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Vintage Velvet Wreath DIY

Looking to add a little color ka-pow to your life? This DIY submission that I received today from Danielle Thompson made me smile so I have to share… Maybe it’s my inner art school teacher wanting to come out and play or perhaps the quirky charm that just screams retro fabulousness, who knows? Whatever it is, you can customize this velvet ring ‘o joy to reflect your own style and for the season, how fun to have something offbeat and fun vs. the typical pine variety soon to adorn doors everywhere… You know the ones… with the gigantic red velvet bows (yawn).



To make a wreath of your own and for the full tutorial, visit Danielle’s blog and she’ll show you exactly how she put this bad boy together. Enjoy!

(images: danielle thompson)

Posted in diy on November 16, 2011

Handmade Home: Wall Hanging DIY

Hello everyone! It’s me Anna-Malin from Sweden visiting today with my monthly Handmade Home column for decor8. I’m sorry I missed you in July but I was on vacation – I’m back now though and I want to begin by saying thank you so much for all of the comments on my last post! Unfortunately, the summer seems to have been “raining away” here in Sweden so we haven’t been able to use our patio as much as we wanted. That’s why I’ve been focusing again on my interior decorating, the focus of today’s post. I hope that it inspires you!

DIY today on decor8

A couple of days ago, I was reading a magazine and my eyes fell on a beautiful cushion cover by DAY Home. I immediately fell in love with the pattern so I decided to translate it into something personal and special that I could use in my home — but not a cushion as that would be too literal. I wanted my inspiration to take me in a completely new direction so the project would have my personal stamp on it.

DIY today on decor8

DIY today on decor8

Since my favorite color is gray and all shades it, and because I had some leftover paint from recent projects, I decided to make a “mixed media” wall hanging using mostly fabric and paint.

DIY today on decor8

I started by painting pieces of linen in three different shades of grey and then I began to draw the patterns, free hand and with help of some of my Moroccan bowls (tracing their bottoms). Next, I cut the patterns out.

DIY today on decor8

DIY today on decor8

I then laid everything out using masking tape to place the patterns on the painted linen, using masking tape helped me figure out if the design I was creating looked right or not and it also allowed me to step back to see how it worked in the space itself.

DIY today on decor8

Once the pattern looked right to me, I then I glued on the designs I’d cut out, and voilá, it was finished! I didn’t iron it because I like how the wrinkles make the piece look less perfect and more tactile.

DIY today on decor8

To make it easy to hang it on the wall, I bought some eyelets, and placed them up in the corners.

DIY today on decor8

To give it more personality, I placed some of the patterns directly on the wall (by using masking tape) which was very easy to do and added a bit more personality to the work. I even added a little peace symbol. :)

DIY today on decor8

DIY today on decor8

I hope that you have enjoyed this creative project today from Sweden. As you can see, this quickly transformed the wall in my dining area.

I’ll see you here again in September with another creative post to encourage you to enjoy a home that you make, little by little each day, by hand. —  xo, Anna-Malin Lindgren.

In case you’ve missed them, here are my other Handmade Home posts on decor8:

(images: anna-malin lindgren)

Posted in Decorating Tips, diy, guest bloggers on August 16, 2011

Spotlight On: Pimp My Lamp

See the lamp on the left? I bought it a few days ago at the German equivalent of American chain store, TJMaxx – it’s called TKMaxx and is owned by the same parent company. You can occasionally find good, affordable things in their if your timing is good. I found this huge table lamp for under $30 but there was a little problem – I really disliked everything from the base color to the shade pattern. I loved the shape of the base and the size of the lamp overall though so I decided to buy it and change a few things up.

B4 and After

Flamant Paint

I wanted the base to be a chalky matte paint, and I happened to have a small container of Flamant paint in Mentalo (JU407). I painted 4 coats (yes, 4!) to cover the original base because I didn’t have primer and felt too lazy to go out and buy some. Doesn’t matter, the results are the same – a nice looking lamp! I topped it with a slightly smaller lamp shade to change the look a bit – I used the Mibo pendant light that I bought several years ago from Design Public but never used — it’s been sitting in a box since 2007! I removed the lighting kit from the shade, flipped it upside down, and popped it on top of the light base. I like it, it’s quirky, and works until I get tired of it and decide to change once again. :)

Bottom line when shopping is this: Don’t look at what something IS look at what it could BE. A new paint color and shade can make all the difference in the world and it took only a few hours to do it!

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in diy on July 29, 2011

IKEA Leksvik Buffet Before + After

You’ll love this IKEA hack! Elena Ferrer, aka Meisi, is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Alicante, Spain on the Mediterranean coast and is quite a crafty lady! She recently took her tired brown Leksvik IKEA cabinet, fixed the broken door and then thought that if she just emptied the cabinet, painted it in a gorgeous shade of aqua, and stenciled the door that perhaps she could make something that nobody notices in her home a thing of beauty and function. In a single day, she transformed her unloved dark brown “boring” cabinet into something personal in a style that reflects her taste and style. After the paint dried, she decorated her cabinet with favorite things, including her collection of books, fabrics and yarn.








I like that Elena printed the stencil for the doors onto paper, cut out the motif and then used paint and a sponge to apply the paint in a pale beige. See the cabinet BEFORE here. What a change, right!? It’s so inspiring to see how far a can of paint and some creativity can go!

Thank you Elena for writing to me to share this with decor8 readers today.

(images: elene ferrer)

Posted in diy on June 30, 2011


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