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Pimp Your IKEA: Superfront

If you want to pimp out your IKEA cabinets, Superfront is definitely THE place to get started. Superfront gives you the ability to create high quality furniture using an IKEA base combined with their collection of 9 fronts, 8 handles, 8 legs — all in 12 different colours. They make their parts for existing IKEA cabinet bases so if you want to freshen up your existing IKEA kitchen, sideboard or bathroom cabinet now you can! These products are not mass-produced in some faraway land – they are made right in Småland and Dalarna, Sweden. I love the leather handles and the fun legs – this is GREAT.



I first spotted this on the German blog, raumfeurzwei. What do you think, would you use Superfront? I totally would!

(images: superfront)

Posted in furniture on April 06, 2013

New HKLiving Home Additions For Spring

I’d like to show you some beautiful new additions to the Spring collection of Dutch living brand, HKLiving. This hasn’t been seen online yet and they gave me firsts on showing it here on decor8 so I thought it would be nice to give you a little peek of some things that I love!

HK Living

I’m a huge fan of their company and furniture collections – I own several pieces from them in my own home. My good friend is now their northern German rep so if you want to order anything, please contact Daniela Thaul at Sommerfugl. If you live in southern Germany or other countries, please refer to their complete list of vendors. Are you ready to see some pretty cool stuff? These photos were shot by Finnish photographer Paulina Arcklin.

HK Living

Whatever that is on the chair, I must order it. Wow, gorgeous!

HK Living

HK Living

I am so obsessed with painted brick walls in white currently. I also love dipped baskets in bring colors and taking old belts and fastening them around a stack of magazines.

HK Living

This stool is super cute – I love the fresh burst of color on a simple, clean stool. Very unexpected.

HK Living

The furniture is amazing but I seriously can’t take my eyes off of that wooden floor – it’s spectacular!

HK Living

You can see their entire catalog online here.

Pretty inspiring, right!?

(images: Paulina Arcklin for HKLiving)

Posted in furniture on March 27, 2013

Help Me Find This

I love the home of fashion designer Martin Grant, an Australian who made it big in fashion who currently designs and works in Paris. His home is brilliantly chic with a subdued palette and bright bursts paired with clean lines just like the clothing he creates. But let’s talk about the chair in his living room.

Chair Lust

You can see his entire home at Making It My Style, but I want to highlight the living room because I really want that lounge chair. It looks comfy but also light and airy, which I love. At first glance, I thought it was Ligne Roset but I cannot seem to find it on their website.

Do you know where I can find this chair? C’mon design enthusiasts – help a girl out.

(image: martin grant)

Posted in furniture on March 23, 2013

West Elm To Open in Sydney & Melbourne!

Speaking of Lucy from The Design Files… Did you catch the two of us in the March catalog for West Elm? Each month until the end of summer, I’ve selected a different blogger to partner with and together, we give West Elm readers decorating advice. This special collaboration between West Elm and I kicked off in January and I’ve been having such a great time with them. I hope you’ve enjoyed the January, February and March issues so far, and my decorating ideas too!

West Elm Catalog - March 2013

West Elm Catalog - March 2013

West Elm has a glimpse of what we’re doing on their website here but if you’d rather get the gorgeous West Elm catalogs, you can subscribe here.

Oh and hellooooo Australia! West Elm will open its first stop in Sydney in May with another to follow in Melbourne. Wow, right? You have to check them out on their new Aussie Facebook page for the latest updates. This is the first time West Elm has opened up shop outside of North America – you guys are a lucky bunch! I wish they’d come to Germany or at least England as that’s only a 50 minute flight for me. A girl can dream…

(images: west elm)

Posted in furniture on March 15, 2013


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