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Cozy Candle Jars {DIY}

Here’s a little something to keep your candles cozy this weekend, to bring a bit of inexpensive warmth and glow to your home that looks slightly more original than the standard candle holders found in most stores.

I came up with this idea while looking at gift wrap in Target the other day. In the section where they have all of their new wrapping papers and bags, I found these knit wine holders for under $3 and had to have them. But not for giving away or even using for the intended purpose. The second I saw them I wanted to chop them in two and use them on my old jars – the ones I find at flea markets for $1 that no one wants. Then at Crate and Barrel, I came across this delicate silver leaf, I think it was $7. You can also use something to accent your jar from the outdoors, like acorns, or a tiny handmade doll or felt animal. I thought that together, these little items would make an elegant and simple display near the window overlooking the red barn that sits next door.

Materials used: knit wine bag and a silver leaf to embellish a simple vintage jar.

The fun part about this little project is that it’s extremely easy and can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes once you have your little items laid out. You can use candle sticks or tea lights in your jar, it’s up to you. I was inspired by my trip to Stockholm in October and I wanted to recreate a little bit of that warmth and hygge feeling here in New Hampshire today, so this is what I came up with. (Thank you Emma for featuring one of these photos as your Flickr Friday collection today.)

Have a wonderful weekend, I’m wrapping up now as I have a Boston Globe party to attend tonight (celebrating the launch of Lola magazine) along with date night with my husband – dinner somewhere in the South End. See you Monday!

P.S. Popular LA-based artist Michelle Caplan is giving decor8 readers a 10% discount on commission pieces, the deadline for ordering these special one-of-a-kind works of art is December 11th, so place your order ASAP if you’re interested.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in DIY on December 07, 2007

The Emperor’s New Lamp {diy}

This is fantastic, I’m thrilled that decor8 reader Linnea in Sweden shared this with us! Recall The Emperor’s New Lamp that I blogged about earlier? Linnea loved the design so much that she recently took a little DIY action to an old lampshade to recreate the light Linnea-style. This is such a cool idea.

She’s since painted the frame black (vs. pink) but you get the idea. Just strip the shade off of an old lampshade that has a groovy shape and viola! you have a very sweet new light source. Here are a few additional shots of Linnea’s space, it’s so pretty and designed on a budget.

“String shelf with some eye candy. Middle row: promo photo from Phocus, mug from Siv Andr?ason Malm?, small artwork by Angie Lewin and vintage cup from Gefle. Bottom row: Stig Lindberg ceramic bowl and a retro radio from Rusta.”

“The small “library” part of the bedroom. All second hand. Lamp 50 SEK. Armchair 650 SEK. Green mat 25 SEK. Bookcase 145 SEK. The wallpaper is from swedish Decor Maison. I love this corner.”

(images and text in quotes from hemma hos linnea)

Posted in DIY, inspiration, Objects on October 31, 2007

Stop! Banner Time

Maybe it’s the season or just a German thing, but I’ve been spotting a lot of garlands over here lately and I don’t know about you, but I love me some garland. Banners aren’t all about popcorn and pinecones!

There’s something exciting about a hand-crafted string of pretty things displayed somewhere in the home, it creates a festive mood. Whether displayed across a mantle, over a window, around a tabletop, they bring personality in, especially if you like to decorate according to a season or reason, or for a kid’s party or a theme party (hey, theme parties in all their tacky displays can be fun!). Here’s a few that I found on etsy and elsewhere, and remember, with some string and a little imagination, you can string up a pretty fantastic piece yourself – so you can either buy or DIY.

These were crafted by French etsy seller So*Sage (oh those French!).

A white felted banner from Chet and Dot is spooky but sweet.

A colorful fabric banner made from vintage linens by Jump Up And Down.

Nice has some crazy cute banners with pom-poms and such.

This girly floral banner from The Drawing Room is sweet too.

A simple search on the Martha Stewart craft website yields
many results sending you into garland heaven.

Small Stump has a few great ones, too. Faux bois fabulousness!

Psst: Fond of maps? Learn how to create a garland using them via Hallmark magazine right here.

Looking for inspiration? Visit the Paper Crafts group on Flickr. Garlands also fit in great in Jeu de Paume inspired homes, too. :)

(top image from living etc.)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, DIY on October 18, 2007

Mel Lim Wall Decals {new}

If you know Joy by Mel Lim stationery, and how could you not since she’s popping up everywhere, then you’ll love knowing that she has her hands in the wall decal biz now designing for Blik.

Oh yes, it’s true. So you can adorn your walls with her lush designs of happy, pretty, swirly things. Great for adults and kids, and since each element is a separate sticker, you can arrange them however you’d like. Big plus. More information here.

(images from mel lim)

Posted in DIY on October 11, 2007


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