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Window Films by Studio Haijke

I promise I’ll stop talking about window films but my readers are pointing me to so many great ones! This Dutch company, Studio Haijke, makes awesome sticky sweetness that I’m flipping out over…I simply MUST share. Check them out. Ohhh… Ahhh… Right!?

Studio Haijke

Studio Haijke

Studio Haijke

Studio Haijke

Studio Haijke

Lots of these are available in black or blue but I like white the most (naturally, right!?). I will definitely purchase and install some window films when I’m back from Berlin next week… And show you the results. Has my window film obsession piqued your interest a bit?

(images: studio haijke)

Posted in Decorating Tips on November 09, 2011

Do You Use Window Films?

Okay so I want to talk about window films for a moment. They’re often called window decals in the states, but over here window films it is. I was just talking to my friend Yvonne who wants to apply films to her glass doors and funny thing is, I’m currently looking to do the same thing for a few windows in my home that don’t face the most pleasing of views. My guest bathroom overlooks a light shaft and my entryway way transom window above my door could use a pretty touch, it’s a bit boring.

Emma Jeffs

It’s time to go from idea to execution, so I’m surfing the web tonight for my options and I keep going back to Emma Jeffs. I REALLY wanted Otto but it’s sold out so I’m trying to decide on another pattern.

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Do you use window films? If so, why and where did you get yours? How do you like them?

(images: emma jeffs)

Posted in Decorating Tips on November 07, 2011

Stylist Olga Naiman

Brooklyn-based stylist and event planner Olga Naiman from Aparat has an impressive client list and a gorgeous online portfolio that you’ll no doubt love viewing today. I’m liking the overall vibe here…


I’m particularly drawn to the strong colors and patterns in these spaces though lately pink and red aren’t doing it for me nearly as much as petrol blue which is that gorgeous greyish blue tinted with green that lots of magazines are flaunting at the moment. I particularly love it paired with goldenrod. But I digress… Despite my petrol + goldenrod admiration, these lovely red tones are total headturners– especially as December draws nearer and nearer and I see red everywhere. I find these rooms quite intriguing… And I’m totally digging chevron - still. You too?


Olga Naiman has worked with clients such as Domino, Anthropologie, Real Simple, People magazine, BBC and more. She currently works as a freelance stylist creating gorgeous rooms in CB2 catalogs and for Crate & Barrel along with West Elm, too. Nice job!


I love her educational background too – no doubt her BA in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University combined with her MA in Scenography/ Installation Art from St. Martin’s helps her a great deal to create events and catalog pages that speak to people… Styling is so much about getting in touch with all of the senses and understanding how people think but also for telling stories visually. Her styling work has a very easygoing, imperfectly perfect charm about it that makes me feel as though a person is nearby and will soon re-enter the room to get back to what they were doing before they left. Her rooms really look alive and have soul to them, don’t you think? For me, that’s what makes a great stylist – the arrangement of objects that feel like there is a beating heart behind it all.

What do you think makes a stylist great?

(images: from the site of olga naiman)

Posted in Decorating Tips on October 31, 2011

Inspired By Riikka Kantinkoski

Have you heard of Finnish photographer, stylist and product designer Riikka Kantinkoski? I love her home in Finland and the beautiful photos that she takes for magazines, but also the snaps of her own house that she shares on her beautiful blog called Weekday Carnival.

I found her work through Susanna Vento’s site and I’ve been in awe of Riikka ever since – especially of the things that she sells in her Big Cartel shop. Wow, I love it all, but especially her jewelry and these wooden knobs. Her soft color palette with shots of black definitely resonates with me as I love soft colors, too. Check out these images from her home. I especially love how she incorporated a West Elm comforter into her Finnish home – gorgeous!

Another version of her kitchen before she decorated it in shots of pink and black – this one is from a few months ago and will appear in a Paumes book about Finnish homes very soon.

I’m so inspired by the way that Riika decorates but also of the wares in her very special online shop. What a creative and clever lady!

What do you like about these spaces above?

(images: riikka kantinkowski)

Posted in Decorating Tips on October 21, 2011


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