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Perfect Palettes + Anders Schønnemann Photography

Are you ready to see some gorgeous photography coupled with inspiring palettes that I’ve put together for your home? I found out about Danish photographer Anders Schønnemann from Charlotte at Rice and now I’m hooked – what a stunning online portfolio! Check out some of these shots (and the styling, great stuff!)… Along with my interpretations of the collaged images that I’ve included from his portfolio below. I combined photos that felt cohesive to form a specific palette taking in mind current trends for interiors and fashion in my part of the world (northern Europe). Though as I look through magazines in Australia and the United States, I see these palettes as well so I think it’s safe to say that you most likely can find objects in your local town to pull together in order to build one of these looks at home for yourself. Enjoy!

Creative Sunday Afternoons

Anders Schønnemann Photography

Creative Sunday Afternoons Palette

Wintery Walks In The Snow

Anders Schønnemann Photography

Wintery Walks In The Snow Palette

Collections From Afar

Anders Schønnemann Photography

Collections From A Far Palette

I gravitate towards the Collections From Afar palette because I love the overall vibe though I’d be inclined to bring in some violet accents and on that gorgeous creamy sideboard with the paper lamp I can imagine my white ceramic vase filled with branches in the winter months and in the spring, pink cherry blossoms as I think pink would be a great accent for the Collections from Afar palette in the spring/summer, moving into the Fall add in some persimmon perhaps and in the winter, violet….

Which palette speaks to you, if any? Why? What feelings does it give you? What do you like about it? What elements can you bring into your own home? What do you already have at home that you could use to build one of these looks, even just in a corner or small room, to try it out?

(images: Anders Schønnemann)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Decorating Tips, Inspiration on December 03, 2010

Rice: Spring 2011

I have some super colorful products to share with you today from Rice in Denmark from their Spring 2011 collection. Rice is a household name in Germany, at least in the northern part of the country where I live. You can find it in many small shops and they are best known for their melamine plates, bowls, cups and so on because they are very practical for children but also great for dining outdoors. People in my area are big on using their balcony, patio, garden and winter gardens for eating so as soon as the weather is nice it’s common to take the melamine outside and enjoy the fresh air and something light to eat. I found some things from Rice that float my boat that I thought I’d share with you today, thanks to the lovely Charlotte (founder of Rice) for sending me special access to their image database — I had my pick of imagery to share. Here is the world according to Rice for Spring 2011… a small glimpse of what is to come… COLOR, baby!

Rice: Spring 2011

Rice: Spring 2011

Rice: Spring 2011

Rice: Spring 2011

There are some nice things in the Spring collection, especially if you take a few of your favorites and bring them into a more subdued home for just a dash of color. I’m a little color shy so Rice is a bold big step for me (I need more neutrals around me in order to calm down and think because my brain is always racing and tons of color seems to excite me even more — so I lean more towards neutrals, black, white, gray, silver and then some color on top). With that said though, I can definitely see using some Rice candle holders in a window, gray and pale blue ceramic bowls stacked in my kitchen on a shelf, a straw crocheted tote in the kitchen to store bottles of water, a key hook in black in the entryway… It’s all about picking things from a collection that work for you and your lifestyle!

(images: rice)

Posted in Decorating Tips on November 17, 2010

Interior Styling Inspiration

This morning I must share with you some inspiring imagery from my Interior Styling Group on Flickr which currently has over 2,580 members worldwide! It’s quite a dynamic group of talented decorators, that’s for share. Don’t believe me, well see for yourself some views of homes from just a handful of the submissions I’ve seen this week! I’d love for you to play the “spot toilet paper rolls” game with me for a moment. When you look at the images below, spot the toilet paper rolls and tell me what you think of them – you’ll “get” what I mean in a moment. This is the best DIY project ever!


Dottie Angel

Saídos da Concha

Wood & Wool Stool

The Happy Home


wood & wool stool

Les Tissus Colbert

The Happy Home




See any ideas for your home? Will you be decorating this weekend at all? I am unpacking now that I’m back from Africa and Turkey, I have been traveling so much since I moved in on October 1 that nothing has been done in my house! Tomorrow our kitchen will finally be installed so I will be able to whip up meals now and enjoy morning breakfast in my kitchen — I am so excited about this because it’s truly the little things — tea by the window with toast and honey — that make me often the happiest. I miss having breakfast in a normal breakfast space, I miss having a kitchen sink, I miss having cabinets and places to store and I miss being able to make a pot of tea and drink it from a ceramic mug vs. a Styrofoam cup! I feel like I’ve been on a really long camping trip and tomorrow it will officially end! Plus, last night, I finally decided on the arrangement of my front rooms – where I will put the living, dining and my work room — which is a huge relief because I’ve been turning this over in my head for weeks and now I’ve made a decision so I can start to furnish them and work on a floor plan. Yay!

What about you? Anything new? I have missed you guys so much! I’m not going to be traveling this month or next month, with the exception of maybe Hamburg and Berlin but those are weekend trips that won’t disrupt my work schedule so you can count on seeing me each day. In January I will go to Maison & Objet in Paris for a week to post on decor8 and I’ll be at Domotex, the big rug fair in Hannover, but I’ll be online and blogging daily as usual so you can expect me around during normal business hours going forward. :) I am happy about this because I’ve missed being here daily – I have so much to talk to you about! Oh and next week Leslie will be back with her November edition of Color Me Pretty. Yay! I can’t wait. And a big P.S. — she’s going to be continuing her column here for 2011 too, so you have more Leslie in the new year! Yay for us!

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Decorating Tips on November 12, 2010

David Stark For West Elm

What is gray and white and metallic all over? This has been in stores since the beginning of October so perhaps you’ve seen it in person… but tell me, what do you think about the winter collection from David Stark for West Elm? I love the whole handmade take — it’s very much what I’m used to seeing over here in Europe this time of year and what those of us online have been seeing for years now thanks to the influence of independent artists and crafters who have been sharing their garlands, handmade flowers and other paper crafts on their blogs and in their online shops.

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark for West Elm

To see our world go a bit mainstream is somewhat surreal — it’s great that people are catching the crafty bug, including those at the top like those who run these large retail companies. I love how much our online community has helped influence this trend. Plus, this kind of handmade, uncomplicated decoration is something you can use all winter long not just for 6 weeks during the Christmas season. For instance, I’d use most of this stuff until Spring and beyond — I even use garlands in the Spring and Summer (mine are from Lobster & Swan on Etsy who started making them ages ago with recycled paper).

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark for West Elm

To think, there was a time when table settings and decorations such as these would not have been offered simply because craft was regarded as something mom’s did with their kids and certainly not elevated enough to be sold to the public or even seen as a trend by top designers. I love that people are getting “real” in design more and more — that the guard is dropping slowly and decorating is evolving into being a bit more personalized, cozy, tied in to the lifestyle of the family, budget-conscious… Sure, there is always room for high end (and their should be, mixing high and low can result in a gorgeous space and if you have the money then why not spend it) but I remember a time in design not very long ago when handmade and DIY was not considered an option unless you were flat out broke or you didn’t confess that you’d actually covered your headboard yourself — you did that in college but once you were grown up you hired out or bought it finished.I remember growing up with a mom who made our curtains, shower curtains, roman shades, you name it — people looked down on her sometimes for it! Nowadays I think if you told someone that you made your roman shades yourself they’d think you were quite amazing and want to know how you did it so that they could try it too!

I love how the handmade movement has given so many the green light to do as they wish. Lots of us did it long before we were told we could, but it’s just nice that the rest who may not have had the courage to DIY can suddenly feel like it’s cool to craft. Good. It’s about time.

I love these table settings and pretty decorations so I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re looking for a little inspiration for decorating your nest this coming season! Yay to David Stark for his lovely collection, too. He’s such an inspiration to so many…

(images: west elm)

Posted in Decorating Tips on October 29, 2010


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