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Oromono *new* Online Shop

Kirsty wrote in from Oromono to let us know the good news — her store is online and ready to accept orders! I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Oromono, but her 3D work using textiles is stunning; I actually first came in touch with them over a year ago while browsing Lekker and wrote about it here. Oromono ships almost anywhere, so if you see something you love online, chances are that Kirsty can send it to your home. I really love her rouging and pleating techniques…

Thank you Kirsty for the tip!

(images from oromono)

Posted in designers, textiles on May 07, 2007

John Robshaw Textiles *New* for Spring ’07

If you’ve been keeping up with Beach Bungalow 8, our blog of the week, you’ll see that Megan has a huge crush on John Robshaw. She’s not alone. So do I. And if you thought the post showing the Brooklyn store, Layla, was an impressive display of Indian textiles, well visit John Robshaw. Crazy beautiful. Exotic, colorful, chic…

Most of us are familiar with Robshaw and his textiles since they’re featured in so many magazines, but have you peeked in on his Spring ’07 collection yet? Positively sumptuous.

I love to see designers that travel and collect inspiration from distant parts of the globe, then reinterpret those motifs to produce a modern version of a block print (for example), which Robshaw does by turning up the color to say, hot pink. Robshaw travels India and Southeast Asia for inspiration and goods, and although the colorways may be chic and modern, the ancient craftsmanship isn’t anything new — yet it’s still a theme of his work, hand-stitched and hand-printed textiles are what make his designs so appealing to me.

You can purchase some of his bedding for adults and babies over at auto or nonchalant mom. You can find some of his shower curtains online at Fine Linen and Bath.

Thanks to Cate and Allyson at John Robshaw for most of these images, much appreciated ladies!

(images from john robshaw and nonchalant mom)

Posted in designers, shopping, textiles, travel on May 01, 2007

Parker Palm Springs: California Dreamin’

I keep hearing about the Parker Palm Springs, so I had to do a little research and now, share this fantastic escape with you. Located in Palm Springs, California, everything about this place is exquisite (tour the property here). I dream of spending a gorgeous getaway at the Parker, as everything about it screams luxury, celebrity, the good life… Or shall I say everything about it whispers, as it seems like a peaceful spot to unwind, order a fancy pants cocktail (poolside, of course), and slip away from the rest of the world in your own personal cocoon of pleasure.

If you think it has a bit of a Jonathan Adler vibe going on, you’re right. He designed most of the interiors at this little piece of swank heaven (listen to a series of podcasts with Jonathan and Simon Doonan here – they talk about this place exclusively, the inspiration, etc.). I especially love the Moroccan wedding quilt at the food of the bed shown below. I’m still on the hunt for one, if you can help me…

Wouldn’t you love a weekend away at the Parker?

(images from the parker palm springs)

Posted in designers, travel on April 21, 2007

Target: Victoria Hagan is HOT!

Mark your calendars! April 22nd is the big day for budget shoppers with an eye for good design because that’s when designers for Target debut their new collections for Spring/Summer. And, fingers crossed, I’m hoping the O’Brien and Hagan lines are made as well as they look. (You can pre-order lots of items on the Target website, although I will make a trip to the store so I can test drive things for myself).

Judging from a recent magazine spread, I’m thinking Victoria Hagan will grab and hold my attention for the next few months with her strong, yet soft, pastel color palette, geometric prints (love the trellis she’s using), and the octagonal mirror she’ll soon launch to hungry design-savvy shoppers everywhere. I hope these pillows feel as good as they look, because for $29, I’d snap ‘em up for sure.

If you don’t know that much about Ms. Hagan, Style at Home out of Canada interviewed her a few years back and it’s quite a good read. Here’s a glimpse of some of her interior spaces. She’s been in the biz for 20+ years, so the lady has quite a portfolio as you can imagine. Classic, chic, stylish, and yet very casual and cozy.

(ad from instyle home, images from target and victoria hagan)

Posted in designers, trends on April 18, 2007


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