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Decorating Is My Garden

What brings you joy in your home? How do you keep it fresh? Where do you keep the objects that speak to you and bring comfort? I have my favorite things mostly on shelves where I can see them or in cabinets with glass doors. I also try to keep my cherished possessions together vs. spread about all over my home because then my house doesn’t become too cluttered or a pain to keep clean.

In my home

Containing my collections is also good for times when I want a little decorating therapy. What I mean by this is that oftentimes, when I feel stressed, I will ‘tinker’ about with my things much like a gardener will disappear in the yard weeding or tending to plants, picking off dead leaves or snipping away wilted and crusty bits.

I’m not much of a gardener, so I tend to my home. I enjoy playing around with the arrangements of things and like to rearrange often so that the energy is forever flowing. When I keep objects in a single place for too long my space begins to feel stagnant, so I shuffle stuff around to loosen the energy and set things flowing freely — and properly — again.

I don’t like a sluggish vibe at home, it holds me back. When I’m tinkering, I often consider the objects and whether I can edit some things out and mix others in to provide a better energy or a different feeling to the space. I work with color this way, too.

How do you approach redecorating, rearranging, or “tinkering” about in your home? I often wonder if others view decorating as a sort of therapy, do you? Does your home ever feel like it is stagnant and when it does, do you decorate to loosen the soil (so to speak)?

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Decorating Tips on October 11, 2012

Read & Listen: Martha Stewart Radio + me!

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you! I’m NOT in new week mode yet, you’ll have to forgive me as I’m dragging a bit today but I hope that you are doing well and that you had a superfabulish weekend! I enjoyed a little relaxation time and did some shopping for things that I want to use in my upcoming workshop that I’m planning with a good friend (we are going to run a weekend creative blogging workshop in my city for only 12-15 very special ladies – we take you eating, shopping, to our favorite places, we teach you, work from my studio taking photos and blogging, oh my goodness it’s going to be fun!) but I also spent time planning for my upcoming ONLINE class – Blogging Your Way: Boot Camp – that kicks off this Friday, October 5th. I guess it was a little work and a little play for me. What did you do over the weekend?

I'm on Martha Stewart!

I quickly want to let you know, since some of you inquired last week via Twitter and Facebook, that the interview Martha Stewart Radio had with me last week went great even though I was a nervous wreck – it was fun to be on the radio but the time difference meant I was live at nearly midnight (I was tired!) BUT I felt honored to be on Kevin Sharkey’s show, Home Design. He kindly ran an extended interview with me on the Martha Stewart website too, you can read it here BUT if you want to HEAR me on the radio show you can listen HERE – we recorded it for you! :) On the show, I talk about decorating from why it is so important to honor your personal style at home to my 8 decorating steps, mood boards, planning, and more! Kevin also gave a great tip about how he sorts through piles of magazines – but you have to listen to hear it. :) I know, I’m a tease!!!!



Back in a moment with some inspiration for the day that I have a feeling you will love! Stay tuned…

xo, Holly


Posted in Decorating Tips on October 01, 2012

MT Casa: XL Washi Tape For Decorating

I’ve got washi tape on the brain now after seeing Tina’s home, don’t you? Do you recall when just last year lots of bloggers were a-buzz with the news that Japanese washi tape company, MT Tape, had launched a line of super jumbo tape called MT Casa that you could use on your walls, ceiling, floor – anywhere and everywhere? I do. Do you remember this post from Hello Sandwich? She really got me exited over it. Then, as quickly as the buzz started, it died… blogs went silent and nothing else was mentioned again. Until now.


Seems it was super tricky to find MT Casa in the US and Europe but now that British writer Ellie Tennant visited French design fair Maison & Objet this past week and reported about it on her blog, I have hope that we just may see it becoming trendy (and available) very soon. This is so much fun! I’ve been talking about designing wallpaper for years and years that you can peel and stick for those who rent and this stuff could very well help those who lease property and want to personalize it without begging the landlord for paint and paper. TAPE IT UP!


Ellie reports on her blog, “Available in 5cm, 10cm or 20cm widths, the new tape is specifically designed for home decoration and, as if stripes on your surfaces aren’t exciting enough, there are 5cm diameter sticky polka dot spots available, too.” Check this kitchen out below. Wild, right!?


That’s a little over the top for me, but in moderation I can see this stuff really working. You can watch this crazy kitchen (above) come to life here via this video that MT Tape put on YouTube. What a riot! Apparently, you can stick it to cabinetry, floors, glass and appliances, too. If it comes in white, I can see applying it together with black for a funky graphic black and white floor. The idea of being able to cover a horrible floor in a rental apartment, like a 1970s avocado lino in a kitchen, is a delight – right!?









Ellie reports that this will also be on display soon in London at TOP DRAWER. Looks like we’ll be seeing MT Casa in stores soon, exciting!

(images: mt casa, ellie tennant and hello sandwich)

Posted in Decorating Tips on September 11, 2012

Washi Tape Idea For Your Walls

I want to show you a cute decorating idea with washi tape but first, I heard from blogger Tina Fussell today from Traveling Mama, who is based in Copenhagen, about the new room for her daughter / guest bedroom that she’s been working on. It’s simply too cute to pass by so I thought I’d share it with you today, especially since I’m fond of how she’s used washi tape in both of these spaces…

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

Notice the washi tape and how it is used above? A art/headboard! What a cute way to use tape. You can also make your own affordable artwork and you will see that below in her work studio so watch for it. Super cool.

About this bedroom Tina says, “We just recently bought ourselves a new bed, so our daughter inherited our old bed. We thought it would be a nice treat for her and a great place for guests to stay when they come to visit because everyone wants to visit when you live in a wonderful place such as Copenhagen!”

She continues, “My biggest problem was the fact that I could not find a bed that I liked and after a couple weeks of hitting all the chain stores here and searching the Danish version of Craig’s List, I finally realized that it might take me some time to find something I really love. And I really believe that you should always wait to buy something you love rather than buying something that is convenient! So, I created a temporary headboard with washi tapi and actually, I kind of love it and I think it might have to stay! Her room still shows signs of the fact that she is not quite grown up and as her mom that kind of makes me happy! She was tired of the hot pink and bright colors and was wanting something that felt a little more grown up and soothing.”

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

Tina adds, “We put some fun artwork and a few boxes on her dresser. This dresser was originally a pine wood stain (just like the cabinet in our living room shown here) but it got a coat of white paint a while back and I just love it!” I think it’s pretty great also, Tina.

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

She also spruced up the hardware, “New knobs did wonders to the piece as well! They are from House Doctor.” Great idea!

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

This decorating project was also affordable as Tina explains, “The best part about this updated tween/guest bedroom is that it didn’t cost a single penny! I either grabbed something from a different room, incorporated what I already had, or more importantly, removed a lot from the room and simplified things! I was surprised by how much it made what we already had look so different, which is kind of awesome!”

Isn’t this a sweet room?

In addition, Tina has a lovely space for blogging and sewing in her Danish apartment that I have to share with you as I think it’s so light, bright and pretty. Check it out below…

Traveling Mama Workspace

Traveling Mama Workspace

Traveling Mama Workspace

Traveling Mama Workspace

Notice the washi tape art?!?!

So cute! Would you try this idea with washi tape?

(images: tina fussell)

Posted in Decorating Tips on September 10, 2012


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