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Good morning everyone and welcome to another week of inspiration and joy! I thought I’d round up a few interiors and notes from my style files lately so you can see what I’m inspired by at the moment. Some things are rather random and have more to do with non-decor stuff, which may seem funny but so many of these ideas generally cross over to interiors eventually for me. Perhaps a few of my notes will inspire your next decorating project! While looking through my notes below, you simply must listen to this mega sweet song, “Subtle (feat. Mikky Ekko)” from Active Child.


A yellow framed window – love! By stylist Tina Hellberg who is represented by Söderberg Agentur.


Okay, another one from Mokkasin but I can’t help myself, this over-scale floral wallpaper by Mr Perswall that she installed on a single wall in her home BLEW MY MIND.


Push Pop confetti from Umba. Just because. And for New Year’s from my new balcony! Also, the colors make me happy. Imagine filling a present with confetti mixed in with tissue paper. What a treat for the recipient!


Always will be inspired by big, gorgeous shelves filled with kitchen things. This is from a favorite blogger of mine, Mokkasin.

fre 024640

I also LOVE the color palette in this moody floral shot taken by Mokkasin. Such a great palette for a room, don’t you think?


Pale green walls above staircase, floral wallpaper below. Yum. (Lovely Life)


Black countertops, mint tiles. (Lovely Life)


Multiple strips of wallpaper – fab! (Lovely Life)


This home (4 images above) in Sweden from Lovely Life. Oh my, a bevy of decor ideas. Love the green doors and this gorgeous geometric tilework.


I really like the home of my friend, Berit, from Snug Studio, who is a new mom and has the sweetest apartment nearby to me. I like this pendant that she created and hung above her dining room table.


I love this gray/brown script in this Home Beautiful Australia article snapped by the Sweet Style blog. Not only does it look so warm and inviting this time of year for a magazine spread, but it’s also a paint color I imagine to be quite gorgeous on my living room wall!

blogged Nov 11

Wooden walls, a running shelf around a room (love) and copper pendants as seen in Elle Dekoration DK, shot by Line Klein. Stylist : Mille Collin Flaherty. Home of Tanja Vibe.


Working by a window (what my goal is for my next apartment – I’ll show you once I move in). Seen in Elle Dekoration DK, shot by Line Klein. Stylist : Mille Collin Flaherty. Home of Tanja Vibe.

blogged Nov 11

I know every blogger has one, but I still want a Moroccan Beni Ouarain rug like this. I wish I had taken a vintage one home with me when I was in Marrakesh visiting Maryam back a few years ago – I came THISCLOSE too. Ugh. Photo: House & Hold.


Fresh flowers. I can’t get enough. Beautiful mix shown above by Willow & Jade.


Half painted walls by VTWonen.


And more partially painted walls from Farrow & Ball. Only this time, from the top down. Love the green door, too.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

(image sources appear directly under photos shown above.)

Posted in inspiration on November 11, 2013

Pre-order Decorate With Flowers + Save Some Cash!

Here is the BIG news that I told you about on Friday and it’s called Decorate With Flowers! In fact, this is a very big day for Leslie Shewring and I because finally, FINALLY, we can announce our new book to the world! We began working on this concept for a flowers book in early 2012 so when we landed a book deal this past spring with only the summer to bring our concept to life, we knew we had to get moving! And we were lucky enough to include some of our favorite stylists and bloggers in this book, including Emily Henderson, Bri Emery and Victoria Smith, to share flowers in their homes, too!

Yay! Pre-order Decorate With Flowers!

About the book! Published by Jacqui Small LLPDecorate With Flowers offers advice on selecting, combining and arranging flowers to best complement your decor. The book is separated into eight styles because we wanted to show flowers in real homes, not just close up shots of floral arrangements. We never intended for our book to focus on a professional approach to floral design rather, being stylists not florists, we thought to take our experience and create an approachable book that we felt was missing in the market. We wanted to create a book that spoke to those of us who just want to experiment and get playful with real flowers without feeling like we have to pre-order specific blooms or invest a large chunk of cash into a single arrangement. In Decorate With Flowers, we also include step-by-step projects and crafting ideas showing how to adapt and decorate containers in a creative way with ribbons and trims, paint, string and fabric. You will also learn how to arrange flowers like a stylist along with the importance of placing them in the right container, and where. Additionally, we created some easy-to-follow entertaining pages to help you to create pretty and approachable floral decorations for entertaining at home, from tea parties to cocktails with friends. Whether you want to make the most of freshly picked blooms from the garden, or you crave to put your personal stamp on the more generic pre-packaged bunch from the local market, Decorate with Flowers, will leave you inspired and excited to work more freely with flowers and containers in a spirit of exploration and creativity.

When we showed our friend, Amy Butler, the book she had this to say,

Holly and Leslie’s Decorate with Flowers is an incredibly rich and inspiring book clearly created from their lifelong passion for floral forms, nature and decorating! This book brings all of these elements together with a casual, easy and elegant ‘how to’ approach that gives you everything you need to create your own unique decorating and entertaining experiences with the warmth and beauty of flowers…all from the heart! – Amy Butler, designer and author.

To pre-order and receive £5.00 off when ordering online at, please use voucher code HB2014 upon checkout. Decorate With Flowers releases in the UK on March 21, 2014 (which coincidentally, is my birthday!). Chronicle Books will publish it on May 6, 2014 for the North American market (pre-order here), though with a different jacket but the same title. Australia will follow with a few foreign language editions later on.

Pre-order Decorate With Flowers Terms and Conditions — Discount code HB2014 entitles you to pre-order Decorate With Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring for £15.00 (RRP £20.00) at Discount code is valid from 24/10/2013 to midday 30/11/2013. Discount can only be used once per person. One discount code to be used per transaction. Discount code cannot be used with any other voucher or coupon. Discount code can only be used at time of purchase and not retrospectively. This voucher can only be used on and not in Waterstones stores. All prices are online only and may differ from Waterstones stores. Voucher Code not valid on Reserve and Collect.

By the way… This book was a real labor of love because I was at my peak of pregnancy illness only 4 weeks after we began shooting. I was down and out in bed working on the book from my iPad – it was crazy! Leslie and I were in touch daily to hash out our next plan, the next shoot, the next idea. With her all the way in British Columbia and me over here in Germany, it was a challenge! But there is also a funny story behind everything. Leslie came to spend a week with me in Hannover so we could begin shooting right before I found out I was pregnant. Over dinner one night we were dishing about pregnancy and how much I wanted to have a baby and how I knew my husband and I really needed to start taking the whole baby thing more seriously — like the song goes, “A less conversation and a little more action.”  A few weeks after she left, I felt a bit “odd” and so I took a pregnancy test just because – and to my shock I was already 6 weeks pregnant. While I was whining to Leslie about getting pregnant, I was already there. So this book came at a special and challenging time for me personally but this makes it even better now because I’ll forever recall writing it with my dear friend Leslie at a very precious time in my life with my baby boy as my muse. And the best part – I started feeling better later on in the project and was able to give this book my all so you can expect a whole lotta Leslie and Holly style up in here! You can’t beat a memory like that, can you?

10/30 UPDATE: We received the jacket proof so today I wrapped it around a book of the same size to see how it looks – amazing. This will be such a lovely book!


Leslie and I hope that you will pre-order and enjoy our book! We put a lot of love into it just for you. xo

Pre-Order Here and remember to use Discount code HB2014 upon checkout!

(photo:Book jacket photography by Leslie Shewring, design by Helen Bratby)

Posted in inspiration on October 29, 2013

Domino Magazine Returns October 8th!

I’m so thrilled that Domino magazine has been relaunched and my hope is that it’s better than ever before! It already looks quite promising based on the website alone (love this gift guide!) — with their first print issue returning to newsstands October 8. I’m certain it will perform amazingly well given that no other magazine was able to successfully replace it since its demise four years ago. So many of us missed this publication!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

I was once an online columnist for Domino and for several years I helped produce trend reports and round ups under my editor, Cathy Halley. I was at a loss for words when my job was cut and they folded which was during, at least I thought, a time when they were the most popular ever. To this day, it remains a mystery why Conde Nast made that decision but I’m so glad that things have turned around for the better and that Domino is back to show us what the next face of the mag will look like.

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Under the lead of editor-in-chief Michelle Adams, who will fill the shoes of the former EIC Deborah Needleman, Michelle has some great ideas on how to merge new media with print by taking the magazine in a fresh direction — including the ability to shop directly from its pages. That was always something that I felt was sorely lacking with the original Domino because I wanted to buy so many things that I saw yet it was extremely challenging to source them. Michelle was the former founding editor of Lonny, a successful digital decorating magazine that is still going strong, but left Lonny to pursue a new direction – to lead Domino!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Here’s to a successful relaunch of Domino and I wish Michelle the absolute best with her magazine – and hope so badly that some of the original staffers return, too. I would simply love the return of Tori Mellot (who has since had twin daughters and is the design editor for Traditional Home magazine) because I adored her trend reports.

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!

Domino Magazine Is Back!o_522795279ac35fd77d7b7791

What do YOU think? Are you happy with this news? What would you like the NEW Domino to include?


(photos: domino mag)

Posted in inspiration on October 04, 2013

Interior Inspiration From VTWonen

I love reading the vtwonen blog, a Dutch magazine that I’ve been subscribing to for eons now, because I always find some fresh interpretations of trends and themes that I thought had long faded. I also love how the Dutch use lots of older things in very modern interiors – like these oil paintings and this antique cabinet, for instance…

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

They really seem to have a thing for revitalizing what’s old and grandmotherly and transforming it into a very youthful, energetic new look that often becomes part of a trend movement. Take beige for example. So often disregarded or dubbed BORING. Such a shame! It is a warm and versatile neutral that has loads of potential. If you are really creative, you can work with all colors and create something beautiful I believe. I often wonder why some put beige in the corner with a cone hat on, it’s not naughty in the least. If anything, outside of gray, it’s a perfect neutral. At least that’s my belief. These photos below are such a fitting visual example of what I’m trying to say. Beige can be so warm, relaxed and when paired with various tones of brown and white, can create a most soothing space to find comfort and peace.

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

I always encourage venturing outside of your own comfort zone, even if it means visiting websites that you think you’d have no interest in, because suddenly you can see something and BOOM, a new world appears before you. It’s super important to go beyond what you know, isn’t it? Your creative ideas can begin to stagnant otherwise.

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

All of these lovely rooms were shot for vtwonen and now appear in back issues and on their website. Looking to different cultures to see what inspires them can help us all to see our interior world a little differently. I love the style in each of these places and hope that you’ll refer to vtwonen for more inspiration because they certainly have tons of it packed onto their gorgeous site. I love these felted ivory beads shown below. Or perhaps they are wooden? I have the felted version hanging in my living room in a similar fashion, you may have spotted them in my most recent book. I’ve been looking for a new way to use them and this image below gave me a few good ideas. That’s what I mean, keep your eyes OPEN and see what you can find in rooms from magazines that look similar to your current stuff at home – perhaps you’ll discover a new direction for the things that you own. I always do.

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

Any impressions so far that give you a dose of inspiration? I’m in love with this house and with this house, both are located in Amsterdam. They are my two favorites from the batch.

Interior Inspiration From The Netherlands

What draws me to each of these homes is the naturalness. What draws you? I love the harmony in both palette and material – both are soothing and easy to change up and the natural materials make me feel at one with nature. I can imagine feeling peace and joy in these spaces. Are you attracted to this natural style?

(images: vtwonen magazine)

Posted in inspiration on September 27, 2013


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Further editions available: Decorate published by Murdoch Books for AU/NZ, Decorar BR, Alt om indretning DK, Inspirace pro váš byt CZ, Dekorácie SK, La décoration FR, Lust auf Wohnen DE, Sisusta tyylillä FI and Sztuka aranżacji wnętrz PL.


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