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Up In The Air Somewhere

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about minimalistic organic white ceramics and how I naturally gravitate towards them when I’m out shopping. And more recently, I’ve been dreaming of white and gold ceramics and jewelry and I’m not sure where this obsession stems from. Then I remembered Up in the Air Somewhere which is Chicago-based designer and artist Susan Dwyer because she uses some white and gold in her work…

Up In The Air Somewhere

Susan makes some of the most stunning papier mache and ceramic vessels and spoons… and because she does not use molds, no two pieces are alike making them each display subtle differences from the last. This isn’t helping to tame my desire for all things white and gold… :) So, so pretty.

Up In The Air Somewhere

On a personal note, I’ve been wanting to paint things white with gold trim and I’ve set my sights on some pear-shaped wood coasters that I have and a brooch that I’ll have to work on later this week to satisfy my curiosity.

What about you, do you have any particular obsessions lately?

(photos: Ben Syverson)

Posted in ceramics on January 26, 2010
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Ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Swedish ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld in Stockholm has some serious style going on! Up until now Gustaf’s work has been purely conceptual but now there are a very limited number of unique one-of-a-kind pieces sold in his web shop. Want to see? I know, I had you at Swedish and Ceramicist. Sure you want to see!

Ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld

R.p.m candlestick in porcelain

Ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Mallrik, candleholder in porcelain

Ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Quake, hand thrown and shaken (not stirred he he) mug in porcelain

Ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Fable, butter knife holder in colored porcelain

Ceramicist Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Grab (mini hook) porcelain.

About his work Gustaf says that he is trying to, “counter conventional ideas of beauty by making intriguing and sometimes grotesque works with naturalistic power and personality.” He further relates, “This aesthetic and philosophical idea differs from the accepted parameters of Swedish studio ceramics and the result questions the Scandinavian minimalism.”

These are all a delight to look upon, the candle holder really caught my eye. What about you?

(images: Karin Björkquist – check out her online portfolio by the way.)

Posted in ceramics on January 13, 2010

Aniek Meelijk’s Tea Time

I was so blown away by the gorgeous tea time set created by Dutch designer Aniek Meelijk that I saw today on Design Spotter. Wow. “One warm spring afternoon on the garden table she sees more than her own tea set. She discovered that its shadows could not be separated from the shapes of the set and that they constantly played their own game with them.” This was what inspired her Tea Time collection! Don’t you love this rather mundane observation turning into something so grand?

Aniek Meelijk’s Tea Time

What innovation and creativity…

I wonder when and where it will be available for sale? I think it’s perfect for Alice in Wonderland! :)

If you want to learn more about Aniek, you can visit her blog here.

(image: aniek Meelijk)

Posted in ceramics on November 11, 2009

Bailey Doesn’t Bark

I received news this week from Bailey Doesn’t Bark that Re Jin Lee, founder and designer, has decided to branch out from tableware design to include home accessories, stationery and jewelry. Yay! Congratulations to Re Jin and her team! Using 100% recycled, reusable or biodegradable elements in her lines and packaging, Bailey Doesn’t Bark is committed to eco-friendly design in addition to producing beautiful things with purpose.

Bailey Doesn't Bark

“To keep an eye on quality and costs, she prefers to apply and fire decals on her porcelain pieces and package her products in-house. Re Jin not only wants to creatively inspire with the new pieces she’s been developing this year, but also hopes to inspire with the principals she’s infused in the production.”

I love all of these beautiful things, great work Re Jin! Her tea bag mugs, plates with gold accents, and her cards are beautiful – love how they shimmer!

You can find her latest collection here and also live at the Union Square Holiday Market in New York City between November 25 to December 24, 2009.

(photos: bailey doesn’t bark)

Posted in ceramics, stationery, textiles on November 11, 2009


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