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Big News: Decorate Book Tour Details!

August 1, 2011

UPDATE 8/1: All Mood Board demos are full but the meet and greet/signing event with special guests is still open and you can RSVP to anthroevents [at] anthropologie [dot] com for your preferred location below. The second invitation below is for you!

UPDATE 8/1: LA, Boston, San Francisco and New York Mood Board Events are booked but please attend the meet and greet/book signing in those cities according to the second invitation below. You’ll need to still RSVP to anthroevents [at] anthropologie [dot] com but everyone is invited so please come along for a fun event! I won’t be back in these cities for quite a long time so this is our big chance for bloggers and friends to meet up. :)

Hello everyone! It’s August 1st and I’ve been dying to share this amazing news with you for months now ever since I first found out that Anthropologie (insert squeals of delight here) would be hosting the official Decorate Book Tour in the U.S. this month! Yes, this month! PLEASE READ the bullet points below the invitation and mark your calendars because it’s time to meet up!

Big News: Decorate Book Tour Details!

I’ll soon be on the road visiting 6 stores that both Anthropologie and Chronicle Books selected for me and I’m very excited to hang out with all of you and have some fun. I’m flying over alone from Germany and staying in the states for two weeks, which is quite exciting and seems very glamorous – I still can’t believe it – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event so I’m going to just jump in head first and go for it despite the butterflies that I feel! I’m ready to meet you all and share lots of inspirational ideas and the special people that I have lined up to attend as special guests alongside of me as I hop around. I also must add that I can’t wait to be back home in America, even though I love being abroad there is nothing like being home in the USA!

Here’s the plan… I’ll be kicking things off in Boston on Saturday morning, August 20th, so it’s a special spot to begin the tour for me. From there, I’ll visit Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York. In August, I’ll even be at the London Anthropologie store on Kings Road for a special brunch event…that will be on September 25th, more on that in a few weeks but mark your calendars!


* To attend a mood board + book signing event, please email anthroevents [at] anthropologie [dot] com with your name and the store where you plan to attend.

* Mood board events have extremely limited space so there is a chance that lots of you may not be able to attend my 30 minute demonstration but that’s okay… UPDATE 8/1: LA, Boston, San Francisco and New York Mood Board demos are booked but you can still attend the meet and greet/book signing portion of the event in those cities according to the second invitation below. You’ll need to still RSVP to anthroevents [at] anthropologie [dot] com but everyone is invited so please come along for a fun event! I won’t be back in these cities for quite a long time so this is our big chance for bloggers and friends to meet up. :) You should still plan on attending right after the demo wraps up. In fact, if Anthropologie cannot accommodate your request for the mood board event don’t worry, they will add your name to the actual book signing/meet and greet event immediately following which will be a larger crowd, more mingling and when you’ll get to meet me and have your book signed.

* If you are confirmed to attend the mood board event, please bring some items to pin on the board that we plan to use for the demonstration. Bring things that can be pinned (nothing heavy or too large) such as tear sheets from magazines, ribbons, fabric swatches, etc. showing the types of spaces and things that inspire you…. you can put together a little envelope of bits to bring along and together we’ll pin them to the Decorate Mood Board at Anthropologie.

*If a mood board demonstration sells out, I will update this blog post with the cities where it has sold out — BUT you will be put on the official guest list to attend the meet and greet/book signing during the same time frame, immediately following the mood board demo, because then I’ll be able to talk to you, sign your book, introduce you to others, etc.

* Each location I visit will have special surprise guests who contributed to Decorate. I’ll introduce them to everyone during the event so you can meet them – from top interior designers to your favorite bloggers and magazine editors. Bring your business cards, it will be a great networking event, too!

If the mood board events sell out, this invitation below is for you so please print it out and hang on to it – also make sure to RSVP as well!

Big News: Decorate Book Tour Details!

I’m so honored that Anthropologie will host my first ever book tour, I’m so flattered and happy about it but beyond the excitement I have to sign books in their gorgeous stores, I’m so happy that I can finally get a chance to meet all of you in person. I also must thank my publisher, Chronicle Books, for working so hard to plan these events for me and for sponsoring this big book tour for me. I still can’t believe that this is all happening and I’m thrilled. I just found out that Decorate will be re-printed in both the US and UK for the THIRD time and all of this happened because of you, my readers and friends, so please attend one of my events so I can thank you personally for being such a big part of this dream come true in my life.

Remember, please RSVP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so you can attend: anthroevents [at] anthropologie [dot] com

UPDATE 8/1: LA, Boston, San Francisco and New York Mood Board Events are booked but please attend the meet and greet/book signing in those cities according to the second invitation below. You’ll need to still RSVP to anthroevents [at] anthropologie [dot] com but everyone is invited so please come along for a fun event! I won’t be back in these cities for quite a long time so this is our big chance for bloggers and friends to meet up. :)

(images: anthropologie)


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Spotlight On: #Stripemania Bloggers!

July 30, 2011

I’m so happy to share with you #Stripemania — a huge virtual blogroll with nearly 300 bloggers wearing stripes! But first, how this all came to be… My friend Igor and I recently hosted a virtual “Stripemania” party because we observed in our travels that lots of bloggers love to wear stripes. I wear stripes, Igor wears ’em and all of these lovely bloggers wear them too. Here’s a peek at just a few…

Spotlight On: #Stripemania Bloggers!

Natalie in San Francisco, CA and Annabel Lowe Wrigley in Warrenton, VA.

Spotlight On: #Stripemania Bloggers!

Steffi in Hamburg, Germany and Dana Miller in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Spotlight On: #Stripemania Bloggers!

Alexandra in LA and Anna Dorfman in NY.

Spotlight On: #Stripemania Bloggers!

Alicia Bock in Michigan and Alexandra Tyler from San Francisco.

Spotlight On: #Stripemania Bloggers!

Sania Pell in London and Michelle Verdugo in New Jersey.

I rounded up all 285 bloggers (some are shown above) who sent in links to photos that they took especially for #Stripemania over on Pinterest and below each photograph I inserted their blog link so it turned into a big visual blogroll where you can see all of your blogger friends. Please check it out, visit the blogs if you have time, and have fun!

I’d like to give an enormous thanks to all who got involved by sending in your photos – Igor and I had so much fun seeing all of the submissions and I loved pinning them all to our board. Again, many thanks!

(images: linked to their sources above.)

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The Creative Connection: Let’s Connect!

July 11, 2011

I’m so excited to share the news that I’ll be a keynote speaker alongside Oprah’s own Cristina Ferrare at The Creative Connection in St. Paul, MN on Thursday, September 15th — I’ll be speaking during the welcome dinner to share my story, talk about blogging (the ups and the downs), business, tips on blogging & networking, living a more creative life, taking risks… and of course lots of inspirational ideas for you and your business too. I can’t wait!

The Creative Connection: Let's Connect!

When I taught blogging and decorating in Morocco last year, Jo Packham, who is the founder of both Where Woman Create and Where Woman Cook magazines, attended my workshop/retreat there and we became good friends. I really bonded with all of my students, I loved teaching an ACE Camp and can’t believe how many others are doing camps now with ACE, it’s awesome. But yes, Ms. Packham has been such an inspiration to me over the past 10 months since we met in person in Morocco. She even came to London to be there during my big book launch party at Liberty. When you connect with someone who has years of experience on you, it’s a great feeling because there is so much for her to learn from me and vice versa. As I get older I’ve come to value connecting with people who are successful in other fields outside of my own as I think there is so much to learn and one can really limit themselves if only socializing with those who do the same things that they do.

I am happy to know Ms. Packham and so when she told me she was planning the second Creative Connection event and that she wanted me to be a keynote speaker (eep!), I accepted immediately – no questions asked! That means that very soon on Thursday, September 15th you can come hear me speak and meet and hang out afterwards with me and all of the other wonderful, creative people at this event because I’m staying at TCC all week. I’ll even be at the book signing cocktail party on Friday night. It promises to be a wonderful, creative journey and week for me in St. Paul and to be speaking alongside Oprah’s friend, well hey — that is quite an honor. The ladies from Blogher are sponsors so they will also be there speaking during another time slot along with tons of teachers and panelists who will be joining TCC to share tips and advice and to motivate YOU!

If you are creative and looking to network, learn, and most of all — to be in an environment where everyone is special and made to feel included and welcomed this THIS IS THE event for you. If you are not creative (well, everyone is but perhaps you’ve not tapped in yet) then this is also the event for you because the more you hang around with those who are it’s a bit like fairy dust — the magic sprinkles around and you can’t help but catch the energy of it all. TCC will be inspiring yet professional and great for all levels of business owners from newbies to pros — and for those who are still experimenting with the “what if” of pursuing your own path. It will also be very diverse and meant for all ages and types of women (and men).

Here are a few of the successful folks out there making it happen who will be there with me to share their knowledge, teach classes and/or speak on panels (click on links below to sign up for their classes/panels):

Heather Bailey, Leslie Shewring, Janine Vangool from UPPERCASE magazine, Leigh Standley from Curly Girl Design, Lilla Rogers, Kelly Rae Roberts, Matthew Mead, Ashley English from Design Sponge, Diane Cu and Todd Porter, Publisher Melanie Falick, Kim Stoegbauer, Julie Cove, Betz White, The ladies behind French General, Tara Gentile, Crafty Chica, Lizzy House… And many more amazing people and topics. What a diverse audience, I love it.

Then there are the Pitch Slam experts, I mean how cool to have a chance to sit with publishers and industry experts with a chance to PITCH YOUR BIG IDEA. Very cool…

Oh and I almost forgot, there is going to be a Marketplace event where you can shop handmade and meet the makers. Weeee!

SO! If you want to join me and all of these wonderful friends at The Creative Connection in St Paul in September then sign up and come out. I can’t wait to meet you!


(images: TCC)

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See You In Amsterdam!

June 22, 2011

I’m leaving in the morning to catch a train to Amsterdam and so I just want to wish you all a lovely week… I’ll be checking in from time to time when I can… I can’t wait for my book signing at the American Book Center on Saturday, June 25 from 5-7 pm and I’m very happy that co-author Joanna Copestick will also be present to sign and to hang out with me and meet everyone. :) And don’t miss the big Meet The Blogger party on Saturday afternoon (details here). It’s going to great to meet all of the wonderful bloggers (over 120 have RSVP’d!) and members of the press who will attend, including VTWonen magazine who will come to shoot the event – yeah!

See You In Amsterdam!

I have to go get packed… but if you’re coming to join me then I’ll see you in Amsterdam! And for those who cannot make it, I’ll share photos of the event with you next week along with the shop window for Decorate that I made for the American Book Center. I hope that you will like it, it was a lot of fun to create my first window display for a shop so I’m looking forward to see what they think and also to get the reaction of their customers and passerbys but also to see what my co-author Joanna thinks as she has no clue what I’ve been up to in my crafty chemistry lab – ha! Exciting, a first for me and I love firsts.

Can’t wait to see you in one of my favorite cities. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a meet up in Amsterdam so I’m really looking forward to this. A big thank you to  Rick, Lise and Janneke for effortlessly pulling everything together – it’s going to be fun to see how all of this remote planning works out – I love the internet!

xo, Holly

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Blogger Event in Amsterdam

April 21, 2011

Come one! Come all! Lise M. from Urban Style Vibes in the Netherlands contacted me a few months ago and together, we’ve been working on launching a blogging event in Amsterdam. She had the idea and asked me to get involved and we quickly realized that it would be a great collaboration since I have also been wanting to pull together another blogger’s event like ones I’ve hosted in the past here in Europe – just a bit larger. Lise has been great to work with and along with her friend, Janneke, we’ve worked out quite a nice event for you to attend so try to make it if you can as it’s going to be a pretty big deal!

Blogger Event in Amsterdam

The idea around Meet The Blogger is to get a bunch of blogger’s together in a room to mix + mingle, to be inspired, to hear stories of other bloggers and of course to enjoy light refreshments and to break off into smaller groups afterwards to go for my book signing from 5-7 at the American Book Center and then out for cocktails, dinner, etc. to develop our online relationships further offline. We don’t have a lot of blogging meet-ups in mainland Europe, I know there are some lovely ones I’d heard about in the UK, but not so much where I live so this is the perfect chance to put a blogger’s networking event out there to see what kind of response we get. These are quite common where I’m from in the US, but here… not so much. YET. :) I predict this is about to change!

Lise and I have already talked about teaming up to do another event in a different part of Europe after this one, so perhaps that will be the next step. I’ve also been talking to Leslie Shewring about working with me as well to do a few others, so this is going to be the start of other events I’m sure. You are welcome to get involved if you think Meet the Blogger should come to your city – just shoot me an email and we can talk (holly at Lise and I have talked about Germany or France as being potential locations for the next event but for now we want to test the waters to see how blogging events are received as blogging is still growing and evolving here. I love being part of Meet The Blogger and I’m so honored that Lise thought to include me. Thanks, Lise!

For Meet The Blogger in Amsterdam, I was able to locate Hotel V centrally located in Amsterdam thanks to the American Book Center who gave me the lead — so that was easy to find. Lise worked with the hotel to give us a discount on the room rates, so if you want to stay there mention “Meet the Blogger” when you book your room for 10% off and a bottle of Prosecco in your room. The event begins promptly at 2:00 p.m. (please do not be late, we have to start on time as we only have the hotel for 3 hours) — here is the complete schedule. Note: This event is in English.

2:00 Meet The Blogger Event begins at Hotel V.
2.05 Introduction by Lise M. of Urban Style Vibes blog
2:15 Talk/Q&A by decor8, Holly Becker
2:35 Talk by Flavourites founders Natascha and Marije
2.55 Short coffee/drinks and Lily’s cupcakes break
3.20 Talk by Lily’s Cupcakes founders Angelie and Cecile
3.40 Recap/Thank you by Lise
3.50 Time to mix and mingle and for a small book sale/signing by Holly. Holly will leave at 4:30 to go to the American Book Center to continue the signing.
5.00 Meet the Blogger event ends. All attendees will go home with a goodie bag (provided by Kelly Hoppen, Flavourites and Dutch magazine VT Wonen).

Anytime after that you may come to the American Book Center for my book signing as well. Joanna Copestick, my co-author, will also be present to sign. :)

I’ll be in Amsterdam for four days, so if anyone is flying in and wants to hang out let me know and we can make some plans. See you in Amsterdam on June 25th!

IMPORTANT: Join this page below to RSVP your attendance so we can have an accurate headcount or send Lise an email if you have questions or if you are NOT on Facebook and want to confirm your attendance. It’s vital that we have a headcount so we have enough cupcakes and drinks (and goodie bags) for all, so please RSVP. In order to receive a goodie bag we need to have your name down on our guest list.

See you in June! Yay!




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Selvedge Spring Fair in London April 2nd

March 11, 2011

I’m so happy to hear about the Selvedge Spring Fair in London on April 2nd but also quite sad as I’ll miss it by only a week since I won’t arrive in London until the 10th for my book launch party on the 13th. This news breaks my heart, especially since I love Selvedge magazine and because their official sponsor is Amy Butler (who is a contributor to my upcoming book). May I just add that I love London. I mean, hello! There always seems to be something super creative and interesting going on there especially when it comes to the arts and craft scene. I feel SO tempted to just fly over for the day to check out this fair and return home but I don’t know… it does look lovely though, doesn’t it? Oh my. Temptation calls.

Selvedge Spring Fair in London April 2nd

Those who will exhibit at the fair are listed below, so even if you cannot make this event please visit their lovely links and shops below.

Les Soeurs Anglaises, Milla and Arti, Papa Stour, Parna, Noolibird, Grace Ink Design, Charlotte Macey, Bojo Childrenswear, Holy Smoke, Naomi Avsec, Claire Fletcher, Cath Ball, Catherine Hammerton, Becky Adams, Jam Tart, Rosie’s Armoire, Emma Lamb, Emily Maude, Folk at Home, Ray Stitch, Emily’s Ark, Biba’s Tea Party, Makers Market, The Laundry, Jennifer Collier, The Natural Store, Blodwen, Charlotte Farmer, Beyond France and Cornelia O’Donovan.

The Selvedge Spring Fair will take place on Saturday April 2, 2011 at St Augustine’s Church Hall, Langdon Park Road, London N6 5QG from 10am – 5pm. Entrance fee £2.50 and the cute little map above shows you where to go to find them. Enjoy!

(images: selvedge and their exhibitors)

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