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Tine K Home on Facebook!

I first wrote about Tine Kjeldsen and Tine K Home a few years ago, sharing views of her home and product line. It seems she has really taken off and now I see her work on blogs and in magazines — most recently Elle Decoration (UK) as her home was featured on the cover of their March 2010 issue (view the entire spread here). I found out that she’s on Facebook and I enjoyed her page there because she shares some behind the scenes views of her life and work.

TineK Home

For instance, a fan of her work recently inquired about the coffee table in her living room and she so generously provided an answer on her FB page, “As one of you was interested in my rustic coffee table, I would like to tell you how I found it… I found the old wooden plank in a backyard in Saigon City, Vietnam – owned by a little Vietnamese man. The first time I saw the place, I didn’t believe what I saw: the plank stood among at least 300 parked scooters! A small passage led me to the most amazing decayed wooden furniture. The “little antique man”, as I call him, restores everything from scratch, so even the most destroyed cupboard can turn into something beautiful. The wooden plank for my coffee table is 7 cm wide. I asked the man to make some simple legs of old wood, and after a long period of time, my unique coffee table finally arrived and is now standing in our living room. The white cupboard in my living room is also from the little antique man.”

These are the reasons why I find the fan pages of certain companies on Facebook so beneficial — often it provides a way for fans to ask questions and to get feedback directly from company owners and designers. It’s great! Tine K Home has a new spring/summer 2010 catalog that you can view online here (it’s beautiful!).

(images: tine k home)

Posted in Decorating Tips, designers on March 08, 2010

Kristen Hutchins Design

I had a chat with interior designer Kristen Hutchins recently, she’s been on her own a little over two years but also spent two years working with Kelly Wearstler and another two years with Ruthie Sommers. Imagine working with Ruthie and Kelly! Kristen’s portfolio reflects that pulled-together California-chic aesthetic that we all know and like so much. Here are some of my favorites…

Kristen Hutchins Design

Kristen was born in Miami and grew up in Florida, then traveled to California when she was 18 to study Business and fell in love with the west coast lifestyle. While in college she had the honor of working in fashion at Barneys New York and the exposure to such inspiring designers and clothing helped surface her long time love of interior design.

Kristen Hutchins Design

Kristen Hutchins Design

After completing her Business degree, she decided to pursue a formal design education at UCLA and then went on to work with designer Ruthie Sommers and then, more recently, Kelly Wearstler where she worked as a senior designer. After a few years with Kelly she felt ready to go out on her own and launched Kristen Hutchins Design.

What a wonderful story of a strong, talented woman determined to pursue her passions with beautiful results!

(images: kristen hutchins design)

Posted in designers on December 25, 2009

Ryan Korban Interior Design

Ryan Korban is a twentysomething interior designer in New York who designs both residential and commercial spaces and who has recently been featured in a number of design blogs, including The Selby. It seems he has a knack for creating warmth with a touch of glam through layers, textures and deep, moody colors. Add to that a dash of shine through a lamp or two, a carefully placed teapot, a sculptural flower resting on a stack of books and a sexy side table with a horn base and you have Ryan’s signature look — nothing is overly styled or stuffy, things are somewhat sloppy in a very good way and his vibe is without fuss and quite cozy.

Ryan Korben

I’ll admit, I’m not a big leather sofa fan, nor do I care for faux fur rugs, horn tables or shiny ornate table lamps, but Ryan has a way of putting things together that I’m not naturally drawn that makes me pause and think, “Okay, maybe“. I think that this is a sign of a good designer that we often overlook and do not discuss to often on design blogs. We’re often so fixated on finding designers who share our aesthetic — but when you notice an eyebrow being raised as you stumble across work you’d not characterize as your sensibility then that’s something to pause and think about. Hmmm.

I compare this to a good makeup artist or hair stylist. Sometimes we get stuck on a look, some may even say in a rut. Fringe with blond highlights, blunt cut with caramel highlights, curly hair, straight hair, the “Jennifer” hair cut. Or how about makeup — smokey eyes for going out, a nude and pale palette with a touch of pink lip gloss by day. Let’s say your stylist thinks that with your coloring and personality, you should experiment a little and go with auburn highlights instead and lose the fringe because it does not complement your face shape. And the makeup artist suggests peacock green eyes for night with faux lashes and by day a bit more color – a soft gray eye with a just-bitten red matte lip. You may shrug, thinking it’s, “Oh no — not me” but perhaps you try this new look out and you can’t believe your eyes — stunning! Pros who work with color, proportion, texture, etc. all day tend to have a broader vision. They also deal with many personalities and income levels so they have a lot of experience that we sometimes forget to take into consideration.

Ryan Korben

And so I ask… shouldn’t anyone you hire in a creative field give you a bit of an Aha! moment and share something that you may NOT have considered before? That is a part of interior design that makes hiring the right one worth the investment. A fresh, new custom-tailored perspective can be quite an eye opener.

(images: top, ryan korban. bottom, the selby who profiled him here.)

Posted in Decorating Tips, designers on November 25, 2009

Kimberly Ayres Interior Design

I was catching up on some much-needed blog reading today and came across a post that my friend Anh-Minh Lee wrote just yesterday about California-based interior designer Kimberly Ayres. Not knowing who she was, I clicked on her link and found a most delicious portfolio that I thought I’d highlight for a little eye candy inspiration. Kimberly’s design style is classic meets bohemian with a feminine, elegance in her well-edited rooms. There’s nothing like drooling over the work of a talented interior designer to spark an idea or to light the fire under your butt to work on that idle project in your home, right!?

Kimberly Ayres Interior Design

Kimberly Ayres Interior Design

After reading her bio, I learned that she didn’t start out as a designer — she actually practiced law before tapping into her creative side. Leaving her profession behind, she went to school to study painting, antiques and interior architecture. The more I looked at her work I realized that her name rang a bell for a reason…she was mentioned in Domino magazine as one of the Top Ten Young Designers to Watch in 2009. Do you remember that article?

Anyway… before launching her own practice, Kimberly worked for Kelly Wearstler and then, Michael Lee. In 2000, she launched her own practice and now, nearly 10 years later, she is a successful designer with not only her own practice but also owns a furnishings and accessories store in San Francisco called Kimberly Ayres Home.

And hello yellow! Don’t you love all of that warm goldenrod in her home shown in the photos above? That color is super fab, beautiful in the summer, gorgeous in the autumn… and truly a great hue for California living. I also adore {drool drool drool} that turquoise bedside lamp — so much! It’s very Domino-esque — something we we would have seen in Domino mag, are you with me on this? The nightstand is pretty too, looks a bit Asian but I cannot see the legs to truly tell. The fish cup/jug/creamer/vase/whatevertheheckitis is also great with those bold fuchsia blooms — it’s truly the ice breaker in that vignette, it keeps all those blue and yellow patterns looking perky and modern.  Don’t believe me? Place your index finger over the floral arrangement. See the difference in that photo now? The colors aren’t as snappy, are they? Almost a bit dizzying. That pink really creates healthy tension and I love it. And so if you ever look through magazines and don’t notice the flower arrangements at work already, start paying attention to them and how stylists use cut flowers to often add a lift. They’re the push up bra of decoration. :)

I say this a million times on decor8, but again… another example of a career changer who turned out to be a successful small business owner. So if you’re considering a career change, don’t lose sight of your dream! Imagine if Kimberly didn’t go for it?

(photos: Eric Cahan)

Posted in designers on November 03, 2009


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