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Hus & Hem Interior Inspiration

I was reading Jen’s blog, Made By Girl, last night and found a link to a Scandi magazine called Hus & Hem (you must check it out!) which I recall seeing during my travels. Have you heard of it? Jen shows some of her favorite rooms here, so I don’t want to steal her thunder by reposting her picks so I’ve included some bait to get you over to her blog to check out the rest… these photos are some of my favorites. Is this alluring enough for you?

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

What a nice way to kick off the weekend, yes? Make sure you visit the Hus & Hem website to click around — it’s quite a lovely spot!

(images: hus & hem)

Posted in Decorating Tips on May 08, 2009

StyleRoom Community

Remember when Domino magazine had that spot on their site where you could upload photos of your room and create somewhat of a style file? I heard from a company today based out of Sweden that has something similar and they’ve expanded it to the English speaking market. The UK crowd seems to be taking to it — it’s called StyleRoom and it’s a community for home decoration aimed at those who enjoy decorating (duh) and sharing their projects and ideas with other kindred spirits. Here’s a peek at some of the homes in their community…







To play along you simply create a free account and then upload images of your rad pad and interact with others from there. I haven’t joined but I did have fun browsing their site for a bit today. I didn’t spend a lot of time on StyleRoom thought since I can finally walk (yay!) so I got out of the house this afternoon for a bit and stumbled around with my little brace on (he he) looking for some organizing bins for a home project I’m about to get to work on. But anyway, StyleRoom looks promising so give it a whirl. They just launched this UK site so there’s not a ton of involvement yet so perhaps you may be interested in getting involved? I’ll leave that up to you, but at least check it out and let me know what you think.

And don’t miss the Swedish site where they have a lot more users in their community and man, some of the homes are sweet.

(images: styleroom)

Posted in Decorating Tips on May 07, 2009

Green With Glamour {eco-friendly}

I recently discovered Green With Glamour, a lovely shop that showcases products both stylish and eco-friendly, in the April issue of Lucky magazine and instantly marked the page for future blogging! Owned by Kathleen Rowan and Deana Bracken, two Chicago-based friends and business partners, they founded GWG a few years ago and bring the eco-conscious shopper glamorous accessories, clothing and my favorite, items for the home.

Green With Glamour

Oh and my, my, my… look at these gorgeous ikat cotton throws… tell me you don’t love a little ikat now and then in your life? I sure do, in fact I’m determined to find the perfect ikat throw or pillow for my home. Perhaps one of these will do? Hmmmm.

(images: green with glamour)

Posted in Decorating Tips on May 05, 2009

Tips For Decorating A Large Room

I was so flattered with Erin Doland who runs the fabulous organization blog Unclutterer, asked me if I’d give one of her readers, Eleanor, some advice for her new space. Erin was looking for some tips that would help her reader decorate a large space, making it warm and cozy, without cluttering it up. Here’s the space…

Reader question...

Hi Eleanor! While your “problem” of having too much space isn’t the most common, it’s definitely one I’ve addressed a few times with clients who went from homes with smaller rooms to spacious open concept lofts where the lines between spaces became blurred. Once settled in, they felt overwhelmed by having to “fill” all the extra space they’d once dreamed of and, like you, compared their living quarters to an empty warehouse. You are not alone in this Eleanor, between my advice and the comments that Erin’s lovely readers will no doubt offer, I’m confident you’ll soon be on your way to a cozy space in no time!

So… where to begin? THAT is the question of the day! Since you do not live in a loft with soaring ceilings and an open floor plan, I think your space issues are a lot easier to solve because you have a predefined living room space — a gorgeous one with outstanding details (vs. 4 plain walls). You have a fireplace, built in bookcase, and the most gorgeous hardwood floors. What a gem. I am not sure if these photos are current, if not have you added furniture yet? The moment you bring in a sofa or sectional, a pair of chairs, coffee table, floor rug, window treatments, etc. you will see that space shrink immediately, so never fear — your dream home isn’t that far from reality. Here are some tips for transforming your living room into space that you’ll enjoy living in!

View the tips I gave and read the rest of this post by clicking here.

(image from unclutterer)

Posted in Decorating Tips on April 10, 2009


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