have you purchased Dujour? What did you think? First impressions?

(images: first – the fabled needle, bottom two – dujour)

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