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Tortoise + Mori Masahiro Ceramics

So many beautiful wares from Japan to enjoy on the Tortoise website where ‘long and steady’ is the motto. Tortoise is an online store that I recently discovered while searching for Mori Masahiro ceramics.

I was fortunate to discover his mori cups on clearance for only $2 each at a local Homegoods store recently. I didn’t need more than one, I simply purchased it because I loved the smooth form, the simplicity of pure white and curves, and I needed a pencil cup. For a mere $2, it appeared to be the perfect budget solution. I guess the average shopper wasn’t interested in these $2 finds, maybe because they weren’t shaped like your typical drinking vessel. What they didn’t realize, myself included, is that these cups were designed especially for the blind by Mori Masahiro. He created them back in 1969 to help blind people tactically distinguish one cup from another back. I was excited after I arrived at home to research my $2 find. It made this lonely little clearance item that no one else wanted so much more of a gem to me. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before yourself.

I hope you enjoy Masahiro and the many other clean modern designer wares on the Tortoise website. In addition to the Masahiro ceramics, I think you’ll also enjoy the Tin Sake Set and the cherry veneer Mokusei Lamp.

To learn more about the husband and wife team behind the company, click here. Also something of interest: The Tortoise newsletter.

psst: If you’re in Venice, California, you can visit their brick and mortar store (shown below) at 1208 Abbot Kinney Blvd from noon-6pm or by appointment. Please note, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

(images from tortoise)

Posted in ceramics, lighting, shopping, travel on April 18, 2006


Pop ink dinnerware. Silkscreened linen pillows. Artist-made panels. They’re all crafted by independant artists and sold at Elsewares. I love seeing all these talented people gain exposure (and business!) through websites like Elsewares. Take a glance on some favorites of mine. Maybe they’ll soon be favorites of yours!

12″ handmade art by three sheets, $45 available in several modern color choices.
star coasters, $25. set of 4
the alcohol won’t be the only thing causing you to see stars.
fashion plates, set of 2, $40. chocolate plate shown, other plate is in pear
cocoa meets coco chanel
wallpaper plate set, $40. blue shown, other plate is red
cupid rocks this design
lumen oil lamp, $48
see the forest through the little tree
by night
or by day…

(photos: top photo flower outline pillow from three sheets, $65. all photos from elsewares)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, ceramics, kitchen, textiles on February 09, 2006


Flashback. 80’s Toto. Sing along with me, “All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see you eyes, Rosanna, Rosanna – I never thought that a girl like you could ever care for me, Rosannaaaaaaa…”

Fast Forward. 2006. Cute dishware by company called Rosanna. No relation to Toto song. Just felt a rocker chick moment and had to seize it before a live audience. (You are still live after that, right?) Now onto said plates.

I’ve been purchasing Rosanna dishware since 2001, so I have some say in the matter. First off, they are so ridiculously cute. They’re like the cutest puppy looking up at you with big eyes cute. The plates are sold in sets of 4 for around $25 and come packaged in girly girl decorative boxes that look like little hat boxes. They are made of sturdy stoneware and are microwave, dishwasher, and leaving them dirty in your sink for weeks, safe. The Rosanna collection also features mugs, teapots, frosted glass tumblers, and so many more not-so-plain-jane dishware that you just have to check them out for yourself.

Design tip: Buy a shadow box that is deep enough for the plate. Paint, wallpaper, or cork the back interior of the box. You can even use a mirror. Then, with amazingly strong hot glue, glue one of the “Parisian Wallpaper” plates into the frame, centered. Viola! Very cool art under glass.

“Need you all the way. Rosanna yeah….”

(Photos TOP: “Parisian Wallpaper”. BOTTOM: “Chandeliers” collection of plates, teapots, teacups and saucers. All photos from Rosanna Inc.)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, ceramics, kitchen on January 19, 2006


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