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Muuto Newbies

It’s no secret that I love Danish design firm Muuto and have for several years now. They’ve just launched a new collection including the Base table, and have expanded the colors for the Stacked storage system (I have the stacked system and love it). They’ve also added new colors for their Fiber chairs and those colors are not primary brights but rather understated and mellow hues.

Creativ Boards

Isn’t that dining room at the very top of this post so pretty? Especially with the cotton candy styled into the shot. Very cute and original. I love examining the details when I see photographs from catalogs and magazines, don’t you?

With interiors, I’ve noticed that happy brights are quickly becoming passé, I don’t see them trending nearly as much for 2015 and even Scandinavia, home of bold patterns and primary hues, seem to have taken a turn for a more grown up, sophisticated interior scheme. Consumers are quickly tiring with primary brassy bolds. I’m all about moody hues, grown up decor, organic shapes and well-crafted handmade items, mixing textures, working with a variety of tints and tones, adding metallics for some flair… But bold brights are but definitely not my thing. Just thinking about bright pure color right now stresses me out. It must be a winter thing. I crave warmth, texture, color that makes me feel more romantic, raw and pure.

(images: muuto)

Posted in design on February 10, 2015

Ferm Living Spring/Summer 2015

Yeah! Spring/Summer collections are releasing and I just love this time of year when all of the fairs kick off (like Maison & Objet) and brands go public with what they’ve been designing behind-the-scenes for the upcoming season. Danish lifestyle firm, Ferm Living, which is available in North America and Europe online and in-stores, just launched their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection via ISSUU and to me, their new items for kid’s and pottery for plants along with their new vases shown below, really stood out.


I also love their new pottery tableware in greenish-gray, too because it feels so good in the hand with that delightful weighty feel that pottery brings – such warmth and texture. Ferm is really focused on muted tones of blue and green for the season, with brass and pale pink added in, and of course with green living and  plants being all the rage in the world of interiors currently, this meant that creating modern vessels to put them in was big on Ferm’s to do list this season. I need some nicer pots for my window plants in my newly redecorated kitchen (new countertops, faucet, moved a few things around, new window coverings, shelving… And now to hang some art!) because my current generic ones from the local plant shop simply must go.




Have you noticed that brass is the new copper? I’m finding it more and more – brass or gold in general. Out with the old and in with the gold! I still love my coppery goodies collected from last year though and in my very opinionated opinion (ah hem), if you love it–whatever “it” is – then it belongs in your home regardless of the current trend (unless it’s your hot male personal trainer or the pool boy, that is). So my copper stuff will have to live alongside my gold – plus I love combining the two because both metals have a warm tone so they definitely work well when combined. See, I’m smart like that. :)

What do you think of the newest Ferm Living collection? 

(images: ferm living)

Posted in design on January 14, 2015

My 10 Faves from Kate Spade Saturday For West Elm

Fun stuff! I read about this cool collab last month in the NYTimes but was reminded of it again while reading my friend Geraldine’s blog today – the collaboration of Kate Spade Saturday and West Elm. What a sweet union! I had to peek in on the WE site to see what they’re offering and the collection is bold, graphic, colorful, energetic, youthful and happy — you gotta love the colors and patterns. I think they did a great job merging both brands – no easy task and many meetings and months of back and forth, I’m sure! But they’ve done a great job so in celebration and to show my support, I thought to pull together 10 of my favorites.


1. This yellow/beige rug shown above. Simple but stunning.


2, 3, 4, 5: These pieces of wall art 2. painted floral, 3. abstract 1, 4. yellow sun, 5. Yo.


6. This awesome entryway table because if I still lived in the states, this would be in my home!


7. My favorite from the collection is this Sleep In mirrored wall art.


8. The chairs are darling but this navy and white dotty wing chair has my heart.


9. This rug in pink and orange. (Psst: It also has a matching pouf here).


10. Round storage boxes – very nice for jewelry and I love the unusual shape because isn’t a storage box supposed to be, well, boxy? So cute and clever.

Do you spot any faves from this collection? What do you think of it? What would you like to see added?

(images: west elm)


Posted in design on January 13, 2015

Good Design by Lassen

Have you ever played “Spot the ____” when you look at blogs, on Pinterest, or in deco mags? Oh my god, try it sometimes, it’s such a riot! Like try “Beni Ourain Rugs” or “Jonathan Adler pottery”, “Eames chairs” or “Tulip Tables”! Trust me, it’s addictive. One thing you’ll see in almost every Danish home mag, and you can definitely play this game when you flip through one, is “Spot the Kubus 4!”. I swear almost every Danish home has the iconic Kubus 4 candle holder from by Lassen. And now, the matching bowls (I want!) as seen in the window below… For fruit, for plants, for your keys, etc.


I was gifted by a German PR company with a gorgeous copper one after Aidan was born (what a seriously cool baby gift!) and I’ve used at every dinner party or cake and coffee party I’ve hosted since and I’m not even Danish – I just love it! Another Danish trend that could be part of your Spot The… game are boxes stacked and used to store or display things. It seems everyone is making them now and I love the variations on the design by company. For instance, by Lassen has a great collection of them called Frame that have a black outline and come with the option of a black metal base. I find this look very, very cool. Here is the Kubus 4 I was talking about that is available in black, white, copper and some other colors. I just love it. This is my copper one shown in my dining / work studio space.



And more furniture and decorating items from by Lassen below… Like these great stools. And there are those Kubus candle holders again, this time in white and the matching Kubus bowls, too.




They also have this wallpaper pattern in 3 different colorways, which is very nice…





So let me ask you, when you are looking at interior spaces, do you ever spot things that seem to be in everyone’s home? If so, what is it? I’d love to know!

(images: all by lassen except 2nd image, by holly becker)

Posted in design on November 20, 2014


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