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Mood Boards Rolling In!

The mood board contest is in full swing and I’m so pleased to see them arriving sooner than expected, last year most turned up in the last hour and that’s fine, but it’s more exciting to receive a steady flow. When you enter, I’ll reply within 24 hours to confirm but if for some reason you do not hear from me, I’ve created a folder here where all entries are filed. Please take a moment to make sure yours is in the folder. Here’s an example of the lovely submissions rolling in. This room is a space that I can imagine in my own home someday if I ever have daughters around the same age. Or boys who love pink! The artichoke lamp is amazing, great find.

This mood board, “Children’s Twin Retreat”, was entered by Merrilee Liddiard who is an artist/illustrator. In case you’re curious as to where she found her goodies, here is a handy resource guide: Fabric is Midwest Modern Orange Dahlia collection, Bed is “Paris” in tufted-velvet from House by Annette Tatum, $1200 House Boutique (310) 451-2597 (found in Domino June 08 issue), leather moorish bench, artichoke lamp, Red Egg Indochine bedside table (download pdf for photo and pricing), Tiddly Winks sweatpea lion, Roses Ivory modern shag rug, and fabric thumbtacks.

I’d like to thank DaWanda in Berlin and Craft magazine for spreading the word about this contest via their websites. Thank you so much!

(image from merrilee liddiard)

Posted in contests on June 09, 2008

decor8 Mood Board Contest

It’s time for our annual mood board contest on decor8! I’ve teamed up with Amy Butler Design for another round of fun and prizes, this year we?ll award a super prize package to the winner plus a special handmade bag from Amy for 5 runner ups. The contest is open to both domestic and international readers and digital mood board submissions will be accepted this year. So… Are you game?

Grand Prize Pack (above): One winner will receive a prize pack valued at approximately $300 that will include a signed copy of Amy’s book Midwest Modern, 1 Birdie Sling in her Midwest Modern Fabric, 1 Sew It Kit, 2 Card Kits, and 10 of her most recent patterns.

Runner ups: 5 runner ups will receive one of these 5 bags created by Amy’s studio.

Contest Details: Your mission will be to design a room around one (or more) of your picks from Amy’s new Midwest Modern fabric collection. Please show the fabric swatch on the mood board. You can enlarge and print swatches out here.

Suggested materials: A foam core board, poster board, cork board, wood, or other surface that is at least 11″ x 14″ or larger. You can also create the mood board digitally using Photoshop or another graphics program. Fabric, paint, magazine clippings, trim, wallpaper samples, photographs, whatever! Just get creative and have fun! Important: Please make sure to list the furniture and accessories that you found with links so that readers can create the room themselves in real time if they’d like.

How winners will be chosen: I’ll select 30 finalists and will group them into 2 categories, pros (those working or trained in a creative field) and others to keep judging fair. I’ll reveal the top 30 finalists on June 24 + 25 (15 per day) and you will have a chance to vote for your favorite at that time. The winner, along with 5 runner ups, will be announced on decor8 June 30. At that time, I will also give you a link to a special folder so you can view all entries in case you are curious. :)

UPDATE: All have been grouped together, pros alongside of non-pros. Many reasons exist for this, for instance lots of the non-pros ended up having a design background though they are currently not in a design-related field. Some were not disclosing this fact and I was told through a few readers that ‘so and so’ has a degree in design. With these little issues popping up, we decided to group everyone together because in the end – all had amazing entries to be proud of!

Submission details: When you finish your board please send me a link to the image location. You can upload it to Flickr, Shutterfly, Photobucket, etc. I will then move the image to my Flickr account and create a folder to collect all submissions. Please, no email attachments. If you send an email attachment, I will not open it and your entry will not be considered. Along with the link, please include the following information, in this exact order:

Your name:
Your occupation:
Are you entering as pro or other (based on your career or past training)?
Your blog/website:
Mood Board title:
Name of Midwest Modern fabric that inspired your room:
Where did you find the furniture and accessories in your room?* (links to sources go here, use for long links please):
Image link (images must be clear and at least 800 x 800 pixels):

Email to decor8blog {at} yahoo {dot} com

Submission deadline: Monday, June 23rd, Midnight EST.

Thank you again to our generous sponsor, Amy Butler Design!

If I need to clarify anything feel free to ask any questions that you may have below. Thank you all, have fun!

For creative inspiration from past contests, please click here. To view past winners, please visit this link.

{*Updated 6/6: You do not HAVE to include links to where you found your furniture and accessories, but I’m sure many would appreciate it and that may mean more votes for your :) board.}

(images from amy butler design)

Posted in contests on June 05, 2008

Can You Inspire Someone?

It’s time to inspire and be inspired! I recently read about the beautiful pack of fabric and notions that Emily Martin from the Black Apple sent to Marisa Haedike at Creative Thursday and I felt like I should do something to inspire others in this way so I came up with an idea to create Inspiration Packs and give them away. But I need your help.

(Emily’s gift to Marisa)

Many artists read this blog and after talking last week to my friend Tara Hogan at Ink & Wit, I realized that lots of you have scraps galore that you’d like to get rid of. Why not donate them to a good cause? Tara thinks it would be nice if makers considered donating their leftovers to others instead of allowing them to overtake their craft room or worse, throw them away. I couldn’t agree more.

Would you like to donate a few of your scraps?

Inspiration Pack Details: Anyone can donate at least 10 items minimum. Please make sure that everything is in good condition and clean. Fabric scraps should be no smaller than a 6 x 6 square. If you are feeling generous and have yardage to donate, please indicate the amount before shipping. From fabric to buttons, your own prints or cards that perhaps didn’t print out perfectly, scrap papers, ribbon, if you have leftovers that you would like to donate to give others a little creative inspiration, please contact me via email at decor8blog AT

Once I have everything, I’ll spend the first week of July sorting through the goods and I’ll organize packages, photograph each of the 10 packs, and show them on decor8 along with a simple comment contest where I’ll randomly select 10 winners. If I get enough goods, I will create more than 10 gift packs (10-20).

Deadline: All donated items will need to arrive to my New Hampshire address no later than June 30th.

What you can submit (ideas): Fabric : Wallpaper Scraps : Stationery : Journals : Pages from Books : Buttons : Ribbons: Stickers : Stamps : Gift tags : Gift Wrap : Vintage Photographs : Pencils : Pens : Art Papers : Patterned Papers : Prints : Cards : Envelopes : Fabric Tim (ric rack, pom poms, etc.) : Postcards.

Also include: 10-20 of your business cards so that I can place your card inside a special envelope that will be included with each Inspiration Pack. That way the winner will know that some items in their pack came from you.

Why: Recycling is smart and helpful to others. The purpose is to recycle what you have and make someone else happy and inspired to do something creative.

Please do not send: Prints in tubes (flat pack only — rolls of wallpaper or gift wrap are fine though because I can cut it up and flat pack it to winners), Paint or liquids, magazines or books, glues, sprays, metal, staples, paperclips, tools, scissors. In other words, nothing that can spill, nothing toxic, explosives, nude or violent imagery (some people are sensitive), etc. I’m trusting you guys with this.

What’s in it for you? I will also dedicate a post to all who donate listing your name and blog or website address, and you will be entered into a drawing to win one free 120 x 120 static ad space here on decor8 for 3 months. The ad will launch along with the all new decor8 blog, I’ve beefed up this little blog and your ad will appear on the new site as it goes forth into the world sometime in July.

Thank you Emily, Marisa, and Tara for inspiring this idea. I can’t wait to see who will donate and how we can all inspire others through this creative recycling project!

(photography by marisa haedike)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, contests, inspiration on June 03, 2008

Contest: Win Alexander Girard FLOR tiles!

Lovely blogger Mod*Mom told me about a great contest where she teamed up with FLOR to offer her readers a chance at winning ecofriendly FLOR carpet tiles designed by the great Alexander Girard.

These are gorgeous! Click here to learn more.

(image from FLOR)

Posted in contests on March 27, 2008


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