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Pretty Flowers

I picked up some flowers just the other day – bi-colored carnations (never underestimate the power of carnations!), creamy white freesia, and gorgeous pink ranunculus. Instead of putting them all in one vase, I decided to split them into four arrangements so that I could spread them around different rooms to brighten up more than one area of the home and to stretch my money – so for a mere $11 I have more than enough flower power to go around. I put some in a white IKEA vase, a few stems in a vintage blue glass vase, more in a vintage creamer from my husband’s grandmother, and finally a few in a tea tin that I couldn’t part with after I drank all of the tea because I loved the color so much. These flowers are now in my bedroom and living room and the house smells beautiful!

happiness in a vase!

In the living room…

In a creamer...

Near my bed…

Pretty flowers...

In the living room, different view.

Pretty flowers...

In my reading nook…

More flowers

My workspace, a tiny corner of my living room. The glass vase is vintage for only $1 at the flea market last Saturday — I love it!

Leslie Shewring will be here with us in a moment with Color Me Pretty for more floral inspiration which is a nice boost on a Wednesday, don’t you think? I love Spring!

Maybe our flower posts today will inspire you to pick up some inexpensive blooms and go home and have a little fun arranging them and placing them bedside, near your perfume tray, on the coffee table on some books… What do you think?

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Color Me Pretty, Decorating Tips on April 28, 2010

Color Me Pretty

Hello Friends, it’s Leslie with Color Me Pretty and I am really happy to be back here! I just wrapped up a 7 week teaching assignment alongside Holly for Blogging Your Way which is why I’ve been missing. Now that the session has ended, I’m back with my column each month around this time to share more color inspirations with you. A big thanks to Holly and you all for having me back.

Color Me Pretty

This time around I am inspired by Spring-time and all the blooms available at the markets and with that, I opted for a pastel palette. There really is nothing like the soft yellows, pinks and lilac tones of early spring. I enjoyed combining these colors with a soft craft paper brown and some milky whites. Here are the results.

Color Me Pretty

It is a nice time of year to get inspired with cleaning out our work-spaces and our homes for the months ahead.  Sometimes a good “spring clean” can do decorating wonders as it clears our heads and helps us get a clearer vision for what we want in our lives. New ideas seem to flow when we have a fresh clean space. I like to get my craft supplies sorted and ready for new project ideas. My little mood-board got a spring makeover too as it reflects some of my new interests and ideas.

Color Me Pretty

I would love to hear any spring-cleaning or organizing tips you have. We all can use the inspiration! I hope you enjoyed this color story and I look forward to seeing you back here next month.

Color Me Pretty

Take care and hope you’ve enjoyed this view of spring today! xo, Leslie

If you are new to decor8 and would like to see more Color Me Pretty posts, please click here.

(photographs: leslie shewring)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Color Me Pretty on March 25, 2010

Color Me Pretty

Just a friendly reminder that my lovely columnist Leslie Shewring, who authors Color Me Pretty on decor8, will return next week! She took January & February off to pursue teaching a class with me about creative, inspirational blogging (Blogging Your Way) and now that the class has wrapped up I’m pleased and honored to have signed on Leslie to return to decor8 once again. Leslie will be back to visit us once a month with her inspirational color and style story. If you’ve missed her work on decor8 in 2009 click here to be inspired.

Next week the theme is Spring — so lots of soft pastels — you won’t want to miss it!

(image: leslie shewring)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Color Me Pretty on March 18, 2010

New Kate Spade: Spring!

While we’re riding the colorcoaster together with lots of happy color today, lets check out more brights for Spring — this time from the one and only Kate Spade. I envy the girl who can wear heels this high! And don’t you love the necklace? These hot colors definitely get my brain in Spring mode despite how the weather is being such a brat! Yesterday was such a teaser with warmer temps and then today, boom! Cold and gray again. I’ve been blogging by candlelight all day to make this somewhat romantic but even I cannot deny – I soooo want March to come!

Kate Spade

Enjoy these highlights from Kate Spade and her cute little online video too.

(images: kate spade)

Posted in Color Inspiration on February 22, 2010


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