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Sparrow’s Nest – New To You Furniture

Nichole wrote in from the Sparrow’s Nest to share some of her recent furniture projects with us where she took some pieces in need of help and gave them each a terrific overhaul, then sells them in her online shop. I love chevron patterns and so I think that the pink and white end table is quite a cutie, don’t you?

Sparrow's Nest

Would you like some inspiration for your next furniture fix-up project? Or are you looking for a fresh add to your space? Nichole’s your girl!

(images: sparrow’s nest)

Posted in DIY, Etsy Faves, Objects on July 31, 2009

Easy DIY Curtain Idea

I had this idea to show you a DIY tutorial demonstrating how to turn tea towels into cafe curtains but it looks like Selvedge magazine has an even better one and beat me to it — transforming tea towels into curtain panels. Love this. You’ll have to pick up a copy of their current issue (#29) to obtain the how-to details or subscribe to their digital issues (via exact editions), but it’s pretty self explanatory really — you just take your favorite tea towels, stitch them together either by hand or using a machine, and then use clip hooks along the top and place it on a rod. Easy!

Selvedge Curtain Idea

Looking at this I imagine you could even make a tea towel shower curtain, or even something using pillowcases. My tea towel idea is simply to take a few tea towels and use them as cafe curtains — I’ve done this in the past in kitchens when I was single living on a very fixed budget unable to afford anything fancy and loved them. My mother showed me how to use a grommet maker and once I learned how to do that I was punching holes in everything. Clip hooks work just as well, or you can sew in a rod pocket fairly easily, too.

Thanks Selvedge for the constant stream of inspiration!

(image: selvedge magazine, issue #29)

Posted in DIY on July 07, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

In the states it’s time for the annual Independence Day (The Fourth of July) festivities and being such a patriotic country it’s quite a massive event here and nearly everyone takes off on Friday to prepare for the big day.

Happy Weekend!

This is my last month living in America so I’m going to take in every last moment I can to spend with friends and family before I go so I have lots happening between now and Monday. Enjoy your weekend, holiday or not, and I’ll be back on Monday, July 6th!



(images: a fun DIY that Kathleen sent to me yesterday to post here, you can use this for the 4th or use the template to make these cute things for a basic summer party).

Posted in DIY on July 02, 2009

Amble Through Bramble Crepe Flowers

Morgan Levine grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and moved to Brooklyn to study industrial design at Pratt Institute where she graduated in ‘04. It was during her first freelance job at Martha Stewart when she was assigned to create bunches of crepe paper daffodils that a love for crepe paper was born. She started to experiment with turning it brooches and barrettes. Today, she is making paper goodies for her company Amble Through Bramble. My mother and I made a ton of crepe flowers for my wedding in ‘01 so I have a very special spot for paper flowers which is why I think I love knowing about Morgan and her beautiful work.

Morgan makes her own double sided crepe paper, hand cuts each petal, assembles each blossom, and then preserves it in a durable resin. The overgrown roses are made using double sided German crepe paper. In addition to Amble Through Bramble her day job is an enviable one — she’s an editorial assistant at Martha Stewart Living and writes on their new crafting blog. Morgan was once a design assistant to design rock star Jonathan Adler so she has been around some of the best which has no doubt had a positive influence on her crafting skills.

Custom orders are available upon request. Wouldn’t these be amazing for a bridal party or as favors?

Learn how to make your own crepe flowers right here with a step-by-step tutorial.

(images from morgan levine)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, DIY on March 13, 2009


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