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Potter Bridget Bodenham – Wow!

I have to share the amazing work of potter Bridget Bodenham! I found her on Instagram (follow her here) and have been love struck ever since. She is a potter who makes objects from clay, both functional and non-functional for display only in her studio in Hepburn Springs Victoria, Australia. Below is a glimpse of her studio from Oversize Me and some of my favorite images from her Instagram account that she took of her most recent creations. The first image is by far my favorite – I’d love to own both pieces to serve olives, oil, bread and cheese during a relaxing evening at home with friends – and of course, a bottle of Riesling! The tiny bouquet makes this photo even more appealing, doesn’t it? A touch of pink looks so pretty in this arrangement. Flowers are the best accents when displaying food, at least I think so.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.18.29 AM




Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.21.04 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.21.13 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.21.51 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.21.31 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.20.29 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.20.39 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.20.49 AM

Bridget occasionally hosts open studio days – if I lived in Victoria I would definitely go because it would be such a relaxing and inspiring visit, I’m sure. Ceramics make me feel so cozy – from the way they look and feel to their smell as wet clay is being formed – it immediately takes me back to school when we learned how to use a potter’s wheel in the 6th grade. I used to LOVE the smell of our school art room – the chalky paints and the clay together – and I still do. As far as Bridget’s work is concerned, I particularly like her use of metallics and this stunning chain link piece below is one I covet because I’d love to display it in my own home.



After doing a bit of googling, I found that Lucy had the chance to visit her in 2011 and this interview was the result. Though it’s a few years old, it’s still a great read so please link over and check it out. There’s another great write-up about her on the Broadsheet website, too.

Are you a lover of ceramics like I am? I have an entire cabinet now dedicated to the ceramics that I collect and noticed a few weeks ago as I was unpacking them to place inside that most of my ceramics are white! Do you collect white ceramics too? Are you more into colors? Do you have a favorite ceramicist you’d like to share? Add their link below to the comments section so I can check them out and possibly pin to my Ceramics pinboard on Pinterest. I’d really appreciate it!

Hope you are all doing great! xo Holly

(images bridget bodenham, lucy feegin)

Posted in ceramics on February 20, 2014
decor8 shop

Mia Blanche Ceramics

I can only imagine the faces of my food photographer friends the moment they see this post! They will drool on their keyboards simply because Mia Blanche ceramics from Sweden would make the best props ever. I am curious, what do you think? If you love to cook, entertain or simply enjoy a hot cup of cocoa near a warm fire, you’ll find something perfect to fit your cravings at Mia Blanche, too. They have a web shop in English so please go have a peek… But first, look at what is calling your name.

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

mia8_deMia Blanche Ceramicscor8

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

I’ve summarized my wish list below in case anyone is feeling generous (har har).

My wish list: 6 Lill Sven breakfast bowls (2 limegreen, 2 blue, 2 light turquoise), 6 Sven cups in white, 6 Oriental cups in white, 1 milk jug, 3 milk jugs with lace (for flowers!), 6 muffin bowls in white (for snacks on movie night!).

Now you must tell me, what would you like to have from this shop?

(images: mia blanche)

Posted in ceramics on January 30, 2013

Mud Studio

I’m dreaming of a chandelier for my living room and Mud Studio has the one that I want though there is no way I can afford it so it will remain on my dream wish list for a very long time. I’ve become obsessed with Mud Studio, a fan for a few years now but even more now as their beaded chandelier continues to captivate me and my affection for it only grows stronger by the day… Here it is shown in the home of the founders of Mud Studio, Werner and Philippa du Toit, who live in South Africa along with other wares from Mud Studio that I’m dreaming of…

Mud Studio

Mud Studio

Mud Studio

Mud Studio

Mud Studio is on one hand, earthly and natural and on the other, very chic I think. I wouldn’t mind having some of their dinnerware, it’s right up there on my Astier de Villatte wish list!

Speaking of Africa, I’ll be in Amsterdam tomorrow (I know, sounds unrelated but I’ll get to that in a moment) for a few days with Debi Treloar as we will begin the first batch of shoots for my next interiors book to be published simultaneously by Chronicle Books (US) and Jacqui Small Publishing (UK). I’m very excited because my home will be in my next book, something I’ve been hoping for, but beyond that I can’t wait to share more of the homes I love with you and to give you more inspiration and ideas through my words and ideas. I’m excited!

But anyway, in Amsterdam, there is a shop called From Africa With Love that I heard opened not too long ago that specializes in design from Africa and I just know I’ll love it. It’s my top priority of things to do during my free time this week between shoots and I’ll even do some shopping with Stephanie Rammeloo from Dreamboat, an amazing stylist and author who had her home in my book and she is such a lovely person to spend time with. I feel so lucky that decor8 has opened so many doors for me to meet so many talented, generous people out there…

(images: mud studio)

Posted in ceramics on January 31, 2012

Miratis: New Online Shop

Ohhh pretty products are calling, do you hear them?! The cry is coming from Miratis, a new online shop offering contemporary products for the home. While I can’t say contemporary is how I’d describe my taste, I definitely surprised myself when I found some gorgeous and tactile ceramics in their shop that made me drool in delight and imagine scooping up for my nest.


a.| large flower bowl b.| medium Chinese jug c.| oval vase d.|small torn bowl.

Miratis (“mirus” meaning wonderful/astonishing/wonderful and “artes” meaning the skill of art and craft) gives immediate access to a hand-picked selection of some of the most exciting designers and makers in Europe and beyond from textiles to glass, ceramics to metal — and more.

Curated by founder Lisa Harrison, all the featured designers in the store create items that are exclusive to the website, I love the ceramics by Emma Clegg and Janet Stahelin-Edmondson the most.

Aren’t these pieces above just lovely? I can imagine grouping them all on a shelf with a few flowers in each. I love that large flower bowl as it reminds me of a vintage swim cap my grandmother Millie wore when I was a child. So pretty!

(images: miratis)

Posted in ceramics on April 26, 2011


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