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Minty Fresh Inspiration

Isn’t mint a relaxing color? I’m seeing it everywhere at the moment and simply love it. It doesn’t need to be mixed with other pastel tones, it’s fun to pair with bright orange and lime too. There are so many hues and tints and tones of those hues that you can mix with mint. See if you can come up with some palettes of your own below. Here is some inspiration to get you started.

Minty Fresh

painting, jacket, anson smart, Gro Sævik.

Minty Fresh

interior magasinet/Gro Sævik

Minty Fresh

man in plaid, Elina Dahl, Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, Griottes.

Minty Fresh

anthropologie, matt wisniewski, Family Circle, Road Trip Finland

Minty FreshPlanete Deco


Fresh and pretty, right? What combination makes your eyes light up?

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Color Inspiration on March 13, 2013

Color Crush For Spring

Want to talk about color for a minute? Good because wouldn’t you know it, so do I! :) Designer Patty Murphy pulled together this nice print which gave me the whole inspiration to write this post. I thought the palette was great and could ultimately result in a gorgeous room scheme or even a nice outfit. What do you think?

Nice Palette

I added little dots below showing the key colors and also listed what they are in Photoshop terms if you are looking to use them in a project… I really adore these colors together though, it’s a very glamorous and feminine mix. Add-in a little metallic copper or gold and you’d have something extra special. If you think the darkest tone you see is black (I think it depends on your screen), you may want to look again. It’s really a truly deep, dark eggplant. Violet with orange, fuchsia and mint is trending for Spring fashion, have you noticed? If you haven’t noticed, here is some inspiration from Breakfast at Yurmans below. I LOVE the pop of RED in this mix too. Wow.


I am thinking that it may be time now to replace neon pink, which is being used everywhere, with accents of fuchsia and red instead. Seeing this photo above convinces me that mixing violet tones, red, mint green, peach, orange, beige, fuchsia and metallic copper could be an amazinggggg palette not only to wear but in the home – Oh yeah. You can even replace red with yellow – like a sunny yellow or mustard as shown below by fargerike.

Gorgeous with mustard too

Makes me dream of the possibilities, wow. What do you think of these colors together?

I’m in heaven!

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Color Inspiration on February 26, 2013

Making Pastels Zingy + Fresh!

Pastels are everywhere but do they feel fresh or a bit sluggish to you? I must admit, all of that sugary softness can feel totally boring (Easter needs revamped!) so why don’t we turn up the heat and make pastels ZING. What I’m about to show you (brace  yourself) is a very hot ‘n spicy palette for Spring on the runway so why not try it at home by mixing pastels with spicy red, 80s neons, warm cooper or gold tones, maybe a shot of black, deep violet, emerald or navy. I’m tellin’ ya people, we can take pastels from Oy vey to Oh yay in mere seconds – take a look…

Giving Pastels Energy

Making Pastels Zingy + Fresh!

This is a very lively mix – a real party girl combo using sugar sweet pastels and punctuating them with clever color accents that are bold and risky. While pastels can feel really granny and dated (or seasonal), you can easily perk them up with my favorite metal of the moment – copper!

rhfhMaking Pastels Zingy + Fresh!

Making Pastels Zingy + Fresh!

If you’re a bit bored with neon pink, opt for neon orange because that looks quite gorgeous when placed in a pastel playground.

Try neon ORANGE over Pink

Giving Pastels Energy

I even love spicy reds – they can energize a pastel palette taking them from Easter egg hunts and tea parties to grown up girl Glamorama cha-cha! Want to get a little edgy with pastels? Grab a little black or navy and dot it around the space.

Making Pastels Zingy + Fresh!


Cushions by Martinich&Carran

Making Pastels Zingy + Fresh!

Giving Pastels Energy

Giving Pastels Energy

How are you using pastels at the moment? Here are some visuals to give you some ideas that I love…

I have to add that Lucy over at the Design Files is such an inspiration to me. This Australian blogger has such a gorgeous design blog about Aussie design and recently had a beautiful open house event where she turned an empty rented home into a living blog OPEN HOUSE showroom for a weekend. I really love Lucy’s photography, blog and now her open house events – I’m tempted to fly down to Australia to attend the next one later this year – it’s my big dream ! Anyway, Lucy loves color and knows how to mix pastels with more vibrant hues so I selected several photos above from her open house party to inspire you to be a bit more daring when you decorate. To see more about the Design Files Open House, please visit Vimeo and watch this stunning video. Lucy, you rock with color and design!

(images: ferm living, revolver, design files)

Posted in Color Inspiration on February 06, 2013

Color Crush: Feeling Moody

I hope that you enjoyed my previous post about color with 3 color study exercises – please try at least one of them to see what you discover about yourself  -it’s fun and we need more FUN in life because it fuels our creative side. I thought I’d practice what I preach and apply one of my own tips so I selected the first tip, to spot themes which is exactly what I did this morning after a pinning session over on Pinterest. Here is a very moody color palette that emerged: Indigo, gray, pale pink, peach, mint… Pretty yet also moody and winter-y.

Color Crush: Feeling Moody ( photos above: all things comfy, naturally ella, mrs french, thriving twenties.)

What does this palette reveal to me? It’s the dead of winter where I live and I mean DEAD. Everything is gray outside. It’s freezing. There is nothing to look forward to (no fairs, no flea markets, nothing to do outdoors). It’s a bit of a depressing time of year BUT I’m not hopeless, in fact, I’m using this period as a bit of a rest period so that I can gather my ideas and energy so that once March arrives, then April, May, and so on, I can put all of this stored energy into practice and go out and do lots of fun things.

Color Crush: Feeling Moody(illustration from the ammiki shop on easy)

Color Crush: Feeling Moody(from welke)

Color Crush: Feeling Moody(illustrator marika maijala, whole living magazine, pillow from Bright July shop on etsy, skona hem magazine)

Color Crush: Feeling Moody (illustration by My Lovely Thing, Mod Cloth thumbtack DIY, Butterfly photo books)

This palette also represents a changing of seasons as very soon, we’ll be facing Spring yet this is the overall energy in the air today. It’s a time of candles, conversations over tea, indulging in comfort food (like porridge, soup, fresh bread) and big, cozy sweaters.

By the way, be sure to click on lots of the links above where these images came from because they are sure to inspire you – loads of great sites, blogs and stores to visit!

What is your current color crush?

(images: linked below each grouping/photo)

Posted in Color Inspiration on February 04, 2013


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