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Fabulous Stationery Contest: Cards as Inspiration

Remember my recent post on matching cakes to rooms? Creative types find inspiration in nearly everything so let’s flex our creative muscles and have a little fun with a creative contest focused on matching cards (instead of cakes) to rooms. :)

Fabulous Stationery will award 4 winners each with a $50 gift certificate and a huge tote bag designed by Trish Demasi, who designs all of their cards. This tote (see mine below) sold out after only a few months and is no longer offered on their website, so I’m holding the last 4 and saving them just for you (retail value: $40). It is constructed of sturdy 100% cotton canvas, double-handled, flat-bottom 14-1/2 x 12-1/2 x 5?carry-all is roomy enough for folders, a newspaper, a spare pair of shoes or even a laptop. It features a velcro closure and a zippered inside pocket.

To enter:
1) Use one card from Fabulous Stationery as inspiration and locate 3 rooms that relate to the card design somehow. Something along these lines. If you can’t find anything, create your own room using accessories (chairs, art, rugs, etc.) that you like from your favorite websites. The possibilities are endless. Many of the cards at Fabulous Stationery are available in at least 3 colorways, so click on the image you like to see the other colors you have to work with. If you need help finding rooms, refer to *rooms i heart* and feel free to use any of those. The card that inspired you needs to be part of the final image you pull together. I suggest grouping them all together, much like the image displayed above showing the cake.

2) When your image is prepared, please upload it to your flickr account (if you do not have one, please create one for free), and email your entry to me (decor8blog AT which should include all of the following:
a. Your name.
b. Your blog/website url.
c. Why you selected the card and the name of the card design.
d. A few comments about the overall design and anything additional you’d like to add.
e. A link to it on flickr (no email attachments please).
f. Your state + country.

Note: Not all entries will be selected as finalists (I will select 10), I will upload them to a folder so decor8 readers can view them all. Each image in the folder will hyperlink to your blog or website (if you wish).

Unlike the mood board contest, I will only post 10 finalists together in a single post, and when I have selected the winners, I will post the images of the 4 winning entries along with a link to the folder showing all of the images in one final post.

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, August 8th. Midnight EST.

Have fun! Be creative! And if you have any questions, please ask them below.

Posted in contests on July 31, 2007

Letter from Amy Butler to decor8 readers…

Dear Decor8 Friends,


I just wanted to say how BLOWN AWAY I am by your mood boards! They are all so beautiful and inspired. The passion, thought and energy you put into them is incredible. I’ve spent a lot of time with all of the boards and each one is a fully imagined experience…… really works of art. I’m so jazzed to look at them, they are dreamy studies with luscious detail, you all have such lovely design eyes! I wish I could meet you and talk to you in person and learn more about what you love and what inspires you. I imagine all of you were as excited as me to see everyone’s vision. This kind of design experience really feeds my soul!

I love to make mood boards myself, I create several color stories before I sit down to create my artwork for my fabric lines. I’m getting ready to start a new collection and I’m so inspired by your creative fire!

Thank you all for participating in our contest. I appreciate all of the effort you put into this project. It’s a personal thrill for me to be able to connect with all of you. I love working with Holly too and I hope we’ll have more opportunities in the future to do more projects together.

Hats off to all of you! Thank you for sharing your love of design!

Amy Butler

Amy Butler at work in her design studio.
Posted in contests, inspiration, small business on June 27, 2007

Amy Butler Contest Winners (and a little surprise for everyone else!)

Last minute change of plans! I have to run out for the afternoon on a project, so I won’t be near a computer at 4pm to post the results – so here are the winners of the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board Contest for all the early birds tuning in. Drum roll please…

1st place: Studio Space by Starlee Matz (47.8% response)

2nd place: Tea at Tiffany’s by Katherine Black (31.1% response)

3rd place: Grey + Brown Living Room by Paula Gibbs (28.2% response)

4th place: Ladies Only Tea Room by Jeska Pettitt (22% response)

If you’re one of the winners, your 5 Amy Butler patterns will ship on Monday, June 25th. Please email me with your complete name and address so I can get them out to you promptly.

I’d like to thank Amy Butler for sponsoring this contest, and for all of the wonderful entries, it was inspiring for me to see all the designs of so many talented readers of this blog. :)

And since we all love surprises… I have a few extra patterns that I’d like to give away. I’ll randomly select a few winners based on your replies to this post. Here’s the topic: “What makes a house a home”. You can go as deep as you’d like on this one. I really want to hear some unique perspectives on this, so if you’d like to take part, please comment below. This contest will only run for today ONLY. Since I’ll be away from my desk until tonight, none of the responses will be shown below until after 6pm EST. I think this keeps it fair, as no one can peek at the comments of others for “help” on this. :) Your comment below will be approved and posted on the blog after 6pm. I’ll reveal the winners in the comments section tomorrow, Saturday, June 23rd. Have fun.

What makes a house a home to you?

Posted in contests, inspiration, small business on June 22, 2007

Last Call!

Psst: Don’t forget to vote by Friday, June 22nd at noon EST. Our four winners will be announced here tomorrow at 4pm EST. :)

Posted in contests on June 22, 2007


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