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Bungalow From Denmark

I’ve been wanting to share Bungalow with you for months now because I see them in decorating magazines often over here but I kept forgetting to write about them… but no more! You deserve to know about this beautiful Danish decor company if you don’t already because they specialize in a wide range of products that feature mostly Indian hand-blocked prints – like bedding for adults and children, tea towels, cosmetic bags, clothing for kids, and more only with a twist — a touch of clean, modern Danish style. They have something for everyone!





If you have time, please take a moment to look at their inspirational slideshow that captures the true spirit and magic of India and some of the beautiful people who live there.

Here is their store and web shop locator. (images: bungalow)

Posted in Decorating Tips, textiles on March 11, 2010

Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bookends

I am still thinking about that pretty vintage puppy party that I featured yesterday… oh that was just so adorable. And now that I’m thinking about dogs, I thought I’d share quickly those bookends that I ordered from Barnes and Noble last year (post here) because I realized this morning that I never showed you how they look in-situ. It took about a month for them to reach me (int’l shipping is always slow), but now that I have them I can’t imagine owning any other bookends.

Dachshund Bookends

These white dachshund darlings were designed by Jonathan Adler for Barnes & Noble and you can buy them online (they ship to Europe, too). I ordered them in October and they arrived around the holidays but I was so busy that I forgot to tell you how cute they are! I’m not in love with the lumpy bumpy wallpaper in the flat we are renting right now but it’s not bad either…. you have to appreciate and work with what you’ve been given sometimes, right? And so I have learned to live with the lumps. :)


And these are just snapshots from my day today, but above I’ve shown some loot from my weekly farmers’ market visit this morning. Not styled to perfection, just informal snaps — but this is my life and my typical days are casual and relaxed just like the flowers shown on my coffee table. In addition to tulips I found some yellow flowering branches (though it will be a surprise to see what will blossom as I have no clue what the flower lady called them in German), a little wooden doll for a euro and a pretty bread basket with ceramic blue and white handles for a few euros that I will now use for my mail.

Dachshund Bookends

Here are the flowers now that I’ve arranged them. Again, no frills — they are wrapped with green floral tape to keep them together as tulips can sag and I’ve placed them in a white ceramic canister from IKEA. But the over all look is warm and welcoming just how I like it — I believe that real beauty doesn’t need to be put on, are you with me on that? Style should be effortless because that’s when you know it’s authentic, and uniquely you.

How is your day? Did spring visit your part of the world today as it has for me?

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Decorating Tips on March 10, 2010

Tine K Home on Facebook!

I first wrote about Tine Kjeldsen and Tine K Home a few years ago, sharing views of her home and product line. It seems she has really taken off and now I see her work on blogs and in magazines — most recently Elle Decoration (UK) as her home was featured on the cover of their March 2010 issue (view the entire spread here). I found out that she’s on Facebook and I enjoyed her page there because she shares some behind the scenes views of her life and work.

TineK Home

For instance, a fan of her work recently inquired about the coffee table in her living room and she so generously provided an answer on her FB page, “As one of you was interested in my rustic coffee table, I would like to tell you how I found it… I found the old wooden plank in a backyard in Saigon City, Vietnam – owned by a little Vietnamese man. The first time I saw the place, I didn’t believe what I saw: the plank stood among at least 300 parked scooters! A small passage led me to the most amazing decayed wooden furniture. The “little antique man”, as I call him, restores everything from scratch, so even the most destroyed cupboard can turn into something beautiful. The wooden plank for my coffee table is 7 cm wide. I asked the man to make some simple legs of old wood, and after a long period of time, my unique coffee table finally arrived and is now standing in our living room. The white cupboard in my living room is also from the little antique man.”

These are the reasons why I find the fan pages of certain companies on Facebook so beneficial — often it provides a way for fans to ask questions and to get feedback directly from company owners and designers. It’s great! Tine K Home has a new spring/summer 2010 catalog that you can view online here (it’s beautiful!).

(images: tine k home)

Posted in Decorating Tips, designers on March 08, 2010

Designing Your Life

I received a nice email today from Jessica who is a jewelry designer and blog founder/author of Makeunder My Life. She wrote in to invite me to be part of her series of interviews called Design My Life which focuses on, “Sharing your intentions for your life and how you design your life around those intentions.” I like the idea so I couldn’t reply fast enough, yes!

Summer's Home

If you are interested in reading what her current Design Your Life guest, Summer Thornton of Summer Thornton Design, has to say on this topic you can certainly do so here. Above you can see Shannon’s beautiful living room and if you visit Apartment Therapy you can take her home tour which is just fantastic.

And this makes me think of something… designing your life. What are some of your intentions and how do you do design your daily life in order to meet those needs, reach your goals, etc.? You can comment below over just ponder over this question for a moment on your own because I think it’s a great thing to really STOP and think about on a regularly basis, don’t you?

(image: summer thornton)

Posted in Decorating Tips on March 04, 2010


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