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Color Me Pretty

Hello friends! It’s me, Leslie with Color Me Pretty and this time I wanted to work with a softer palette filled with neutrals, leaf greens, amber, lavender and a little chartreuse. My experiment was to use these colors while trying to find my inner “botanist” because little touches of science seems to be a popular trend in home decor that I just can’t get enough of… I hope you like my translation of this today!

Color Me Pretty

Decorating Tips: You can bring this decorating “scientist” look into your house really simply with lovely glass lab bottles filled with samples from a walk in the park or around your yard. I also love the look of amber glass for a similar effect. Instead of recycling my glass vitamin bottles I save them as little flower vases to hold smaller “specimens”. If you are not into vitamins you can also purchase amber glass bottles really inexpensively at bottle supply companies and they come in all sorts of fun sizes.

Color Me Pretty

Old botanical drawings of plants and antique looking fonts can also be easily found and used to compliment this look. If you are making your own projects, it helps if you create a little series and use date stamps -think science project observations! I walked around my garden and painted a few samples of what was growing last week, but photographs or collages could have been good too. If you put a little label and date on each piece you start to create a “study” kind of look that can be displayed together.

Color Me Pretty

Color Me Pretty

DIY Idea: I wanted to create a quick clothesline effect to hang watercolor renderings I did of what is growing right now in my little garden. However, I could not decide where I wanted to drill the holes into my walls! Instead I made a clothesline canvas that can be propped up anywhere and made in a jiffy. I used natural twine, mini wooden clothes pins, a canvas board (from an art supply store) and some heavy duty tape. As long as you do not hang anything too heavy, the mini twine clothes lines reinforced with duct tape on the back of the canvas can hold your inspiring little pieces. If you want to do something a little stronger you can use a prepared canvas that is wrapped around a wooden frame (ones made up for oil paintings) and use hanging screws and wires to create the clothes lines. Attach the hanging screws to the sides of the canvas, screwing them into the wood and use the wire as you hanging line. Either way you have an easy moveable display for your bits of inspiration. – xo Leslie.

Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share on how to bring a little decorating science into your home? Please share in the comments section!

(images: leslie shewring)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Color Me Pretty, DIY on November 09, 2009

Oh My Deer! DIY

I love it when you’ve read a blog post here and are thoughtful and felt inspired by it enough to contact me sharing something related… Like today what Marianne from Noces de Coton in France contacted me (thanks, Marianne!) after reading this post about how I make my home cozy for fall. She left a link to a project she tried at home to give her space a more seasonal feel. It’s lovely! Here is what she does to warm up her home for fall…

Oh My Deer! DIY

I’ve given my living-room a Fall look with pillows, scented candles – I have one that smells like wood fire! Almost as if we had a fireplace in the room! And blankets, and also with a little super simple piece of DIY art with a deer head shape in a fake wood vinyl paper on a canvas. You can check it out here. Hope U like it!

Yes Marianne, I like it very much!

Marianne’s deer DIY was crafted simply by cutting a deer silhouette using faux bois vinyl sticky paper (like the kind you use to line drawers) and by painting the surface (not sure if it’s wood or canvas but I’m guessing wood would be the best choice as it’s smooth and bump-free) with gray Farrow & Ball paint – N°91. Easy and beautiful!

(images: noces de coton)

Posted in DIY on October 12, 2009

Japanese Tape DIY For Frames

Okay so I was sitting on my sofa the other night looking at the artwork on my wall thinking about my frames and how I’d love to do something with them. I’m not in the painting mood. And then I thought about decoupaging the frames. No, not feeling that idea either. Then I thought about Japanese tape and the whole obsession with it lately and how I could easily use it on my frames because it is creative and commitment-free. As I looked at the rolls I realized their width is nearly the same as the frames, so I grabbed a few frames, placed them on my table, and got started this morning with a 5 minute DIY project that I’d love to share, minus detailed instructions because it’s quite straight forward. It involves tape, a pair of scissors, and a frame. :)

Fun Frame DIY

The best part is, you can change them as often as you’d like because the tape leaves zero tackiness behind, it is super easy to remove, and you can use it over and over again. I imagine this being a hit with students, in work spaces at home, and for teenagers in addition to those of us who are just a bit kooky and enjoy being creative at home with our art supplies. It also does not lift the paint from the frame. It’s the perfect tape for this project so if you try this ONLY use the masking kind made with Japanese washi paper since anything else may be a problem. Also use frames they are nearly the exact width of the tape (3/4″), mine are all from IKEA. You can use the tape on the natural wood frames but since some of it is semi transparent it seems to work best on those painted white.

Fun Frame DIY

Fun Frame DIY

Fun Frame DIY

Fun idea, right? Of course, you can glue lace, ribbon and everything else to them instead but I wanted to do something extremely easy and inexpensive to my frames and this was the quickest solution I could find. Plus, I mean seriously, there are so many cool things to do with this Japanese tape that I couldn’t resist thinking of something new.

Tip: Select tape in colors and patterns that enhance the artwork or photos inside, for instance the grid pattern above really brings out the lines and colors of this Mississippi riverboat print by Jennifer Davis.

Here’s where you can find the tape I’ve used: Ginko Papers, Origamisan, MissMacau, washimatta, lovepetitzakkajapan, felt cafe, Pretty Tape, and the HeyDay Shop to name just a few!

Additional DIY Tip: You can use it on your shelves at home, just tape around the edging and there you have it – fun!

Have fun! (images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in DIY on October 08, 2009

Jam Jar Light DIY

Juliette from the Zuhause blog told me about a jam jar diy project that she posted on her site yesterday… Just an FYI in case you’ve been wanting to try this at home, Juliette can help you!

Jam Jar Light DIY

Jam Jar Light DIY

Note: as with any DIY project where you’re playing with electricity (he he) please be careful and exercise caution!!!

(images: zuhause)

Posted in DIY, Objects on August 26, 2009


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