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’08 Calendar Round Up: Submit + Win!

Free Stuff Alert! Would you like to win a calendar from JHill Design? I can’t believe we’re already thinking about the new year, but since so many have asked recently if I’d pull together another calendar round up (see 2007 round up here) I figure why not – it’s fun! So the ’08 Calendar Round Up will be posted later this Fall. This is where you come in…

If you plan to sell calendars for ’08 and you’d like to be considered for this round up, please send me clear images, a link to where they can be purchased online, and the price. I will consider all submissions, so please send them to decor8blog AT yahoo DOT com. The deadline is October 31st. Of course, I’ll come up with many of my own finds as always, so together we should have a beautiful selection of calendars for the new year.

Now onto the free stuff. I’ll select two readers a prize and entry is easy – Leave a comment (only 1 per person) below listing 5 things that you plan to accomplish in ’08 that are helping/supporting others. You could win either the ’08 desk calendar from JHill Design or the ’08 Wall Calendar*. A special thanks to Jennifer for sponsoring this fun mini giveaway. And please… leave your first name and email address in your comment so that if you win, I can contact you. Thanks!

*Calendars will not ship until late November when I’m back in the states. Thank you!

(images from jennifer hill)

Posted in contests on September 22, 2007

Domino Magazine Decorating Contest

Cathy over at Domino told me about a decorating contest they’re having and she thinks decor8 readers might be interested in it. Get this, the grand prize is a $10K Mastercard giftcard to be spent on home decor. Drool. Entrants simply upload a photo and write a short 100-word essay about what makes their decorating style so unique. For entry details, click here. Wouldn’t you love to spend that on your home?!

Thanks, Cathy for the tip!

(image from domino magazine)

Posted in contests on August 23, 2007

And The Winner Is…

If your name appears below, you’ve won the Fabulous Stationery contest! Congrats! I’ll be in touch with you today for your mailing address so I can send along your tote bag. Fabulous Stationery will email your $50 gift certificate within the next few days.

Thanks again to all that entered, it was fun to see all of the entries and the amount of talented readers out there. You are all closet designers, aren’t you!? We’ll have one more contest this year (mid Sept), and then I’ll line up some more for 2008, one per quarter.

#95 Abbey Dawn, Australia.

#106 Dhruti Dogra, India.

Entry #2 Carlene Vitali, Illinois.

Entry #9 Silvia Amtmann, Washington.

I’m a bit under the weather today so I’m going to chill out and do nothing all day. I guess this is the joy of freelance, being able to drop everything now and then. But I’ll be back tomorrow, so see you then everyone!

(image from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in contests, stationery on August 16, 2007

Inspiration from Readers

I’m not sure if you’ve been clicking over to Flickr to follow our Fabulous Stationery/decor8 contest, but we had over 100 creative entries this week. If you do not see your entry in this pool by noon tomorrow (8/10), please comment below because I want to make sure I have everyone accounted for. :) I pulled in the talented designer at Fabulous Stationery, Trish DeMasi, to help me select the 4 winners, so I’ll use her feedback to help determine the winners. If I get stuck, I may ask for some help from readers by posting my top 10 favorites or something. Here are some that are so beautiful, I have to share them with everyone passing through decor8 today.

Entry # 106 Dhruti Dogra from New Delhi, India. “This Birds of a Feather card reminds me of the onset of spring, of new beginnings, of lightness in the step, of giddiness in the head. I design nature inspired home textiles and these pictures had me dreaming of a cottage in the Himalayas; of the morning sun streaming in to the bedroom window, of chirping birds as my alarm; of handpicked flowers filling the rooms; of running around the hills catching butterflies with my son. Quoting the 17th century poet Robert Herrick, “I sing of brooks, of blossoms, birds, and bowers. Of April, May, of June, and July flowers. I sing of Maypoles, Hock-carts, wassails, wakes, of bridegrooms, brides, and of their bridal cakes.? – Dhruti.

Entry #104 Julia Edvardsson from Michigan, “Severna – I love the pink and green combo and graphic background. As for the rooms I paired with the card, they too appeal to me because of their intense use of graphics and color. I’m loving all things kelly green and just like everyone else these days, the trellis.” – Julia.

Entry #103 Krysta Butler in Michigan, “Pepito – I chose this card whose tag line is ‘Bold, with a hint of whimsy’ which accurately describes why I was drawn to it! I love the boldness of the dark brown bull with touches of whimsy like the bright pink ring. It reminds me of my personal decorating style which is a lot of strong classic pieces coupled with hits of the unexpected. The rooms that I chose are rooms that I have used as inspiration in one way or another when selecting pieces for my own home. They capture the ‘Bold with a hint of whimsy’ tag line well.” – Krysta

Entry #98 Melissa Dominguez from Panama City, Panama, “Daniel Mortonson – I chose this card because of it’s modern design and bold colors, I love the combination! I’m into modern decoration, and I think orange brings personality and contrast to any space, it creates a really cool retro/modern look.” – Melissa.

Entry #39 Maria Fe Calvo-Pierce from Georgia, USA, “Ines (yellow) – The bright colors and simple lines reminded me of a breezy spring afternoon. The colors of the pictures I chose (all from Domino magazine) reflect the same easy, calm, light atmosphere the card does. Most of the colors are earth neutral tones with a splash of bright mustard orange.” – Maria.

Entry #105 Allison Nance from Virginia, “Mod Asters – I was originally looking for a bold orange & chocolate brown color scheme to appease my orange fetish that saturates my living room, but when I saw this card I was drawn to the mustardy tint. The whimsical repetition of the petals makes the image pop, and really feminizes the otherwise bold color scheme. I chose each of these rooms for the continuity in color pallet. I really loved how just by changing the patterns or balance of the yellow and dark tones could give either a hip, feminine look or a stronger, masculine feel. Such a versatile color scheme.” – Allison.

Entry #50 Julie Koester from Surrey, UK, “Mod Menorah – This colour combination is so simple and yet striking too. I think the simplicity of the 2 colours is lovely. Just the most delightful colour combination that makes me want to jump on a plane to an exotic island for a holiday. The white for the brightness of the sunshine and the colour of the sand and the turquoise for the sea and the sky.” -Julie.

Entry #56 Jill Cavanaugh from New Jersey, “Duet – I loved the softness of all the colors together and the simplicity of the image. It inspired me to try and create this same feeling and look in my own living space (shown). For each of these rooms I incorporated the colors from the card so as to keep the same palate and feel.” -Jill.

Entry #91 Jeanine Hays from California, “Scribble Mandala – Very fitting I think. A mandala is a spiritual tool, something to help us quiet the mind and listen to what’s in our soul. I feel the same about interior design. Whatever I design, whatever I come up with has to quiet my mind and feed my soul. This card is true expression of me and my design philosophy. Scribble Mandala is a simple piece of art. I purposely picked it in brown to maintain a natural feel. It actually reminded of Africa, therefore the African feel to the design of my room.” – Jeanine.

Entry #92 Melissa Robertson from Maryland, “Mod Butterfly in Orange – I wanted to do a kid’s theme and I felt this card would be perfect for that. I love the colors of this design and the butterflies give it a sweet touch with out it being overly childish.” -Melissa.

It’s wonderful to see so many international readers involved in this contest and I’m impressed by each entry and how creative you are, everyone has such great taste! Thank you for entering everyone! Winners will be announced sometime on Monday or Tuesday. View all entries right here.

Posted in contests on August 09, 2007


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