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Color Me Pretty: Grey, Olive, Yellow + Pink

Hello everyone! I am so pleased to share with you Color Me Pretty for November, styled and photographed by decor8 contributor Leslie Shewring from A Creative Mint. We skipped October to give Leslie some time off as she was traveling but now we’re back on schedule with her monthly columns and surprise! Leslie will continue her column here on decor8 for 2011 so you have lots of CMP inspiration ahead of you. And remember, if you missed any of her work on decor8 in the past you can simply click here to view all of her color stories for lovely palettes that may inspire your next project, room scheme, party, outfit — whatever you fancy! And so with that, Leslie, take it away!

Color Me Pretty: November

Hello Friends, it is Leslie here with Color Me Pretty for November. Last month I joined Holly in Morocco at Peacock Pavilions for a wonderful week of creative time organized by Angela Ritchie of Ace Camps. The gorgeous surroundings decorated to the nines by Maryam got me really inspired to continue painting yet more Moroccan patterns. It is kind of addictive and as you may know I have done a couple Color Me Pretty series in the past inspired by Moroccan patterns. They don’t get old for me but I do hope I am not boring you with more! To keep it fresh I used a warm grey for the patterns and then added a little golden yellow, dark olive green and pink to the mix. I really hope you enjoy the combination.

I have tried to use the patterns for some crafty little projects for you. With holiday entertaining time upon us, I thought I would spray paint a bunch of old glass bottles and jars to make an interesting floral display for the table or mantle. I can imagine them filled with red berries or evergreens, however I used a bunch of Lisianthus this time. After I had finished spray painting the bottles I couldn’t help but paint a few with some tile patterns. You could really apply any pattern to the finished painted bottle. I used acrylic paint for the pattern and a matte white spray paint for the glass bottles. Metallic paint would also be lovely to use for the holidays.

I thought it would also be nice to give you some more wrapping inspiration. I took photographs of my water colored painted patterns and then printed them out on matte photo printer paper. I then used the printouts for wrapping accents and for some tags. I use a Marvy Uchida craft punch for the tags. I love it because I am able to use up scrap paper for the tags. I also use catalog envelopes that have an adhesive strip for my wrapping because they are fast and simple. You just pop your gift into a large envelope and then fold over and seal where needed. No taping! Then you can just decorate them as little or as much as you want. The envelopes are readily available in 6”by 9”, 9”by 12” and 10” by 13”. If you are interested in learning more about Moroccan patterns a fabulous but pricey book called Zillij The Art of Moroccan Ceramics is excellent.

Lastly, I used some “Nut and Party Cups” from Michael’s to hold some mini succulent plants I picked up for under a under a dollar each. I thought they made a sweet inexpensive display or gift. The cups could be cute with many different kinds of plants in them and you can easily punch a hole in them for drainage.

I will be back next month with many more ideas for you in a holiday inspired Color Me Pretty post. Until then Happy Thanksgiving or Happy November and thank you for joining me here today. – Leslie.

(photography by Leslie Shewring)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Color Me Pretty, guest bloggers on November 18, 2010

Feelin’ Blue!

Blue is one of my favorite colors, it’s so versatile and soothing but when paired with red or orange it can take on a whole new level of energy. Paired with green it feels quite natural. If blue is teamed up with sunny yellow, it makes you feel happy. When blue is mixed with darker shades of brown, it can become very dressy and classy. Here are some of my favorite blue tones in some great rooms from Style At Home magazine. Style At Home is a Canadian decorating magazine that I wish I had access to here in Germany because it looks just great! Their website is amazing and packed with great information no matter where you live in the world…

Style At HOme

Style At HOme

Style At HOme

Style At HOme

Style At HOme

What comes to mind when you think of the color blue? What thoughts or feelings do you associate with it? Do you use blue in the home?

(images: style at home)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Decorating Tips on October 13, 2010

Colorful Home – Could You Live Here?

Wow! Did you check out this, “neglected Federal-style schoolhouse in the Catskills transformed into a glamorous and chic home”, today on the Country Living website? Oh my goodness this is a color and pattern explosion — and it totally works! I love all of the paint, wallpaper, collections and patterns. Yowser!

Country Living

It’s so funny how some people have the natural ability to pull this off so simply yet others struggle with using so many bold patterns and colorways in a home. Why do you think this is? I think the harder it is to decorate using a certain scheme then one is either over-thinking things or trying to decorate with colors and styles that they don’t really like or connect with. For me, if something doesn’t come natural for me to do in my own home, if I have to really force myself to use a color or pattern, then I skip it and go with what feels good for me. Sometimes I’ll throw in something that doesn’t come so naturally just to challenge myself to make sure my views are narrowing too much… but still — I know what I like and so I try to use only things that I really click with in my home.

Perhaps this is why I never liked to incorporate tons of pattern and color in my home, I just can’t bare the strength of it all because my inner world is so colorful and alive that I always felt like all of these layers surrounding me at home would compete with me. I love the home shown above but for this reason, I could never live there though I’d love to find a bed and breakfast like this and spend a long weekend. :)

I was just thinking… and I’ve said this in the past, but red in the home stresses me out unless it is used as a small accent combined with a calm, soft blue or pink. Do you have a “trigger” color that stresses you out in the home? Could you live in this space above?

(images: country living)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Decorating Tips on October 08, 2010

Color Me Pretty: Purple Hues

Hello and happy Monday to you! It is Leslie here with September’s Color Me Pretty column. This time around I am using muted purple, cream, grey, silver and a touch of black. I was reminded of some of these colors in Holly’s post here where she discusses a décor possibility for her new home, which she moves into this week! The palette was inspired by Sibella Court’s paint line which I am sure most of you have checked out on her website. I tried using this palette loosely in a much smaller scale with a few little projects to get your creative wheels turning.

Color Me Pretty

I have been seeing many of these colors appearing in my catalog pile as well and, once again I can’t help but tear out images. They are clipped into my journals, stuck onto my mood board and taped on my wall for further inspiration. Today you will see images in my photographs from the Noa Noa, J.Crew, and Himla catalogs.

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

Purple hues seem to dominate the flowers in my garden too, like lavender, salvia, geraniums, verbena and solanum. I plucked a few sprigs and popped them into my vintage Amethyst bottles for the series. For some of the bottles I put on a little white paper with Japanese silver tape to balance out all the purple. You could tape any patterned paper on any kind of glass vase or jar for a similar effect. It is simple and shows you do not need to spend much time or money on flowers to have a nice display for your home.

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

I had fun using my watercolors to create little studies on small 2” by 3” cards. Sometimes it is nice to do really small creative steps towards a larger project, especially if you are feeling stuck or unmotivated. Like myself, when it is 95 degrees and I have no air conditioning in my studio! As I painted, stitched and glued sequins on these little cards I began to feel inspired and ready to work on the entire photo series. Do you have suggestions on how you get motivated for your creative work?

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

I hope you have enjoyed the series today and I look forward to seeing you back here next month. Take care, Leslie.

(images: leslie shewring)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Color Me Pretty, guest bloggers on September 27, 2010


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