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I Love Oliver Furniture

I can’t wait to show you the dresser we’ve decided on from Oliver Furniture in Denmark! But first… I’ve been doing a lot of sorting through, pinning, mood boarding (is that a word?) and the usual process of elimination as I decorate our baby boy’s nursery. It’s been a lot of fun and since it’s such a personal space, I want everything to be just right. Not perfect but right – not too over the top, not too minimalist, just a fresh slate for him to build upon as he grows and develops his own tastes and interests. One thing that has been super duper important to me from the start has been furniture selection. I didn’t want to choose throwaway pieces that couldn’t stick around for years to come. I’m done with the throwaway mentality when it comes to bigger pieces that I buy for the home or the more common, “If I don’t like it, I’ll sell it in a year” mindset that I once wholeheartedly embraced.


These days, I’m purchasing pieces that will last and if they don’t always last in his room, I can repaint and use in another room. I want some furniture with staying power. That is why the first thing I did was to hunt for a dresser with a changing table “topper” so that after diaper days are over, his dresser can grow with him for the years that follow post-diaper. I didn’t want to buy a separate changing table because then what? It’s not like I’m going to repurpose it later as a stylish bar cart for the dining room!

I also wanted a piece made from solid wood so we could paint it and do whatever he fancies as time goes by. I wanted something with clean lines and simple hardware that could be painted or replaced too – again, so that we could change the look of the piece whenever he felt like redecorating his space. That is why the Dresser with Nursery Top from Oliver Furniture, handmade and designed in Denmark, was the perfect piece. Here are two photos of it below shown with and without the topper. Later, in another post (most likely in January) I will show you a pic of how it looks in his new room. Here it is with the nursery topper…


And what it will look like after he is out of his diapers and we remove the top…


And down the road, if I wish to put it elsewhere in the home, I can reuse it in any room – also I can switch out the hardware, paint it, etc. With different styling, it fits a grown up space as well…


And about this lovely company… They design for kids and adults with old Scandinavian furniture traditions in mind. Their lead designer, Søren Rørbæk, has been working on this collection since launch in 2003 and today, they have had great success in mostly Scandinavia and Germany and now, the rest of Europe. My dresser arrived last week and I AM IN LOVE with it. It’s so beautifully made. I can’t wait to show it to you in the space. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from this gorgeous collection… I’m thinking to order either the first or second glass cabinet for my hallway…



I also love this sweet cradle and this pretty book rack…



See what I mean about paint? A lick of a lovely matt-finish latex can make a world of difference.


A pretty kitchen nook and a great bed with storage for a kid’s room or guest bedroom… I also love their new alphabet cushions!



Can you see why I love this collection? It feels very Scandinavian coastal or countryside to me, too. But of course, that’s only because of the way these pieces have been styled above and due to the spaces their in. If you add paint or even keep them white, they can be mixed into many different decor styles. This is also something that I look for when buying pieces that I plan to keep for many years – they need to be versatile. Of course, I don’t put this much thought into the standard IKEA table or file cabinets that I buy, or a fun stool from Target or even a daybed from West Elm – none of these things are such an investment that I need to be concerned about how long they’ll last. Though I’ve had some pieces from these stores that have lasted for ten years or more… But when it comes to a kid’s room, or any piece that will be used frequently and could potentially ruin quickly, I’m all about investing in something special. What about you?

(images: with permission from oliver furniture)

Posted in furniture on December 09, 2013

Design Crush: Modular Storage System

Let’s talk about how much I love this clever storage system and how much you will in a moment after you see this photo below, ok? It’s by a Danish company called Bloomingville and is sold piece-by-piece so you can customize it to suit your needs. This certainly isn’t a new concept, modular storage systems have been around forever, but I really love how this one looks all styled up and that some of these are shaped like houses – co cute! What do you think? Would you do this?

Design Crush: Modular Storage System

If you live in Germany and want to order these, visit Car Moebel’s website here. If you live elsewhere, contact Bloomingville directly.

Do you love this or not? Thoughts? I want to do this so bad!

(image: car moebel)

Posted in furniture on May 15, 2013

Mixing Old & Now with OUD Now!

I really like it when people are so clever and creative that they reuse stuff that might end up in the cellar, or worse, a dump otherwise – making new out of the castaways, creating something stylish and one-of-a-kind. That’s what I admire about OUD Now! located in the Netherlands. I wrote about this Dutch firm a few years ago, but I have to refresh your memory because I think the man behind it, Dutch designer Theo Herfkens, is so cool!


OUD Now!

OUD Now!

OUD Now!

OUD Now!

Those Dutch know how to do some pretty cool things to old stuff, I think they are the masters of transformation. I always like seeing what will come from them next. OUD Now! takes unloved pieces that are ornate and maybe “grandma” style, and combines them with very clean, modern and spare pieces so that the result is a mix of styles that somehow works.

Chocolate Creative

I would love to own this one, or this one, or okay this one too (only with a different handle, like this one from Chocolate Creative)… My friend, Margarita Lorenzo, makes the best knobs – I have to place an order for a few myself. Love them.

What do you think of these cabinets?

Posted in furniture on April 27, 2013

French Connection for the Home

I love the home wares collection (and furniture!) from French Connection. When I was last in London, which was in November, I saw some of their collection for the home and really liked it. The quality looked just fine and I loved the muted, relaxed palette because you can mix these things into your interior world so easily without wondering if they’d match or not – can’t go wrong with raw materials like wood with grays and whites. So versatile. They just rolled out some new furniture that I love. Here are some favorites below, with links, and since it’s gray and rainy today, I find these images restful and just well, nice to look at.

French Connection

fcFrench Connectionuk5

French Connection

French Connection

French Connection

My favorite things: leather and jute gray rug, wooden table with wheels, safari babe chairtied bedding, driftwood mirrors, tree trunk wooden stool and the leaning shelves. I would love to buy some of these things, but they won’t ship outside of the UK. So I guess I just have to look like most of you who aren’t living there…

I’d add some music to this mix by Rose, Coeur De Pirate and Carla Bruni – they’ve been on constant rotation in my studio all week. I’d also light a few candles, add a string of twinkle lights over a door or mirror, and bring in some tea along with a really nice plate of yummy healthy things to eat. That’s what you have to do on gray, dreary days. Relax and go with it. Create your own sanctuary and make a little magic.

P.S. I’m so happy French Connection seems to be moving away from their branding as FCUK, I always thought that was so degrading to their image. Did you ever think that too?

(images: french connection)

Posted in furniture on April 27, 2013


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