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Meet Me at a Food Styling & Photography Workshop (in a castle! eep!)

I’m so excited to tell you about a lovely food styling and photography workshop to be held this summer in Germany in a nearby castle (romantic, right?) that I’ll be guest teaching at! The talented ladies running the class, Lisa Nieschlag, Julia Cawley and Meeta K. Wolff, have invited me to guest speak for a morning and to work with students throughout the day as they go about their styling and photography exercises. This will be such a lovely, intimate workshop and I can’t wait to take part. You can learn more about the workshop here and here.

Food Styling Workshop I'm guest teaching at this summer in Germany

I’ll be covering the following topics on Saturday morning for 2 hours:

* My Story:
Tips & tricks on building a meaningful career doing what you love
* Interior Styling: Going beyond the plate
* Staying On Top: Trends in cookbooks and food photography & styling
* Networking Online: Creating creative and meaningful blog content
* Q&A Session: Ask me, ask me, ask me! Anything and everything!

Food Styling Workshop I'm guest teaching at this summer in Germany

Please bring your notebook for my session because I’ll give you loads to think about that you’ll want to jot down. You’ll walk away from this workshop energized and ready to style, take photos and use all of the tools that these lovely ladies have laid out for you as they have so much to teach you and offer – I can’t wait to hang out with them and all of you for the weekend (I’ll be there Friday and Saturday but only teaching Saturday morning and playing the big sister role throughout the day in case anyone needs help) as we all learn and grow together in an inspiring setting. So exciting!

NOTE: They just opened up 4 extra spaces for decor8 readers if any of you would like to join us so if you are interested please register as soon as possible as spots are being offered on a first come, first serve basis only.

Hopefully I’ll be meeting you at the castle in July! xo

Thank you Lisa, Julia and Meeta for including me!

(images: meeta wolf)

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Blogging + Styling + Photography Workshop in NYC March 3 & 4

I’m so happy to announce that the class I’ve been teaching online for three years alongside of Leslie Shewring is going on a road trip – we’ll be teaching LIVE in NYC on Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th. This will be an inspirational and intensive weekend long workshop for those interested in learning the creative business of blogging (for all levels but you must have some knowledge of blogging). We will teach you the art of producing beautiful color stories, still life photographs and gorgeous inspirational vignettes that you can photograph and use on your blog and how to blog your best. (Full details here.) We have split the class into two days so you can take them both or just one, full details are below.

Registration Begins Soon!

I have been blogging full-time as a business for over six years and Leslie is a color expert, photographer and stylist who holds a degree in Architecture and another in Interior Design who has a background in product design – her designs have been stocked on the shelves of stores like Target and some of her most recent clients include American Greetings, UPPERCASE magazine, Stampington and more. Together, we plan to share our experiences, ups and downs and our expertise in blogging, styling and photography through hands-on lessons and lots of discussions and one-on-one time with our students. We want to share what we’ve learned over the years in a supportive, intimate setting so that you can walk away with the tools that you need to blog your best and to produce content that you can be proud of that is uniquely you and from the heart.

Class No. 1: The Creative Business of Blogging
Instructors: Holly Becker, Leslie Shewring
Teaching Assistant: Melissa De La Fuente
Date: Saturday, March 3
Location: New York City
Time: 10:00-5:00

Join Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring for a day to explore the creative business of blogging. In a relaxed approach, we’ll discuss the key themes from the Blogging Your Way e-course and expand on them with new information and loads of inspiration and take away. This will be a small intimate class, giving you the opportunity to work closely with us to help you achieve your creative goals. We’ll share case studies and tons of tips and tricks that will leave you inspired and ready to blog!

Some topics we’ll cover:
- Finding your niche, personal style + your voice
- Writing from the heart
- Building your readership
- Getting out of creative ruts
- Social networking
- From blog to book – getting published

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Class No. 2: A Day of Color + Styling + Photography
Instructors: Holly Becker, Leslie Shewring
Teaching Assistant: Michelle Verdugo
Date: Sunday, March 4
Location: New York City
Time: 10:00-5:00

On Sunday, Holly and Leslie will spend the day sharing their approach to color, styling and photography. We will go over the importance of color palettes and how to collect inspiration. Then we will share composition tips for styling vignettes for your own photographs so you can watch us during our creative process and then, you’ll be invited to join in with hands-on lessons in styling followed by a photography how-to. Holly will also share her experience of styling people’s homes for photographs.

- Creating color palettes
- Gathering inspiration
- Composition
- Styling Vignettes
- Styling Homes
- Photography tips + editing ideas

Note: Please bring your camera to class on Sunday. It is helpful if you have a Digital SLR camera so that we can talk about manual settings. A tripod is helpful but not mandatory! You are welcome to bring your laptop so you can upload the photos that you work on. Have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements on your computer so we can give you some tips on photo editing, too.

Cancellations: Absolutely no refunds can be given for this workshop friends, so please make sure that you can make this date.

Costs: The cost of our workshop for two days (discounted 10%) includes all materials, coffee breaks and lunches is $711. If you choose to only take one day, the cost is $395.

Location: Saturday and Sunday we will meet at our studio space in NoHo, NYC. Address will be sent to students upon enrollment by February 25th.

Space is extremely limited and we are at 50% enrollment already so if you’d like to join us, here is where you can learn more and make payment. Hope to see you soon!

xo, Holly & Leslie

(image: leslie shewring)

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Join Our #discomania Virtual Blogger Party!

Do you remember our virtual blogger party from July called #stripemania? I teamed up with my friend Igor and we brought you a really fun visual blogroll of sorts sharing all of our blogger friends in stripes in THIS Pinterest folder. We had over 300 submissions and it was truly an awesome gathering of bloggers in one fun space. This time I thought to team up with my friend, Steffi Luxat, to bring you #discomania!


I tweeted about disco mania a few weeks ago but now it’s official – we’re hosting another blogger party and it starts NOW. It will be our way of uniting everyone to welcome 2012 looking good and celebrating our awesome community of bloggers and blog readers. Yay and amen to that!

With so many of you getting all dolled up for tonight, why not show off your sparkles and sequins and submit your photo OR you can submit anytime between now and Monday, January 9th. There are no prizes as this is not a competition – it’s just a fun way to gather a bunch of great friends in a single space to see everyone and have a chance to find new blogs and bloggers.

Here are the rules:

1. Take a self portrait (or have someone take your photo) of you either wearing something disco-ball like (sequined, shiny, silver, you get my drift…) or holding something fantastic that has to do with a disco ball (looks like one, IS one, etc.).

2. Have fun, be unique, show your personality and get creative.

3. The photo needs to show your entire face and at least part or all of your top half (not just your gorgeous face) so we can see what you are actually wearing or holding. It also needs to be current, so nothing older than a month — try to take the photo especially for #discomania if you can! More fun!

4. Upload the picture to this flickr group and include your name, location and blog URL beneath the photo.

5. NO TEXT on photos, please.

6. Tweet me when you’ve uploaded your photo – Tweet to @decor8 (holly) using hashtag #discomania

7. Once we see your photo, one of us will pin it to the Pinterest board with your blog name and link.

8. Tweet your pic anytime between now and January 9th.

I’ll give our big blogger party a shout out on decor8 and if you blog it, I’ll retweet your post too so all of my readers can “meet you” – it will be fun to see all of my favorite bloggers out there again for another virtual blogger party. Much love to you guys and remember, disco fever! Go #discomania, go!

(photos: debi treloar for decorate, j.crew.)

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Berlin Book Party Highlights!

Hello friends! I had such a great time in Berlin this weekend! The weather, the hotel, the people, the party, even the Russian disco we went to later on for a little fun — it was all such a fantastic adventure. It feels great to begin a new week with such a warm heart – thank you to my many friends and guests for making my German interiors book, Lust auf Wohnen, launch party at the Soho House in Berlin such an amazing event but also to the many, many bloggers who attended – oh my goodness, what a crowd of stylish, warm and chatty people!

Party Pics To Blog

I thought I’d share some highlights from my day captured so brilliantly by photographer Sina Preikschat. The amazing Miss Sina not only shot photos at our photo wall, but she took all of the others shown below that I think came out super nice. I also loved how she managed to stay somewhat invisible as she worked and also how comfortable all of our guests felt having their photo taken. Thank you Sina, you’re a star…

My guests arriving!

Above you can see my guests arriving downstairs at the Soho House Berlin to check in and claim their goody bags sponsored by Etsy (with a special thanks to Emily and Matt) along with some decor8 contributions from my friends Snug Studio, Enna, luzia pimpinella, Formes Berlin via Sommerfugl and Ferm Living who supplied some items for me to decorate the room with and who sponsored our fun giveaway. Also in the bag, journals supplied by Callwey Verlag for taking notes.

Setting up for my party

Caroline Ditting (from Callwey) and I are shown above. She helped me enormously to plan this event and did a super great job. Thank you Caroline! Here we are preparing a table to decorate with shiny things, candles, balloons and eventually, cupcakes – yummy, delicious cupcakes.

Party Pics To Blog

Speaking before a very full house.

Steffi + Holly

There I am with Ms. Luxat from Brigitte magazine. Brigitte was the official sponsor of my event at Soho House which was an honor… To see Germany’s top lifestyle magazine for women support me in this way is absolutely, positively wonderful. I love how they “get” the blogging community and how much they invest in reaching out to not just me, but the many fabulous people who author blogs.

Party Pics To Blog

My amazingly sweet guests made me laugh and put a smile on my face throughout the day. PEOPLE make any event and I’m so happy the “snob factor” didn’t exist here – everyone was warm, approachable and very smiley and open-minded and stylish, too!

Loot bags

Loot bags filled with goodies that have gorgeous pine trees screen-printed onto them.

I made seating cards for the VIP guests

We had some VIP seating so I made seat tags for those guests – mostly my sponsors, volunteers and very good friends.

Such a great day....

A full house…

More book party photos :)

My guest book along with other goodies for guests to enjoy.

More book party photos :)

Caroline Ditting speaking for Callwey Verlag, the publisher of my book here in Germany.

Such a great day.... Juliane

More book party photos :)

Oh the cupcakes were divine!

Sharmaine + Holly + Jack

Sharmaine, me and Jack. They are both from Dialogue Books in Berlin. They brought some copies of the book to be sold during my event and helped me with some party planning, too. If anyone wants a German signed copy, you can email them and they’ll ship one to you. sharmaine AT is the lady to ask.

Party Pics To Blog

Caroline with Steffi and my good friend Anne who not only helped me set up but who gave everyone either her illustrated postcards or rubber stamps from the Enna shop.

Party Pics To Blog

Lutz + Holly

Lutz and me. He has enough charm and energy to fill an empty room. What an authentic, witty and caring person. So glad to know you, Lutz!

Party Pics To Blog

Clara, Anette + Gabi

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Marlene / Right: Steffi and Matt Stinchcomb from Etsy being silly. I was so honored to meet Matt in person after knowing him online for 6 years now.

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Kathrin / Right: Anna-Maria who owns Fraulein Wild, a lovely cafe in Berlin where we ate Sunday morning. She is so adorable and bakes wonderfully!

Party Pics To Blog Left: / brigitte / Right: andrea +bettina

More book party photos :)

Need I say more? Nom nom nom.

Sharmaine + Holly + Jack

Me and the Dialogue Books gang.

More book party photos :)

Steffi giving her speech about how bloggers can work with magazines like Brigitte.

Brigitte magazine girls + Matt from

The Brigitte magazine girls and Matt Stinchcomb from Etsy – all were my fab sponsors.

Lutz + Holly

It’s fun to be silly at your own book launch, you know? Why be serious when you can live life and have a ball!

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Didem / Right: Laura

Matt doing his thing, great guy, great speaker

Every single girl had a crush on this guy after he spoke. He has tons of charm and is very intelligent and witty. I also think it’s the floppy hair, girls really dig that longish floppy hair. Matt sparkles when he speaks. People like to think Etsy is mega popular because it’s a great online marketplace but I think chicks just dig Matt. Don’t believe me? I had at least 10 people come up to me after he spoke and said, “I’m reopening my Etsy shop now that I saw Matt!” and the stars in their eyes totally spelled out: CRUSHING majorly on the Mattster.

More happy lovely people

When Matt spoke, people smiled, laughed and listened.

Happy guests of mine

See what I mean? In blue is my co-author Joanna Copestick who flew in from London and in green is the adorable artist and blogger Stephanie Levy.

More book party photos :)

More book party photos :)

See what I mean about loving to hear Matt speak?

Happy guests of mine

Oh yes, Matt worked the crowd.

More party shots

At one point he asked, “Who thinks I’m totally dreamy?” and here is the reaction. No, just kidding. This was actually when I was speaking as I love to ask questions when I speak or else I feel like everyone will fall asleep.


More happy lovely ladies

Ladies bonding on a very sweet plush sofa that I wanted to carry home with me.

Lust auf Wohnen book party

Oh yes, and the book. We came for that too.

Checking out my book :)

Fun to see my guests peeking in on Lust auf Wohnen! Go book go! Work it!

More happy lovely ladies

Very sweet ladies that I felt honored to meet.

Lutz + Holly

Lutz and me acting silly.

Pretty lady

Oh hello pretty lady…

making new friends at my party

Brigitte had the sweetest personality and the most incredible red hair.

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Lenka + Nadja, Right: Rieke + Ricarda

Happy ladies

Dorolos Wally from klienFORMAT magazine who not only flew in from Vienna but who so generously GAVE everyone a copy of her self made magazine seen chatting here with my friend Anne.

Checking out my book :)

I didn’t get to meet this guest, anyone want to shout him out? I’d love to know!

My dear Steffi from Brigitte magazine

Lovely Steffi.

Party Pics To Blog

Me, Jack and Sharmaine.

My publicist, Caroline Ditting, at Callwey Verlag

Caroline Ditting

Party Pics To Blog Right: Valerie + Donna / Left: Marlene + Steffi

Party Pics To Blog Maren + Lola

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Elizabeth Rushe who looks like a double of Florence and the Machine / Right: Anna-Maria Wild and Steffi

More Hamburg Girls

Hamburg girls

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Lutz, me /  Right: Stephanie Levy + Eleanor from EM Papers. These lovely ladies came all the way up from Munich, loved having them!

Party Pics To Blog

Eleanor and Theresa Neubauer.

Party Pics To Blog

left: ricarda, steffi, rieke / right: nicola

Party Pics To Blog

Party Pics To Blog

Left: Steffi and Lutz / Right: Andrea

didem + olivia Didem Strebe + Olivia Tänzer

I want to thank EVERYONE for coming out – I couldn’t believe how many people we had and to think we only could take 50% of those who RSVP’d – whoa, this tells me there is a lot of blogger interest here in Germany so Brigitte and I are putting our heads together for possibly another event this winter so stay tuned!

A big thank you to all who sponsored this event  – I’m so grateful to have all of you in my corner and to call you my friends!

To see many more photos in a slideshow, click here.

(photos: Sina Preikschat.)

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Available now on Amazon

Further editions available include: Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Slovak, French


Next dates

Blogging Your Way for Beginners
e-course, April 17 – May 15, 2014
Find out more and sign up now.

Styling With Holly Becker
London, May 2014 (Date TBD)