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Interior Styling Inspiration

Whether you are brand new to decorating or an oldie but goodie pro, you’ll be inspired by the interiors over at the decor8 Interior Styling group on Flickr. Why? Because these homes are real homes, not styled to perfection but styled for living. The group has nearly 3,000 members (I’m really hoping you’ll join so we can hit the 3K mark soon!) from all over the globe and I’m so proud of it because each precious member plays a very special part in making it a fun spot to find great decorating ideas that are attainable and beautiful. Here are a few lovely corners from some of the most recent submissions to the group — these homes caught my eye today.

F.Klein | Dora iz Londona | Détailliste| debee_art

wood & wool stool | Virginie Photography

Secrets of a Butterfly | Dottie Angel | herz-allerliebst

There are hundreds of photos to look through over here so make sure you take a moment to see all of the other incredible submissions to the group. Spot any favorites?

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 21, 2011

Plum Chutney

Want to rock a little Bollywood boho chic at home? Newly launched Plum Chutney is a small online home store that contacted me today that just may be what your patio or living room needs for a little kick.

Plum Chutney

Founder Anita MacKenzie lives and works in England but is originally from India and launched Plum Chutney as a, “Very personal attempt to capture the striking imagery of India through quirky and original design. My launch collections explore a variety of themes – Indian royalty, chaotic street life, stunning truck art, beautiful Indian people, traditional motifs, bright tropical flowers and more.” She designs and sources pillows, lamps, art prints and other things for the home.

Nice seating for pillows from plum chutney

I think some of her products could work wonderfully in a home that has a casual, bohemian vibe. I can see some of these cushions on a sun porch, on the patio in a rattan swing (like this) or on a crisp white sofa (like this).

I have this dream to someday own a summer home on the beach, whether that happens or not — we shall see. But for now, I dream through the pages of magazines that tend to highlight lots of modern coastal style homes like Real Living Australia. That’s why I like Plum Chutney, I can really see some of these pillows above in a Real Living spread – these colors and patterns are fresh, energizing and happy and give a room a lovely feeling of summer, don’t you think?

(images: plum chutney)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 21, 2011

Tine K Home: Spring/Summer 2011

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Tine K Home catalog for Spring/Summer 2011 and so I’m thrilled to say it has arrived and you can view it online right now! Founder and creative director, Tine Kjeldsen, is an interiors celebrity in Denmark — everyone knows and loves her brand and for good reason, her talent is obvious but she is also very charming and generous. I was able to hang out with her last year when we shot her home for my upcoming book and so I feel like I really know the lady behind the brand and she is a lovely woman inside and out who has a very strong and clear opinion about what she likes and dislikes which I respect because I’m the same way! I loved styling her home and touching all of her beautiful things, it was such an honor to spend the day in the Danish countryside. Another thing I enjoyed was the feast that she prepared for us on her patio, it was warm and sunny and the break between shooting was a welcome one. Here’s a glimpse into our patio lunch… Such a happy memory!


Let’s look at her inspiring photographs from the collection, shall we? You can see a glimpse below but I encourage you to look at her entire catalog right here. She will soon have some of her line in Selfridges in London so if you’re living in the UK you can check it out live and in person. Lots of ethnic influence, a muted palette, cool, clean lines, casual, sophisticated… hallmarks of the Tine K brand. Her new patio furniture caught my eye in natural wood tones…







Congratulations Tine on a beautiful new line!

(images: tinek home)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 18, 2011

DAY Home

I shared some of the DAY collection for the home recently, but had to show more since I’m definitely spotting a slight nod to all things nautical lately, have you noticed? I believe that the trick to bringing coastal decor into the home and making it work (key!) is to keep the theme a bit understated and be careful not to overdo things. Pick an accent piece – your main character – then layer in a few supporting actors that do not compete with your star and see how things look.


It’s a good idea to vary the size of your patterns, make sure patterns are not all of the same scale… And also vary the tones of your colors — some should take the lead (coral and violet in this case below) and others should be a bit understated (beige and white for instance) and less punchy. One thing I love about this look from DAY is the smart combination of violet and coral with beige and crisp white — it’s a great look. I don’t think it’s common to see these two colors living together which is why I like it.


An alternate color palette that you could try if you want to bring a smart coastal palette to a room in your home is to work with coral (red-orange) and navy with crisp white and add some blue and white stripes. You can also mix in some Indian patterns — that way your room doesn’t scream, “Seafood Restaurant” if you know what I mean because match-y match-y nautical rooms rarely work unless you are in a seafood restaurant and well, even then… Who would have thought to combine Indian paisley prints with coral patterns? Not even me, and I can be pretty out there and quite quirky sometimes!

Do you like the nautical look? Would you try any of these colors and patterns at home? If not as a room scheme, have you considered throwing a lunch party incorporating these colors and patterns in your table linens and flower arrangements?

(images: day)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 16, 2011


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