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Mood Board Contest: Lady Den by Susanna Moreno

Here’s a creative entry from a fellow blogger in Australia. If you’d like to take part in the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board contest, click here for complete details and prize information. Entries due by midnight EST on Monday, June 11th!

Click on image for larger view.

Your name: Susanna Moreno
Your occupation: illustrator
Your blog/website:
State/Country: Sydney, Australia
Theme: Lady Den
What inspired your board? antiques, wood-panelled dens, wood-paneled libraries, wood panels, African themed hunting/trophy rooms, English manor houses, wallpaper, the smell of leather, dark wood floors. black and white prints, black and white textiles. This room would be used for reading, having chocolatey drinks (or otherwise) in front of the open fire, playing twister and hosting fondue parties.

If you have questions for Susanna about her lady den, please comment below so she can answer them. Thank you!

(images from susanna moreno)

Posted in contests on June 01, 2007

Mood Board Contest: Lingering Summer Days by Suzy Lorenzen

Here’s another amazing entry. I love this one, wow! So much talent out there, these entries are blowing my mind. If you’d like to take part in the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board contest, click here for complete details and prize information. Entries due by midnight EST on Monday, June 11th!

Name: Suzy Lorenzen
Occupation: Designer
State/Country: California, U.S.A.
Theme: Lingering Summer Days
What Inspired Your Board? Fabrics, the ocean, grass and dishes posted on my board. My mood board is made up of 4 smaller cork boards. Each board represents a certain characteristic of the room. All of the text in the boards is included in the description of each image.

Click on images to read Suzy’s comments so you can get a feel for where she’s going with this space. Lovely!

If you have questions for Suzy about her living room, please comment below so she can answer them. Thank you!

(images from suzy lorenzen)

Posted in contests on May 31, 2007

Mood Board Contest: Nursery by Cindy Ann Ganaden

Yippee! Time to look at mood boards! This is the first of several entries that I’ve selected as a finalist for the decor8 & Amy Butler Contest. I’ve decided to extend the deadline to Monday, June 11th to give everyone a chance to enter since Memorial Day weekend was hectic and many of you wrote in asking for an extension due the holiday. Also, I want to stress that your mood board does not need to look quite as professional and perfect as the entries I’m seeing. You can go totally freestyle with this, collage things that inspire you on a poster board, for instance. As long as they relate to a single room design somehow, the submission will be valid. (Prize information and submission details can be found here.) So, let’s start looking at mood boards, shall we?

Name: Cindy Ann Ganaden
Your occupation: Illustrator/Designer
Your blog/website:
State/Country: California, USA
Theme: Baby Nursery
What inspired your board? My daughter and I love mint chocolate chip!

Click on images for larger views. If you have questions for Cindy about her nursery, please comment below so she can answer them. Thank you!

(images from cindy ann ganaden)

Posted in contests on May 31, 2007

Amy Butler & decor8 *Contest* Create a Mood Board!

I’m excited to announce the first ever Amy Butler contest here on decor8. Thank you, Amy! Since you all love design, I decided to make this contest more of a fun challenge where you can show off your creativity. Best part, five (5) brand new Amy Butler patterns will be given to 4 winners, valued at $65 USD (exact patterns are shown). And for the men, I’ll award any of our manly winners with a $65 gift certificate from Amazon because I’m sure Amy Butler patterns are NOT on your list of must have items! With that being said, let’s get down to the details!

Using a foam core board, poster board, or other surface that is at least 11″ x 14″ or larger, pull together a mood board. If you want to use a cork board, that’s fine, too. You can work with any materials, fabric, paint, magazine clippings, trim, wallpaper samples, anything. Just get creative and have fun. You are “building” a room you’d love to live in.

Next, pick a mood, a theme, for your board. Here are some ideas: Mid Century, Flea Market Finds, Retro, Paris Apartment, Eco-friendly, Contemporary, Hollywood Regency, Ethnic, etc. Or you can design a board around a color; hot pink, purple, yellow & pink, blue & white, black & white, etc. It can be anything really (including a favorite movie or outfit as your inspiration), as long as it relates to interiors. Show us a room that you’d love to have in your own home. The sky is the limit, there’s no budget, have fun!

The contest is open to both domestic and international readers. I’ll select the finalists and will group them into 2 categories, pros and others. This will keep judging fair. Those that are working in creative fields will be separated from those that aren’t. (I think it would be discouraging to enter if you were not working in a creative field and up against stylists, designers, artists, etc.) So fair is fair. I’ll select my personal favorites and start posting them on decor8 next week. After June 4th {update 5/31: Deadline extended to Monday, June 11th, Midnight EST.}, I’ll post a link to an online survey where you can vote for your favorites. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 8th. {update 5/31: Winners will be announced on Friday, June 15th.}

When you finish your board, please photograph it and send A LINK of that image to me. You can upload it to a Flickr account, Shutterfly, Photobucket, just send me the link to the location so I can find it. Take as many pictures as you’d like of your board, but please, No email attachments. If you send an email attachment, I will not open it and your entry will not be considered, so please send only a link to where your image sits on the web. Along with the link, please include the following information, in this exact order:

Your name:
Your occupation:
Your blog/website:
What inspired your board?
Any additional comments you’d like to include:
Image link:

Email to decor8blog {at} yahoo {dot} com

Deadline: Monday, June 4th, Midnight EST. {update 5/31: Deadline extended to Monday, June 11th, Midnight EST.}

(board created by SFGirlByBay)

A few quick “rules”: No nudity. No personal photos of yourself, kids, friends, etc. No inappropriate language if you decide to incorporate text into your board. Boards need to be created solely by you, by hand, in other words, you can’t pull it together using only your computer. One board per person, per entry. This is a hands-on project. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! And to be fair, I’ll even create one of my own and post it just for fun.

Tips: Victoria showed us a few of her boards on Apartment Therapy here and here. You can also view hundreds online here.

Have fun! And thank you Amy for sponsoring this contest!

(images from sfgirlbybay, amy butler, and me)

Posted in contests on May 24, 2007


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