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Bloomingville Autumn/Winter 2014-15

I love sharing with you all of the companies that I shop at over here in Europe. I know that it may be frustrating for those of you living stateside who do not have access to buying these products, however I remember when I lived in Boston and read blogs based in Europe – I loved seeing what was going on in foreign markets and also catching what was on trend there. It gave me excellent and interesting decorating ideas that I felt no one else had in my local area. That is why I was living in Boston decorating with European touches since the 90s, I was locked into international magazines that I would buy at Barnes & Noble and then later, I started reading European blogs. This all broadened my view and definitely helped me to not only sharpen my eye for design but also to find my personal style. I’m hoping posts like this, now that I’m living in Europe, do the same for those of you who don’t have exposure to the same things in your part of the world. Remember, keep an open mind. You may also find similar products where you live and a post like this can help you see how to put things together a little differently than what magazines are showing where you live. It’s fun to try new ideas and to stand out from the pack. At least, I always liked it.


So there’s this company, Bloomingville, that is based in Denmark but is a huge name in Germany… And I really like many of their products. I don’t own many, just a few ceramic cups and two pendant lamps in my hallway, but I’m very pleased with what I do have so I can vouch for their quality and style. In this post, I’m giving you a glimpse of their A/W 2014-15 catalog. You can see more online here. For the upcoming season you’ll spot lots of pastel blue and violet, gold, copper, marble, natural wood and shots of gray and black. Not your traditional Autumn/Winter colors in North America, I know, but in Scandinavia and Northern Germany, even in the Netherlands, this palette is much more common since we have less light during the cold months so these colors keep our rooms light and bright as it can feel really heavy and depressing otherwise.














Do you see any products that you’re dreaming of? My wish list: Gold skull, marble gemstone candle holders, plywood and blue side tables for my bedroom, rattan seating for my wintergarten and an organic-shaped marble cutting board to serve cheese and some plant pots.

What color schemes are you seeing in interiors where you live? Are pastels big at all?

(images: bloomingville)

Posted in design on August 05, 2014

House Doctor Moments Collection A/W 2014

House Doctor has done it again with another pretty collection for Autumn/Winter 2014 with their Moments collection. I think it’s very smart and sophisticated, understated, simple and cool. Colors range from rose to cool blue, mossy and teal greens, yellow and smokey gray. For materials, you have copper, gold, brass and marble along with wood, in particular, plywood. Christmas looks very casual again this year in Scandinavian design and since House Doctor is Danish, they are leading the pack with simplicity and pared down decor for the ho-ho-holidays. Lanterns a-glow, metal and wire, hand-blown glass, baskets (for displaying fir trees large and small). I really love this collection. Here are 12 photos from House Doctor that I am able to share with you to tickle your design fancy. To see more, visit their online catalog here.





This sofa above is a personal favorite. Do you like it too?




I like seeing a simple fir tree in a big skinny two-tone basket, don’t you?




Really crushing on this light fixture and sofa combo. Perhaps for my studio makeover? Hmmm.



This rose and that tealish chair make me squirm in my, ahem, seat. Lovely!



I know this is being shown as a dining table but I’m thinking of this for my new desk. What do you think of that? I also love that they took 3 lights and turned them into a big bubble cluster. In real life though, I have no clue how I’d install that in my house – how do you merge 3 lights into one anyway?




Shelving I’m considering for my new office. 



See anything you fancy?

(images, house doctor)

Posted in design on July 31, 2014

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Any reader of decor8 knows that I’m a big fan of Ferm Living. This Danish brand, with its US operations based in San Francisco, is not only run by lovely people but the products are such great quality and I love how stylish and colorful everything is. Here is a preview of what is coming for Fall along with a link to their online catalog. Spot any insta-faves? I like the wire tables with wood top and the cloud wallpaper for kids. And though the “face” boxes for kids released a season or two before, I still LOVE them!

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Screen ShFresh For Fall: Ferm Livingot 2013-08-14 at 2.05.50 PM

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Fresh For Fall: Ferm Living

Hmmm… Those geometric shaped wall shelves are quite cool too – did you notice them? Which do you prefer, the circle or the hexagon? And what do you think about the shelf that you can use as a little dollhouse? I see that and instantly think of how much fun it would be to wallpaper all of the little “rooms” and set up vignettes inside. If I have a boy, I hope he loves dollhouses for his Star Wars toys (ha ha)! If I have a girl, well, she’s going to have mommy buying her one of these for sure and have to deal with my strong decorating opinions as to which wallpaper to go with in the tiny rooms!

If you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and are looking for the Ferm Living rep, contact my friend Tinna at Agentur Pederson.

(images: ferm living)

Posted in design on August 14, 2013

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

I was sent a press release this morning from a the founder of a new European brand called Vividgrey who manufactures, “Modern heirloom furnishings for a home shared between children and grown-ups. The brand encapsules the diversity held within its name, balancing the imagination and vividness of children with a refined, sophisticated adult world.” Sabine Fajana seems so passionate about her business and I find her collection to be so unique and stunning that this was one press release I devoured. Handcrafted textiles, lighting and other furnishings are made-to-order from her workshop in Vienna. I’m drooling… Just look at these gorgeous things. And so sophisticated, yet simple. But first, here is a peek at her workshop.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Quilts and lighting – so pretty.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Linen bedding with tiny keys.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Mobiles with a gorgeous sheen.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Spiderweb linen curtains.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Fringe pillows. I’d love a stack of these on the floor in my living room.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Linen bedding with tiny heart accents. I wish these were available as curtains!

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Leaf rugs that you can opt to also use as a kid’s blanket.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Wooden boards for organizing the kid’s room.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

Lighting with a frog inside (on the bottom) that you can see when the light is on.

Vividgrey: Brand Launch!

About Vividgrey, “Vividgrey exclusively uses local or organic materials sourced through certified fair trade suppliers and all fabrics are dyed, customized and screen-printed on the premises. The brand is the ‘second child’ of the Interior Architect and Designer Sabine Fajana. It evolved from working with prestigeous luxury brands while being the mother of a small son, Raven. Both experiences lead her to develop an authentic brand that manufactures precious furnishings of longevity through aesthetics that connect with grown-ups and children alike. The careful selection of contrasting textures is at the heart of the collection – curtains made of coarse linen voile are refined with the subtle complexity of a cobweb, super soft bamboo quilts are wadded with thick natural cotton and embellished with little leather hearts. This balance between raw and refined materials is found throughout the collection.”

To learn more about this line or to stock it in your store, please contact Sabine: [email protected]

CONGRATS on your new company, Sabine – it’s wonderful! I hope personally that you expand on your curtain collection because it’s so hard here in Europe to find curtains that are large enough (length-wise) for my altbau windows!

(images: sabine fajana)

Posted in design on June 27, 2013


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