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Inspire Me Giveaway – Enter To Win!

I’ve completed all of the packages to giveaway for the Inspire Me giveaway. Originally inspired by Creative Thursday’s Marisa Haedike and Emily from The Black Apple, I wrote this post about sponsoring a giveaway here on decor8 that would inspire readers and donations started to flood in from all over the world within days. Packages filled with scraps that may have otherwise ended up in the trash arrived and as I opened them I immediately saw potential in everything. I’ve spent weeks sorting through piles of things and I’m ready to share everything with you! Would you to like to learn more about how this giveaway works? Well first let me show you what you have a chance to win… (click on images below for a closer view.)

Ten (10) winners will each receive a box (that’s right, a box!) filled with paper, fabric, trims, ribbons, tags, buttons, stationery, and various other materials donated by nearly 100 friends of decor8. I guarantee that if you win a box, you will love what I’ve filled them with. :)

I’ve compiled large (12 x 13.5″) scrap packs according to color, each pack stuffed with new and vintage papers, wallpaper scraps, and miscellaneous notions that will hopefully inspire you to transform them into works of art, craft projects, etc. I’ve arranged them carefully because it made sense to me that each pack feel personal and special — I didn’t want to just throw papers into a box and be done with it. Sure, it took me hours and days AND my house is a complete mess with papers but it was SO worth it to do this. I want the presentation alone to give you creative ideas. Side point: If you happen to win, I’d love to see what you do with these goodies so I invite you to email photos in the months ahead sharing your work. If you happen to do this I will certainly share your creations on decor8.

Also included in your box… smaller scrap packs (again by color), piles of fabric, stacks of fabric by theme, and stacks of other fun things — like tag packs that I made so you can make your own art tags too.

Assorted fabric squares from Volksfaden, one stack per winner.

Make Your Own gift tag packs. Tags donated (I can’t recall who, please remind me if it is you!) and then I had the idea to create packs that include all the tags and bits for you to create your own.

I assorted piles of fabrics by color, imagining mood boards or mini sewing projects as I stacked each pile. I have stacks and stacks of every color! They will each be finished off with coordinating ribbons and trims.

more fabric stacks…

Henry Road donated ten 13 x 11″ squares in two patterns,
each winner will receive one square each.

Ellen Crimi-Trent included pre-made packs for each winner of her products.

These packs were also pre-made by Tamptation in Australia. She included over $40 in products from her etsy store for each winner that includes fabric, a handmade rubber stamp, and a handmade cosmetics bag. This was so generous of her since it was all handmade. Wow!

These stationery sample packs were also included from Whitney English. Each winner will receive two packs each.

And of course there are notions! Tons of them. Here is a glimpse of mostly vintage things…

Some more lovelies to enjoy, yarn arrived tagged which I thought was completely thoughtful!

Some trims arrived tangled around others so I sorted through the chaos and unearthed some real gems. I created a bookmark of trims shown here, one example of how I organized them for recycling.

Stationery from Marilyn Patrizio. Not photographed, tons of paper pads with bunnies on them that she created, such cuteness!

Assorted fabrics donated by Designers Guild,
just a sampling of what I have to giveaway.

More fabric stacks…

And more!

Okay… And MORE! I can’t show you everything though — I’m almost finished with this post. :)

Each box includes a pack I created containing the business cards of
all who donated goods for this very special giveaway.

Donations from Hable Construction will be included in each box.

Now for the fun part… How do you win? It’s pretty easy actually — just comment on this post! Here is what I’d like you to include in your comment:

Your blog/website URL, your name (first is fine), 3 of your favorite colors, and why you feel like you are in need of inspiration right now and what you’d like to do with these things if you win. AND please let me know if you are interested in any of these fabrics below. These are not scraps, these are brand new cut from the bolt fabrics from Pixie Dust Decor and each pattern is at least 4 yards if not more. I’ve numbered them, so if you are interested please indicate your favorites in your comment. Only 6 winners will receive one each. Okay… Ready?

Select your favorite and post it with your comment please. If you are not interested, you do not need to mention it. Because this fabric takes up 1/3 of the box, other items will be left out in exchange for this so please take this into account and make sure you will really use it — again there is yardage of each pattern. It is 100% soft beautiful cotton, pure white background.

Winners will be announced on Monday, July 28 – the same day that the new decor8 launches and will be selected by me. All boxes will be shipped on July 29 & 30, so if you win you will need to send me your address immediately. I leave the country on August 7 so if I don’t receive your mailing address right away, you will have to wait until the end of this year when I return to the states for your box.

I’ll post additional photos of giveaway goodies in this Flickr folder, so you can keep watching it fill up over the next few days as I have so many photographs to upload there.

Please note: When I announce the winners, I’ll be sure to include in that post all of the links to each business who made a donation.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in contests on July 18, 2008

Mood Board Contest Winners!

It’s 3 o’clock… Time to announce the 2008 decor8 Mood Board Contest Winners sponsored by Amy Butler Design! The people have spoken and we’ve found our winner along with the 5 runner ups. Drum roll please…

~~:: The winner is Sandra Earl! ::~~
Sandra wins a prize pack valued at approximately $300 that will include a signed copy of Amy’s book Midwest Modern, 1 Birdie Sling in her Midwest Modern Fabric, 1 Sew It Kit, 2 Card Kits, and 10 of her most recent patterns. Non pro: Technical Writer
Country: Canada
Title: Sunkissed Living Room
Fabric: Pink Dahlia collection: Modern Optic Blossom Linen.

Survey comments from readers include:

  • “SooHappy, Soo bright, soo many lovely things to feast your eyes on. Fantastic.”
  • “Theconsistent use of yellows and whites clearly carries the sunkissed theme…”
  • “Thisis the truest representation of “sunkissed” I’ve ever seen in design and out of the ordinary! A true winner.”
  • “Thorough, strong theme without being over the top. Fun and funky!”

1st Runner Up

~~:: Jeanee L. Wallace ::~~
Jeanee wins a bag handmade by Amy Butler Designs valued at $75
Pro: Graphic Designer
State/Country: Missouri, USA
Title: Hostess Haven Kitchen
Fabric: Pink Dahlia collection: grey happy dots, mustard martini and linen optic blossom.

Survey comments from readers include:

“Couldbe a page out of Domino!”
feel this board has simple yet lovely emotive qualities. The textures are quite inviting. Side illustrations are nice touches.”
is a room not usually done. Love the handmade apron and the cupcakes!”
is fabulous! My favorite, hands down.”

2nd Runner Up

~~:: Zoe Tucker ::~~
Zoe wins a bag handmade by Amy Butler Designs valued at $75
Pro: Children’s Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Country: England
Title: Creative Space
Fabric: Orange Dahlia and Ohio Sky

Survey comments from readers include:
  • “Ilove, love, love this entry! Fresh, vibrant colors; clean, modern lines mixed with vintage-esque fabrics…so me!”
  • “Thisis a beautiful layout that really gives you a sense of thefeel the room would have… gorgeous!”
  • “ILOVE, LOVE, LOVE this entry. I’d move right into this room!”
  • Zo?‘sboard really captures the essence of the mood of the fabricsand her space feels contemporary and fresh whilst at the same time it feelscosy and comfortable somewhere I would definitely like to be.”

3rd Runner Up

~~:: Lisa Tilse ::~~
Lisa wins a bag handmade by Amy Butler Designs valued at $75
Pro: Graphic Designer
Country: Australia
Title: Dots and Dinosaurs — Don’t Forget the Boys!
Fabric: Pink Dahlia collection: Mustard, Martini and Apricot Happy Dots.

Survey comments from readers include:

  • “LOVE the colors, layout & made for boys! Very thought out and fun. I think this is my FAVE.”
  • “I really like the creative use of this seemingly “girlish” fabric combined with dinosaurs and little boys! This is a great design!”
  • “Designing for boys and doing it tastefully, whilst retaining the fun and funky elements of children’s design is hard – this is truly gorgeous and a much harder task than designing adult spaces. A clear winner.”
  • “Fun, fresh and very creative. Every boy would love a dinosaur room!”

4th Runner Up

~~:: Natalie Chaung ::~~
Natalie wins a bag handmade by Amy Butler Designs valued at $75
Non pro: Engineer
State/Country: New Jersey, USA
Title: Cheerful Home Office + Guest Bedroom
Fabric: linen and optic blossom

Survey comments from readers include:

  • “Wow, so stunning. Should give up engineering.”
  • “Sophisticated, excellent tones. Classic and yet unique at the same time.”
  • “I love the various texture represented here”
  • “Comforting choices and tasteful layout.”

5th Runner Up

~~:: Kathryn Louise ::~~
Kathryn wins a bag handmade by Amy Butler Designs valued at $75
Non pro: Currently not employed
Country: England
Title: Seaglass and Seashells Kitchen/Dining Room
Fabric: Aqua Honeycomb, Green fresh poppies, Green nouveau trees.

Survey comments from readers include:

  • “Definitely should be pro. Beautiful.”
  • “Lovethe description, love that she stated how the fabrics would be used.”
  • “Perfectas a coastal retreat!”
  • “Thisboard really radiates a feeling above all of the others andI love that it is handmade and not digital, also that paint swatches are shown.”

I will contact each of our winners today for their mailing address and Amy Butler Design will handle the rest from there. Congratulations to all! Yay!

I’d like to give a huge, global virtual hug to all who entered this contest and for those who took the time to vote. I’ve listened to some of your advice and I’ll most definitely use it as I pull together the mood board contest for next year. I want so badly to please everyone and ensure that everything is handled fair and square. I think that this year Amy and I did our best and that the only direction is up from here. Stay tuned for our next contest, although it’s a mini one not requiring a project… Where you can win an Inspiration Box filled with goodies to get your started on your next arts and crafts projects. Stay tuned for that in early July.

Thank you again! – Holly

Posted in contests on June 27, 2008

Entry #18 Natalie Chaung

{This wraps things up today on decor8… I hope that you enjoyed viewing the boards and resources from our finalists. Please take a moment to vote here on Survey Monkey. Thank you! – Holly}

Entry #18 Natalie Chaung| Non pro: Engineer | State/Country: New Jersey, USA | Title: “Cheerful Home Office / Guest Bedroom” | Fabric: linen + optic blossom..

Resources: (clockwise from top left)

- Art from Amy Giacomelli on Etsy (exact product no longer available)
- Design Within Reach Sunflower Clock
- Pillows and Throws – Bliss Living Ayanna Duvet Set
- Anthropologie – Fez Curtain
- Pottery Barn Bridget Mirror
- Etsy – Kim Westad Curvy Vase
- Angela Adams Lulu Citron Tray
- Pottery Barn Daniella Chest
- West Elm Petal Rug
- See Jane Work – Jane Marvel Nesting Cubes
- Pottery Barn Graham Desk & Hutch

Inner pictures, clockwise:
- Pottery Barn Savannah Floor Lamp
- Shine Home Desi Stool Canary Yellow
- Restoration Hardware Aston Daybed
- West Elm Slipper Chair
- Background Color: Benjamin Moore Creme Fraiche

Great job Natalie! Congratulations to our finalists, winners will be announced on Friday, June 27 at 3:00 p.m. EST here on decor8. Many thanks to all who entered and for those busy voting!

(image from natalie chaung)

Posted in contests on June 26, 2008

Entry #84 Nathalie Pavone

Entry #84 Nathalie Pavone | Non pro: Account Manager in Ad Agency + Blogger | Country: Ireland | Title: “Butterflies Love Flowers” Living Room | Fabric: brown/trailing cherry ab-28.


1. Curtains Amy Butler fabric brown / trailing cherry ab-28
2. Butterfly light
3. Clock
4, 8, 12: Sofa, coffee table, shelving
5. Amy Ruppel art
6. Lamp
7. Credenza
8. See #4
9. Rug
10. Egg chair
11. Pillows with Amy Butler fabric ivory / floating budsab-33
12. See #4
13. Cherry Tree wastebasket by Dransfield &; Ross (no link)

Great job Nathalie! Congratulations to our finalists, winners will be announced on Friday, June 27 at 3:00 p.m. EST here on decor8. Many thanks to all who entered and for those busy voting!

(image from nathalie pavone)

Posted in contests on June 26, 2008


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