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John Beck Paper & Steel

My interior decorating style leans more on the feminine side but there is still this love of industrial furniture that lurks beneath… these beauties are from John Beck Paper & Steel. I was so pleased when an email from John arrived today and I found his work for the first time, all of these childhood memories came rushing in that I had long forgotten. When I was a kid my father would drag me to commercial kitchen warehouses where I’d spend hours by his side as he’d select counters for the kitchens of his restaurants (his evening ‘hobby’ was owning a business or two on the side). I remembered rooms with what looked to hold hundreds of industrial steel tables and cabinetry. I also recall how proud of his purchases he was and how often, after school, I would sit on a stool in the kitchen watching him lay everything out on the shiny metal surface to prepare for the nightly special. To this day I think about owning a chef’s kitchen with industrial counters like these. Obviously I’m not the only one.

My first love is an all-white kitchen or white with bits of teak throughout, I can imagine integrating steel into the mix. It gives the look of a professional kitchen which is a popular look right now. Steel is a great surface to work on, heavy-duty tough and nearly impossible to stain. An open kitchen is one many enjoy as today?s kitchens are social areas, more and more are knocking down walls to open up space to include a center prep area to accommodate either additional helpers or guests who enjoy socializing while the chef is at work. I also love what John has done to the storefront cashier’s table shown below, it’s brilliant. You also have to see the desk on wheels below, another great find.

Please take a moment to look at John’s website, his bio reads so down-to-earth — I especially loved this line, “I got a rock star wife, a couple of rugrats (18 and 7), a truck, and a house in the ‘burbs.”

(images from john beck paper & steel)

Posted in furniture on June 23, 2008

Domino Features Etsy Furniture Finds

My latest Etsy slide show just went live over at Domino, this time I’ve focused on furniture instead of prints since few think to look to Etsy for say, a new coffee table. I hope that you enjoy it!

I am so pleased that the magazine supports independent design as much as they do, it is very encouraging to all who operate a small business out there. I remember pre-Domino, it was rare that you’d find indie design featured in a popular shelter magazine. It is easy to forget how America was before say, 2005 when the great indie boom really started to hit on a national level and now a few years later small time design sits with the big names in stores and magazines. This is a very huge accomplishment, something to be proud of. I heard that at the National Stationery Show this year, small companies sat in the same section as the large ones like American Greetings, no longer in their own section. The huge growth and popularity of small business in our country proves how a passionate group who desire change can make it happen if they are consistent and push through the initial rejection. It doesn’t just happen in the movies. These small business owners found a way to get themselves out there. This movement we’re seeing is nothing short of amazing, confirmation that if you can see it you can be it.

If you’ve missed past Etsy picks that I’ve gathered for Domino magazine online you can click here to catch up if you’d like.

(image from domino)

Posted in etsy, furniture on June 10, 2008

Hable Construction at Pottery Barn Kids

Did you know that this chair and ottoman can be found at Pottery Barn Kids in these lovely Hable Construction prints? It may be for the nursery (it rocks, literally) but I still love it. Wouldn’t you like to see Pottery Barn expand to include benches, shower curtains, sofas and dining room seating using Hable fabrics?

I have a soft spot for this chair, it looks so cozy! My husband thinks we already have enough seating in our home (I have this thing for chairs you see) and I have no children to justify purchasing it for evening lullabies. I could easily turn my home into a sea of art, pillows, stationery, and chairs so he has a point. So let’s look at the ottoman as a second option. I would like it in sky blue beads for instance. It would look so nice in a living room topped with a white lacquered tray, a few design books and a vase filled with peonies.

(image from pottery barn kids)

Posted in furniture, kids on May 29, 2008

Decorative Country Living

I discovered this great online store via All Things Bright & Beautiful and The Inspired Room, it’s called Decorative Country Living. I really like the product shots on their website and so I thought I’d share them here today.

I’m pulling together my inspiration boards for our new apartment this week so when I get them somewhat organized I’ll post them here for you to see. I’m not sure if I’m going to use a board or a journal since I need something I can pack in my luggage and a large book may work better. I have this vision of translating my exact style into my home because one rarely has a chance to start from scratch so why not use it as an opportunity to really connect with my own space?

One thing I definitely want in my new place includes linen, white twinkle lights and a pretty mirror to string them on. I also want to do more of my own DIY projects and do more work by hand. I can’t wait to hang wallpaper in the entry way, and purchase a really comfortable sofa. Of course, I’ll be mixing in vintage with modern, but I don’t want it overly pretty or country, I want to bring in some edge appeal through accessories that are modern and clean, urban, grown up, and again, uniquely my own vision. I’d like to find some silk scarves and make pillows. And I want to challenge myself and go ‘there’ as far as color is concerned.

Because our new apartment is a second home I plan to take one of my readers advice and go a little crazy — do all the things there that I cannot do currently due to space issues and the fact that we rent our house over here – no wallpaper and such. I have so many ideas that I cannot wait to share and work on, I can hardly wait until August.

(images from decorative country living)

Posted in furniture, walls on May 05, 2008


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