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DIY: IKEA ALANG Table Lamp Transformation

January 3, 2007

DIY: IKEA ALANG Table Lamp Transformation
Eric wrote in today to tell me about his IKEA hack DIY project, well at least he called it a hack, I call it genius. Great budget DIY job, Eric. Click here to see how Eric transformed the IKEA ALANG Table Lamp into a perky pendant (or two!).

Thanks for the tip, Eric. Great blog!

psst: If you like the pendants, but LOVE the wall in the background (I did!), then you’ll love what I discovered after digging around Eric’s blog. Check THIS out. It’s another DIY.

(image from modern self)

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Inspiration Over The Bed?

January 2, 2007

Inspiration Over The Bed?
What do you think about an inspiration board over the bed?!?! I can’t quite warm up to this idea. One side of me likes it, the other side isn’t convinced that over the bed is the best place. What do YOU think?

(image via marie claire maison)

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The Fab Floor!

November 2, 2006

The Fab Floor! Here’s a great little story to remind us of just how small the world really is, thanks to having both print publications and the online world of blogging at our fingertips (seems to work so much better now that we have the two, don’t you think? draws us all much closer).

decor8 reader Susie from Rock Scissor Paper wrote to me after reading decor8 Reader Question: Linoleum Resources?, a recent post responding to an inquiry from reader Julia who needed some good Linoleum resources and tips. After spotting the post, Vanessa (another reader) commented that she found her linoleum inspiration in Domino magazine and applied what she saw to her kitchen by combining a little elbow grease with motivation, her kitchen floor was replaced with what you see above.

Susie now enters the mix. “It’s a small, small world at decor8. I nearly fell out of my chair this morning when I went to your site and scrolled the page down to see what I missed yesterday and saw her floor! Here are some snaps I took of our kitchen and one picture from Domino. Just to share!”

How cool is that, huh!? Here’s Susie’s kitchen:
The Fab Floor! The Fab Floor!Isn’t that a cute story? A great example of a fun, affordable DIY project using a surface that most people accuse as being too boring or dated. Not when you add some creativity to the mix! I’d love to see this floor in mustard, gold, rust, all those yummy autumal tones, wouldn’t you? A warm version of what is pictured here would look great in my kitchen. I can see a warmer version against cherry or maple cabinets…

(images from susie and vanessa)

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Adorn Magazine – NEW!

September 1, 2006

Adorn Magazine - NEW!
Have you heard of Adorn magazine, the new craft mag on the block for women? Geared towards ladies that love to create as well as those that never progressed beyond 1st grade macaroni necklaces, if you’re willing to learn something new, Adorn delivers. It’s well-written (short + sweet!), informative, fun, and packed with DIY projects from totally kitschy stuff to projects that have a more grown up appeal.

Adorn Magazine - NEW!
I think it’s a great magazine for all ages, perfect for mom and ‘tween daughter to come together for an afternoon of crafting with her friends, terrific for you and your friends for a Friday night craft meet. Despite how much I tend to dislike craft magazines, this one is actually a huge step up from the typical country kitchen stencil, silk flower wreath, and glue gun galore that’s so present in most DIY publications. Adorn is smarter, hipper, and even smaller than your standard size magazine. The fresh cover first caught my eye, and as I flipped through, I was impressed by the layout and design, full-color photos that inspire, and the appealing typefaces. Adorn touches on trends, party planning, DIY fashion and accessories, and cool projects for embellishing the home. They throw in a little bit of everything, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel like it’s missing focus (no signs that the entire staff has ADD -smile-).

Adorn Magazine - NEW!
The message Adorn sends forth is clear – carve out time to be creative, whether you consider yourself a lost cause or a crafty diva. Flipping through that pile of magazines on your floor or drooling over what others create isn’t half as fulfilling as making something with your own hands. It also helps you find your own personal style and create a home that oozes with personality and charm.

I found my copy at Borders, however I’ve since spotted them at Barnes + Noble and a few local craft stores, too. You can preview their premiere issue online, and you can check out their blog if you’d like a glimpse of Adorn behind the scenes. Their Fall/Winter issue will hit newsstands on November 7th, so you still have time to pick up their Summer premiere.

Psst: Some of the items created for the product shots are being offered by etsy seller Indie Craft Movie, like these crochet embellished pillow covers and this funky hobo handbag.

Adorn Magazine - NEW!

(all images from adorn)

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IKEA DIY Project – Art for Under $50

May 4, 2006

Who doesn’t crave an EASY DIY project now and then, one that doesn’t involve paint in your hair, toting a tool belt, or using a miter saw? I seriously can’t go there when it comes to DIY projects. I don’t mind a hammer and a power drill, but give me a table saw and I’ll most likely emerge in stitches or worse, one less finger and a hefty hospital bill. When it comes to DIY, I’ll take mine quick and painless please. I imagine that many of you are the same.

IKEA DIY Project - Art for Under $50

DIY projects, especially ones that take only a few hours, are sometimes the break from the normal routine that we need. They’re also addicting. Once you see how easy it is to create something pretty cool on a budget, you find yourself roaming store aisles looking for more potential projects. In fact, you start looking at everything differently. You may even begin scaring your friends and family. When your eyes glance over at their empty bottle of soda, they sense you are thinking “craft project”. Your dog fears you’ll transform his humble house into some swanky loft.

Looking for a quick DIY project that gives you an opportunity to create a work of art for your walls for under $50? I think you’ll like this idea, I needed a way to display my Lotta Jansdotter postcards, so I figured I’d grab some IKEA frames, scissors and a roll of duct tape.

A: Purchase frames at IKEA. You can purchase as many, or few, as you’d like. I grabbed the NYTTJA 2-packs in white (5.5 x 7.5″, which fits images 4 x 6″). Next, pick up a roll of heavy duty clear duct tape. Please do not purchase the standard gray, for one, it’s ugly and two, the color peeks through the cracks. Grab a package of sawtooth picture hangers too, these will secure the art to the wall when you’re finished. Don’t forget a pair of good scissors.

B: Collect your images, mini-paintings, postcards, cards, anything that you’d like to display.

C: Arrange the frames on a flat soft surface (I used the carpet so I wouldn’t scratch them) and then, play with the layout – arrange your images. Then, flip over all the frames. Insert the images and then, apply clear duct tape in straight rows across the back, both vertically and horizonally, completely covering the piece. If you do not completely cover it, the frames risk shifting over time. Please note that once you arrange your frames and place the images inside, you won’t be able to change your mind regarding placement since the duct tape will be in the way. Finally, add sawtooth hooks to the top left and top right of your new art and secure on the wall.

Easy, fun and under $50! Oh, and if you’d like to purchase the Lotta Jansdotter postcards that I used in this project, I found a wooden box set (you can hang the lid since it’s wood and has a little hook, too.) click hereIKEA DIY Project - Art for Under $50

IKEA DIY Project - Art for Under $50
(images decor8 2006)

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