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Turn Your Instagram Pics Into a Book with Artifact Uprising

As an Instagram addict (I’m @decor8 if you want to follow me), I definitely see the value is going from device to paper and turning some of my images into a little book for myself. In fact, I’ve been looking into how to do that for a few weeks so when I stumbled upon Artifact Uprising (based in Denver) today on Pinterest via Cici, I was in heaven. How beautiful are these books that you can create quite simply by using your IS photos?

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

Oh I just love this… Had to share. Hope you love it to – and maybe that you try it.

I want. I want. I WANT THIS.

(images: artifact uprising)


Posted in diy on October 17, 2012

DIY: Spray Paint Plastic Animals

I found this cute idea and had to share it quickly because painting wooden, ceramic and plastic animals has been popping up here and there throughout the years but I’ve not found a dedicated post yet to it with so many lovely examples. Until now! This was posted on the Living Gazette.

DIY Animals

What a fun and easy DIY project – all you need is a little paint and patience, though not much of both! My kind of project. Spray and go! I imagine you could even use nail lacquer on the plastic animals… Anyway, have fun with this and see if you can find some spare animals laying around the toy box. NOTE: Just make sure the little one doesn’t chew on them after you’ve decided to repurpose toys into decor items! Eek.

Have you ever tried this idea? How did it turn out for you?

(images: the every girl and glitter guide)

Posted in diy on August 24, 2012

Organize Your Office: Clipboard DIY!

I thought that today I’d share a peek from my own workspace of a corner that I’ve created where I clip my inspirations. While I have a mood board in the space and a bulletin board, I find this corner a refreshing space because I’ve hung 9 patterned clipboards that look neat and organized yet hold my inspirations of the moment.

Alternate Moodboard Idea

First, I asked my husband to hang a simple white shelf from IKEA and below it, I placed a few wooden stools so the shelf didn’t look quite so lonely. I intentionally hung the shelf lower because I knew that above it I wanted to hang clipboards and after measuring them (length x width), I knew how much space I needed to begin my project. I measured carefully to insure the shelf was at the correct level. The best thing is that the shelf doubles as a guest work space so when my students are here they can use this nook to jump on their laptop or to take notes while I’m teaching. The shelf is about the same height as a desk for this purpose.

Alternate Moodboard Idea

These clipboards came with patterns, so I selected 3 patterns and opted for 3 each for a total of 9 to fit the space. For your wall, you may need less (or more). My clipboards are from House Doctor in Denmark via Agentur Pedersen (their German rep) but if you cannot find their products in your country, you can always use clipboards from an office supply store and add your own patterns with wallpaper or you can paint them in a favorite color or colors. You could even be a bit subtle yet playful and paint them solid gray and if they have sides that are visible, you could paint only the sides neon colors like yellow or pink. You could also use chalkboard paint so that you can jot down notes or quotes using chalk on some and one others, clip what inspires you at the moment.

Alternate Moodboard Idea

Using a leveler, pencil and a measuring tape, my husband and I pulled together this little nook in about 20 minutes. I rent my apartment, so I’m stuck with the wallpaper in the bumpy white for now (oh well) but I still love my home and do what I can to distract the eye from the things that I do not like and in this case, the clipboards really work well and help me to better organize my office.

Alternate Moodboard Idea

I hope that this idea inspires you to try this in your own workspace. Would you experiment with this idea? What do you think? Any other ways you can think of to organize an office wall easily?

(photos: holly becker)

Posted in diy on August 01, 2012

Living Room Decorating Ideas Under $100!

I love how changing 3 things in a room can make such a big difference – yeah, just THREE. An American friend of mine, Tina Fussell from the Traveling Mama blog, is now living up in Denmark and loves to do DIY projects and to decorate on a budget. Recently she wrote in with three quick changes that she made to her living room that I think made a pretty big impact — all for under $100!
Decorating Ideas

BEFORE (below)

Decorating Ideas

AFTER (below)

Decorating Ideas

“This cabinet was just washed out and too country for our home here in Denmark. This was one of the few pieces I brought from the States, so I was in a near panic about painting it because it was going to be hard to replace a solid wood piece, but I love the result! I’m so glad I didn’t let fear stand in the way!”

Decorating Ideas

Before (above)
Tina also decided to change up something else in the space, “I didn’t like all the little things on the side tables in our living room and it just didn’t feel pulled together.” So this is what she did…

Decorating Ideas

After (below), “By pulling the tables to the center, we have a place to prop up our feet, but also somewhere my little guys can race their cars!” But that’s not all, Tina decided to change another element in the room…

Decorating Ideas

Before (below),”This wall just felt a bit blank and out of place. The chair was too big for this room and couldn’t recline the way it was suppose to. The table was full of too many little messy things…”

Decorating Ideas

After (below),”I created a new piece of art and exchanged the chair for one that was a better scale. Shopping in my own home, buying a can of paint and a canvas, and moving things about gave me a mini room makeover for less than $100!”

Decorating Ideas

What a great job Tina, thank you for sharing this! What a difference shopping at home and a fresh can of paint can make!

(images: tina fussell)

Posted in Decorating Tips, diy on June 19, 2012


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