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Loving: Chalky Pastels

Hello everyone, how is your summer so far? Today is the Fourth of July – Independence Day! And though I live in Germany now, I can’t help but to think about all of my friends and family who are in Boston today for the big 4th celebration that we all loved to visit each year. If you are American, how are you celebrating the 4th? I’m simply taking the day off to relax and get caught up on some reading, tend to my flowers, and enjoy the sunshine on my balcony. Simplicity is what I’m all about lately. Keeping stress levels low and happy levels high. :) Speaking of lowering your stress level, isn’t this palette simply gorgeous? I love these pale, chalky pastel tones because they have a hint of gray in them, which brings down their sweetness and makes them a bit more grown up. Throw in metallics like copper or gold, and deeper tones of orange (like pumpkin) or add some emerald green, and you can make pastels sophisticated and even a bit edgy.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Chalky pastel wall paints from Better Homes & Gardens, April 2012 via serrvartisans.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

You can find the links to each number shown in this image here on the gorgeous blog, Veda House.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Beautiful city views of Poznan, Poland on 79ideas.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

A new cafe in London located at 60 New Kings Road called Hally’s designed by Alexander Waterworth Interiors with chalky pastel-tones chairs seen on Petite Passport.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Another gorgeous view of those chairs…

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Yummy bento boxes from Design Love Fest designed by Urban Palette.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Gorgeous ice cream scoops as seen in Kinfolk magazine.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Blackberry and sage spritzers from Joylicious.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Eucalyptus leaves by Karina Manarin.

Loving: Chalky Pastels

VTWonen always has nice pastels and chalky accents in their rooms. The addition of copper is perfect!

Loving: Chalky Pastels

Flowers and pastels from Laura Ashley with styling by Emily Blunden. I love the pop of red!

Chalky Pastels Moodboard

What do you think, can you get behind this color palette?

(images linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Color Inspiration on July 04, 2013

Southern Weddings +

While it is still cold and gray, I’m thinking ahead of warm days, picnics, outdoor parties and day trippin’ in our new car. These two photos from Southern Weddings just about sums up what I’m ready for – color, fun and warm weather! Whenever I need inspiration for Spring and Summer, which is right about now, I peek at wedding blogs and websites. They put me in such a great mood. Feminine, fresh, bright, romantic, great ideas…

Southern Weddings

Southern Weddings

Southern Weddings is a GREAT source of inspiration to me. Plus, I’m a southern girl from South Carolina originally so naturally, there’s a heart connection too. I grew up a town over from Pawleys Island and went to many weddings at Litchfield Plantation over the years, so I love southern weddings.

Another great site to check out is called Have you heard of it? It’s like a Pinterest for wedding enthusiasts, brides, wedding party members, etc. I go there for inspiration frequently now too. I’ve learned that you really need to branch out from Pinterest because if everyone is always being inspired by the same things then it can really have a negative impact on imagination. Try to branch out a little when you feel overwhelmed or are in a Pinterest coma, okay? A site like is a great escape.

(images: southern weddings)

Posted in Color Inspiration on March 20, 2013

Minty Fresh Inspiration

Isn’t mint a relaxing color? I’m seeing it everywhere at the moment and simply love it. It doesn’t need to be mixed with other pastel tones, it’s fun to pair with bright orange and lime too. There are so many hues and tints and tones of those hues that you can mix with mint. See if you can come up with some palettes of your own below. Here is some inspiration to get you started.

Minty Fresh

painting, jacket, anson smart, Gro Sævik.

Minty Fresh

interior magasinet/Gro Sævik

Minty Fresh

man in plaid, Elina Dahl, Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, Griottes.

Minty Fresh

anthropologie, matt wisniewski, Family Circle, Road Trip Finland

Minty FreshPlanete Deco


Fresh and pretty, right? What combination makes your eyes light up?

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Color Inspiration on March 13, 2013

Color Crush For Spring

Want to talk about color for a minute? Good because wouldn’t you know it, so do I! :) Designer Patty Murphy pulled together this nice print which gave me the whole inspiration to write this post. I thought the palette was great and could ultimately result in a gorgeous room scheme or even a nice outfit. What do you think?

Nice Palette

I added little dots below showing the key colors and also listed what they are in Photoshop terms if you are looking to use them in a project… I really adore these colors together though, it’s a very glamorous and feminine mix. Add-in a little metallic copper or gold and you’d have something extra special. If you think the darkest tone you see is black (I think it depends on your screen), you may want to look again. It’s really a truly deep, dark eggplant. Violet with orange, fuchsia and mint is trending for Spring fashion, have you noticed? If you haven’t noticed, here is some inspiration from Breakfast at Yurmans below. I LOVE the pop of RED in this mix too. Wow.


I am thinking that it may be time now to replace neon pink, which is being used everywhere, with accents of fuchsia and red instead. Seeing this photo above convinces me that mixing violet tones, red, mint green, peach, orange, beige, fuchsia and metallic copper could be an amazinggggg palette not only to wear but in the home – Oh yeah. You can even replace red with yellow – like a sunny yellow or mustard as shown below by fargerike.

Gorgeous with mustard too

Makes me dream of the possibilities, wow. What do you think of these colors together?

I’m in heaven!

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Color Inspiration on February 26, 2013


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