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Seriously Cool Color Combos For Interiors + Stylist Kate Imogen Wood

Want to see some amazing color combos for interiors today? Kate Imogen Wood is a British stylist from the lakes region now living and working in Copenhagen. She began styling when I started blogging, in 2005, and hasn’t looked back ever since – she is obsessed with Scandinavian interiors which shows in her portfolio which you can view online here. She was nice enough to write to me to introduce herself so I thought, since I really like what I saw when I viewed her work, that I’d choose and share some of my favorites from her work below. I choose these based on primarily the color combinations. They struck me as really current and unusual – lilac with shades of green and apricot with yellow – so good! See what you think.


Kate Imogen Wood decor8

Kate Imogen Wood decor8

Kate Imogen Wood decor8

Kate Imogen Wood decor8

Kate Imogen Wood decor8

What do you think about these color combos? Aren’t they bananas? ** love ** And I’m all for the tropical theme going on at the moment, you too? I predict it will go right into the new year and be a big part of 2015 interiors, what do you think?

(images: kate imogen wood with permission)

Posted in Color Inspiration on October 23, 2014

Fading Flower Prints By Trine Hisdal

If you are a flower lover like me, you just may love what I’m about to show you since it’s quite a unique take on the typical flower photography that you see on the walls of most homes. Trine Hisdal is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway who has captured flowers dying in a most stunning way through her new series of floral prints. Trine wanted to, “document the fragility of flowers and their short lived beauty, and how they look beautiful even as they start to fade.” This is just so, so pretty. But don’t take my word for it — Take a look, what do you think?








These limited editions are exhibited and sold at Røst, a design and interior shop in Norway. I’m in love.

(images: via Åshild Røssland by Trine Hisdal)

Posted in Color Inspiration on May 26, 2014

Weekend Inspiration in Green

I just have to show you a few rooms in this home shot by Lina Ostling, a Scandinavian photographer who has a knock-out blog. I just LOVE the first room shown below. It’s so, so lovely and gave me a big shot of inspiration for the weekend. I adore green in all of its shades, I find it so pretty – especially this time of the year. I hope these rooms do the same for you, too – inspire!




The above home is from a feature shot for Hus&Hem magazine in Sweden. Love it!

(images: lina ostling)

Posted in Color Inspiration on March 08, 2014

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

I’m curious so please entertain me… Are any particular color palettes catching your eye lately? I’m getting bored with the usual suspects (black and white, hot pink and gray, pastels with copper, summer-y citrus hues) and am looking towards a more Autumn selection in an earthy palette with flecks of pale muddy rose and some purple. Here’s what I’m attracted to at the moment…

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

Ark Pad

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

Say cheeze | Well Travelled Woman | Adventure Dress by Esther Boller | Naturalete

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

hellanne: Kate KipleySunflower | Midwest Alchemy on Etsy, sfgirlbybay

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

Anastasia Christou

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

lupiinit_suvColor Crush: Earthy Tones For Fallsurlevif

suvi sur le vif

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

Photographer Nicole Franzen, whom I just love.

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall

Photo by Sean Fennessy, styling by Lucy Feagins

What is your color crush at the moment? If you write your own color crush post, please link it in the comments section below so I can see it – only something you’ve written for Fall 2013 though, please. Thank you!

(images linked to their sources above, all via Pinterest.)

Posted in Color Inspiration on September 05, 2013


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