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Local Outdoor Markets: May

May 3, 2007

This is YOUR space. Comment below with the local markets in your hood that you plan to attend during the month of May. Mine are listed for the Boston area. When you comment, list city, date, and event URL. This will benefit readers that live nearest to you. And who knows, you may meet a new friend to hang out with at the event! Oh, and if you are participating in a craft fair, shamelessly plug away!

Local Outdoor Markets: May
Oh, a hunting we will go! Whether your space needs a quick pickup, or you’re looking to add quite a few new finds to your home, vintage and antiques from open air markets are a satisfying option. Here in New England, we shop according to the weather, which means most of us don’t get out much during the winter since we don’t have open air markets then. (It’s not Europe, cities can’t seem to get their act together and treat winter like a festive season with fun outdoor activities. Annoying!) So when temps warm up, New England slips into this flea market mentality. Everyone is either attending one, planning to set up a booth themselves, or making their own sale in their front yard, aka “yard” or “tag” sale.

For me, it’s fun to shop at flea markets and other open air events for several reasons. Health benefits for one. I can work on my tan and get some exercise. :) Then there’s the chance to mingle with the locals, learn from vendors, swap business cards, and eat all the calories I’m burning with a giant cone of drippy, gooey, ice cream. And of course, score a treasure or two.

Where am I headed this month? Brimfield (May 8-13), coastal Maine (weekends), and the South End Open Market (opening May 19 + 20, then every Sunday thereafter until the end of October). Next week, right before I hit Brimfield (May 8-13), I’ll post a “How To” guide here on decor8 showing you how I prepare for a big outdoor market, and of course, I’ll share with you photos from Brimfield, my finds, and I’ll be sure to list favorite vendors in case you plan on attending the next Brimfield event, scheduled for July 10-15 and again in September 4-9 (it’s held 3x per year). I already have plans for this event, but if you’d like to meet up when I’m there again in September, please let me know!

What about you? Where are you heading this month? Any outdoor events that you’d like to tell us about in your part of the world? Please do!

(image from the south end open market)

Events + Markets

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale

April 27, 2007

If you’re in Providence this weekend, don’t miss the Rag & Bone Bindery annual Open Studio & Sale on Saturday, April 28th from 10 – 4 at 1088 Main Street. Their books are gorgeous. I own several (I use them as art journals/look books) and the quality is just above and beyond what you’d find anywhere else. I am above and beyond impressed. Here’s the scoop directly from their invitation along with some photos of their space.

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale“This Saturday, April 28th, Rag & Bone Bindery will open its doors beginning at 10:00 for our annual Spring open studio sale. We’ll have lots of books for sale including seconds, samples, one-of-a-kind books, discontinued styles and plenty of first quality books with new designs.” – Jason

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale
Oh and let’s not forget the kiddies. They’ll have a special workshop from 11 – 1 pm hosted by to teach the kids how to make pop-up cards. Fun!

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale
Can’t make it to the sale?
Visit them online to save 25% this weekend only on any size order. Valid Saturday, April 28th, & Sunday, April 29th, 2007. Enter code: springsale.

Does anyone else shop these guys? What are your thoughts on their products? Hope you can make the sale, either online or in person.

(thanks Jason for the 411!)

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March 29, 2007

I first heard about St. Jude’s from Bloesem and Design Milk, and after clicking around St. Jude’s for awhile, I noticed their fabric used on these reclaimed treasures from Retrouvius, where I spent ages clicking and clicking and well, you get the picture. Obsessing, drooling, craving… All those typical reactions you have when you find things as dreamy as these Race Rocking Chairs. Their price is slightly horrifying with the dollar being so weak, ?395.00 is nearly $800 USD (and I doubt shipping will be a bargain). But I’d love to have one anyway. Or at least find something over on this side of the pond that I could slap some fancy fabric on and make it look nearly as sweet.

RetrouviusI’m also bonkers for their vintage Anglepoise lamps from the 1930’s. They’ve polished, rewired, and quite rare and totally worth ?250.00 each. I’d love one for my desk, as vintage lighting has been a huge obsession of mine for many years now. Metal letters and clocks that resemble the German DB (Deutsche bahn) ones in train stations have my attention too. When I was in Berlin last November, I wanted to climb up and grab the DB clock and run off with it under my coat. I love the crisp black/white with the little DB letters. (This is what they look like.)

And of course, they have the super-sized version of those Anglepoise desk lamps for ?1,450.00, especially of interest if you have ceiling height working in your favor. I love this thing, especially since I’m 5’10” and it would be fun to feel small standing next to anything for once. I’d feel like a little mouse beneath an illuminated umbrella. More about Anglepoise lamps here.

Another major perk about Retrouvius (I love their name by the way, don’t you? Good name for a cat, I might add), they work on design projects for clients. I love when stores offer design services, but especially ones that specialized in vintage and antique goods because often clients are stumped when they get these items home and try to incorporate them into their more modern rooms. Mixing old with new can be a challenge.

Is this credenza amazing or what? I love it’s long legs.

(images from retrouvius)

Events + Markets

Hit or Diss?

March 8, 2007

Look at this image carefully. Found this today in the NYTimes and had to share. Designers for Karastan used vinyl storage bags filled with recycled materials as seating at the recent Dining By Design event in New York. Is this idea a hit or a diss?

Hit or Diss?
Would you try this at home? What would you you fill yours with?

(image from raeanne giovanni-inoue for the new york times)

Events + Markets, Fashion + Accessories

Dioscuri – Teman + Teran Evans!

February 26, 2007

Do you recall the design duo from HGTV’s Design Star, twinsies Teman and Teran Evans? They were guests at Dining By Design, there to enjoy the show along with everyone else. In case you wondered what became of these two, well good news! They’ve launched their own high end accessories design studio, Dioscuri, but not for interiors… Jewelry for ladies and gents. You can learn more about Dioscuri online, and you can find their accessories at Nordstrom and at a whole slew of retailers right here. Best of luck, you handsome devils!

Dioscuri - Teman + Teran Evans!Dioscuri - Teman + Teran Evans!

Events + Markets

Dining By Design: SICIS The Art Factory

February 26, 2007

This Dining By Design table was sponsored by SICIS The Art Factory, the mosaic masters we see gracing the pages of interior design mags on a regular basis. The space was designed by Massimiliano Raggi. The entire room, down to the guests, was designed using mosaic tiles, with some exceptions being on the tabletop, of course. Amazing. Whether you love or hate mosiacs, you have to at least appreciate the sheer skill and patience involved in a project of this scope – brilliant!

Dining By Design: SICIS The Art FactoryDining By Design: SICIS The Art FactoryDining By Design: SICIS The Art Factory

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