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Furniture Galleries at Domino

Have you visited the Domino galleries lately? Be sure to catch their latest guide to chests of drawers. I just love the image below, seeing a dresser in an entryway, decked out in a pretty color (like teal), adorned with beautiful things… Well it sort of makes me weak. Having all of those deep drawers is also very handy for storage. You can neatly tuck away slippers, mittens, and outdoor gear, to office supplies, tools, wrapping paper, and sheets of tissue paper.

You see, I’ve always wanted to have an entryway since becoming a bonafide adult, an entry like the ones in my family home as a child. Ever since abandoning the nest at 19, I’ve had either long narrow hallways to welcome me, or doors that opened directly into the living space. Never a halfway point between the outside world and the living space – never a neat little entryway to call my own. That welcoming space (only complete with fresh cut flowers, a little chair, and a dresser) is where greetings are exchanged and kisses on the cheeks are given to welcome or bid adieu. It’s the one space that I miss, and desire, the most.

After examining their chest of drawers gallery (and feeling the pang of nostalgia), I hopped on on over to the Dining Tables and Chairs gallery, another worthy feature to visit. I’m so pleased to see the mix up in chairs and tables becoming more mainstream, no longer do we need conform to ‘matchy matchy’ sets that are too imposing for a modern, relaxed lifestyle. We can mix wood tables with acrylic chairs, not because we cannot afford a matching set, but because we prefer the casual look. Isn’t it exciting to see decor taking a turn from the overly done to a bit haphazard?

(images from domino)

Posted in furniture, inspiration on January 30, 2007

*New* Chocolat Magazine from Canada!

I have to thank decor8 reader Margot J. who sent me a copy of Canada’s newest gem, Chocolat, a shelter magazine that is, overall, really fantastic.

It’s a shopping magazine, much like Domino, but it has somewhat of a UK feel to it – it’s a little like Ideal Home meets Living Etc. maybe? Hmmm. Hard to describe. I love the title typefont and all the resources it lists inside, and the website is equally good with a few great DIY articles that are practical and do not involve power tools or a degree in fine arts.

I really enjoyed the online feature, Sticky Situations, all about using decals in creative ways, particularly since I’ve done this before and found it to be a terrific (and cheap!) shortcut to add personality to the home.

Content rich, packed with finds, and not a lot of advertisements only adds to the appeal. The layout and design isn’t as drool inducing as some of my favorite glossies, I think the product shots could be more enticing and the photos of space could look better (Domino and Living Etc are tough to live up to!), but being that this is only issue #2 and it appears to only be published quarterly, I think they’re off to a great start and hopefully will grow from here to become the Domino of Canada. I love all the links and design tips, and the 24 hour shopping guide to Calgary was an exceptional feature. I will definitely look for the Spring issue when I’m up in Montreal in a few months.

Thanks again Margot for the preview, It’s a lot of fun to look at and I really appreciate that you took the time to mail it to me! More on Chocolat here.

(images from chocolat)

Posted in inspiration on January 29, 2007

Happiness is Miette P?tisserie + Confiserie

Ah. A beautiful space filled with candy. Miette P?tisserie + Confiserie in San Francisco opened this past weekend and I had to post about it. It’s one of those retail spaces that would make any of us weak, tempted, leaving with little candy-filled bags. But above and beyond the sweets, just look at the decor. I love their wallpaper, it’s so pretty, you may want to lick it! The care they put into the overall design makes everything delightful. I love the jars of jelly beans, gives me ideas for kitchen decor at home. Browse their website and fall in love with all of their dreamy edibles and beautiful product shots. I love seeing spaces like this…

Miette is located in Hayes Valley at 449 Octavia Blvd. Thanks Gina for the tip!

(images from miette)

Posted in inspiration, shopping, travel on January 29, 2007

Inspiration Saturday

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Usually the least likely objects, places, events, people, sounds, smells, etc. make me feel the most creative, energetic, and passionate. From gorgeously decorative cupcakes to amusement parks rides, here are some images that I’m hoping will stimulate your creativity today. Enjoy!

(images starting at top: lovely ride from Altweibersommer, aqua bowl from Target photographed by Twelve22, low rod from ShawnWall,“Jimbo” by Queen Things, terrific living room color and neat idea for a mantel (a shelf!) by Crafty Beaver, faded web by Melissa, santos hands by Red Shoes LLC, meet boOo… spo0ky!, the girl who paints amazing wall murals, cool ceiling in a nursery from Better Homes + Gardens, and cupcakes from an Amy Sedaris recipe by Crafty Beaver.

If it’s more inspiration you seek, you simply must browse the galleries of the wonderful German photographer, Jann Peters.

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, walls on January 27, 2007


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