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Tine K Home on Facebook!

I first wrote about Tine Kjeldsen and Tine K Home a few years ago, sharing views of her home and product line. It seems she has really taken off and now I see her work on blogs and in magazines — most recently Elle Decoration (UK) as her home was featured on the cover of their March 2010 issue (view the entire spread here). I found out that she’s on Facebook and I enjoyed her page there because she shares some behind the scenes views of her life and work.

TineK Home

For instance, a fan of her work recently inquired about the coffee table in her living room and she so generously provided an answer on her FB page, “As one of you was interested in my rustic coffee table, I would like to tell you how I found it… I found the old wooden plank in a backyard in Saigon City, Vietnam – owned by a little Vietnamese man. The first time I saw the place, I didn’t believe what I saw: the plank stood among at least 300 parked scooters! A small passage led me to the most amazing decayed wooden furniture. The “little antique man”, as I call him, restores everything from scratch, so even the most destroyed cupboard can turn into something beautiful. The wooden plank for my coffee table is 7 cm wide. I asked the man to make some simple legs of old wood, and after a long period of time, my unique coffee table finally arrived and is now standing in our living room. The white cupboard in my living room is also from the little antique man.”

These are the reasons why I find the fan pages of certain companies on Facebook so beneficial — often it provides a way for fans to ask questions and to get feedback directly from company owners and designers. It’s great! Tine K Home has a new spring/summer 2010 catalog that you can view online here (it’s beautiful!).

(images: tine k home)

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Designing Your Life

I received a nice email today from Jessica who is a jewelry designer and blog founder/author of Makeunder My Life. She wrote in to invite me to be part of her series of interviews called Design My Life which focuses on, “Sharing your intentions for your life and how you design your life around those intentions.” I like the idea so I couldn’t reply fast enough, yes!

Summer's Home

If you are interested in reading what her current Design Your Life guest, Summer Thornton of Summer Thornton Design, has to say on this topic you can certainly do so here. Above you can see Shannon’s beautiful living room and if you visit Apartment Therapy you can take her home tour which is just fantastic.

And this makes me think of something… designing your life. What are some of your intentions and how do you do design your daily life in order to meet those needs, reach your goals, etc.? You can comment below over just ponder over this question for a moment on your own because I think it’s a great thing to really STOP and think about on a regularly basis, don’t you?

(image: summer thornton)

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Meet Decorator Jan Eleni

Are you ready to read a refreshingly honest interview with an interior decorator? I encourage you to read this interview that I had yesterday with interior decorator Jan Eleni Lemonedes from Jan Eleni Inc. in New York City. She speaks boldly and from an authentic place and I really value the time that I shared with her to develop this feature for you. I hope that you like it, too.

Jan Eleni

First, a bit of history about this talented lady. Jan once had a little shop in the 90’s in New York City’s east village also under her name. About her store she told me, “It was quaint with unique decorative pieces for the home and garden and became a creative outlet for me.” She offered an eclectic mix of early primitive with industrial pieces, along with garden and architectural elements. A lady who loves to “hunt”, she filled her shop with anything and everything that caught her eye and her husband also maintained a loft for her to keep her ever-rotating stock. She calls this period in her life, “A fun time.” But then she was approached by ABC Carpet + Home and went to work there. “It was a different ball game then I was used to. A sort of crazy arena – but where anything was possible – we had to fight for our ideas, it was wonderful to be part of a creative team,” Jan told me. She eventually left the company to spend more time with her little girl, “It was a hard decision – but one that I don’t think twice about.”

So now that you have some history, let’s talk to Jan about her work.

Jan Eleni

Holly: Why did you decide to decorate for a living?

Jan: I am a self taught designer and at a young age I always loved and appreciated beautiful things. I became obsessed with children’s spaces here in the U.S. because I felt like their were all these cookie cutter rooms that lacked any nourishment for an imagination – and so I started a business based around just that – creating spaces and really listening to what can nurture children in an everyday way.

Holly: I also noticed that in addition to decorating, you are also an artist. Can you tell us more?

Jan: While I was working on children’s spaces – I wanted to time capsule their moment in art – and I started making these beautiful art frames – a way to archive your child’s art in a modern way. It is a labor of love – a time consuming process – the end result is a grid of hand cut miniature images – a gathering of your child’s artwork. It is amazing if you think of how we can influence the next generation of artists and creative types.

Jan Eleni

Jan Eleni

Holly: You mentioned earlier that you do not have a formal design education but are self-taught. How do you think self-taught differs from someone with a degree when it comes to decorating and creativity?

Jan: We are born with visual senses – just like someone who excels in math – one can excel in the visual area and I have that gift. My daughter also has this. I also have an eye for products – I adore looking, finding and choosing. Not having a degree allows one to break the rules – and to come up with ideas off the book. One who holds a specialized degree is not necessary more creative – passion and creativity can not be taught. A piece of paper does not state that I have an A+ in creative ideas – although it probably should! Also when I was young, education was different – I am a product of NYC Public School, having grown up in upper Manhattan. Options back then weren’t available – the sky was not the limit – today children have so many choices and so many opportunities. My teachers did not encourage me – if you were not the smartest in the class then sadly you were not important. Our schools were over crowded though I did join a program in high school that instead of going to school – I worked at The Soho News for an entire semester. This was an amazing experience for me, to see the art world up close was a very special unique experience. Soho in the 70’s…

Holly: From a professional standpoint, what do you think needs to change about the interior design profession as a whole?

Jan: At the moment I think we are experiencing design overload – every where you turn – there is an ultra-designed home or a product more outrageous than the last. I think so much of it is silly. Too contrived. You can start to lose perspective on what is good design.

Jan Eleni

Jan Eleni

Holly: I’m delighted by how open you are, I feel so energized by your words. I think many feel these ways and appreciate hearing a professional with clearly so much talent, expressing them. Okay, so this leads me to my next question, living in such a highly competitive city such as New York, how do you manage to stay positive and on top in your field?

Jan: In all creative fields, everyone has a ego bigger then the next. I hate to play that game. I am a collaborator. I recently worked on a home – with architect Peter Himmelstein and it was a wonderful experience. The project was a brownstone – the home of a celebrity actor, his wife and their family. We all worked as a united team – there was a mutual respect across the board.

Holly: Can you share some of your thoughts on what works best when dealing with clients, any tips to share?

Jan: I love to work with my clients and get an understanding of what they like. There needs to be a mutual respect between the client and designer. Listening is key, as is confidence. My advice is to remain as honest and sincere if you truly don’t think something will work.

Jan Eleni

Jan Eleni

Holly: What is often a challenge in your profession?

Jan: What I realize in my experience is that many people are not educated in understanding the value of what we do. Often others take for granted and don’t understand the simple fact that ideas cost money. Time costs money. The value of a good eye – having a vision – it’s hard to put a price on.

Holly: Who has influenced your work?

Jan: A big influence was my grandmother – from Greece. When she was a young girl she would make raw silk from the cocoon – and make silk lace. Pillowcases, bedspreads, tablecloths – it is an incredible lost art. My love for textiles started early.

Holly: And what about your current inspirations, can you tell us a little about what inspires your creativity?

Jan: Much of my inspiration comes from my travels – I love Asia, I spend most of my summers abroad. In Bali there is a carefree feeling of the homes. They are inside out. I love the wood found in Indonesia. Europe holds me – having a Dutch husband we have spent much time traveling about. Absorbing an environment is the best learning tool. I am also an avid fan of the internet – picking up inspiration from all the excellent blogs out there as well as online magazines. Of course nothing beats picking up your favorite magazines – and letting your mind wander – watching your own ideas gain momentum. Pure inspiration is really all around us.

Jan thank you so much for spending time with us here today on decor8, it’s been a pleasure and honor to have you!

(images: photographer Luc Roymans)

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I’ve talked about Danish home brand Bloomingville by TrendKompagniet before, but it’s been awhile and with Spring and gardening on my mind a lot lately I’ve been looking for some inspiring products that bring a breath of fresh air into the home. Bloomingville is a brand that you can find in Germany, and it is gaining in popularity like many other Danish and Swedish labels that are starting to find many loyal customers here.



This is the time of the year that I enjoy because Winter melts into clear, warm days and slowly you begin to find clothes and home accessories that fill you with the promise of flirty sundresses and brightly-colored wellies. Over the weekend I bought the cutest pale gray shoes and visited Noa Noa where you can find some of the loveliest Spring fashion ever. My white narcissus also bloomed on my windowsill after waiting several weeks though the transformation from bulb to bloom is always a pleasure to watch… I think it is because of being a gentle reminder of the patience we need to have in order to grow and blossom – beauty does not come overnight!

Don’t you enjoy the product shots from Bloomingville above? I do, though they are a bit too country for my taste I see many that I can mix and match into a more modern home with clean lines and that is what I live about Bloomingville, there is something for everyone. Did you notice the dresser in the top left photo? It looks like it was painted with light grey chalkboard paint. I love the idea of pale gray chalkboard paint, many tend to go with black chalkboard paint on the walls which is lovely but upon seeing this I think gray appeals to me a bit more right now I think. What about you?

I need to run off to teach a class for a few hours, so I’ll be back a little later…

(images: bloomingville)

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