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Inspiring Stories From VK Stock

I love a good story, especially when told expertly combining both words and imagery. I’m highly visual and seek to place images with words whenever possible because if I cannot see a story I cannot feel it in my heart and then there is nothing about it that I can relate to. If someone cannot write in a way that is very visual, they lose me. If a stylist cannot pull together a story or room in a way that elicits some emotion, I turn the page and their work is easily forgotten. I need to feel a story in that way, to make an emotional connection. I need a certain relatable reality to be introduced – either highly inspirational and uplifting or melancholy and dark (or something beautifully placed in between). Are you following me here?


Let me show you through a series of images that I came across just this past Monday that are from a wonderful Danish production company called VK Stock. I discovered them from my friend, Charlotte Gueniau, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. I love that each image tells a story yet all of the stories are not the same… Each vignette, room, piece of fruit is styled from the heart and in some cases, left a bit messy which really appeals to me.


I’m so ‘over’ perfect interiors that look staged but then again, I don’t recall ever being into them, I just saw so many over the course of many years in magazines, books and catalogs that I became a bit bored by matchy matchy this and perfectly perfect that. I do not wish to live in a museum and I certainly do not have the time to polish, curate, dust and organize my home in the way that it would take to live the way that most high-end designers deem the ultimate lifestyle. Give me from the heart, eclectic, rooms built over time, loads of love, a little wonky, a little wrong, something ugly but really loved, a few things that were handed down and well, that’s enough for me.








VK Stock produces editorial lifestyle, interiors, food and DIY stories for magazines and other media worldwide, each story includes text, styling and photography that are produced together as a concept, or story, and sold in to mainly magazines. These images are but a tiny glimpse into their world and are meant to point you to their website and portfolio in case you would like to learn more. It looks as though most of these shoots where created by stylist Nicoline Olsen in Copenhagen, and are simply divine!

(images: vk stock)

Posted in inspiration on September 20, 2012

Heart Home Magazine: Autumn Sneak Peek

I’m so pleased to share some of my favorite images with you from Heart Home magazine, which will go live online for all to see very soon today. This is their Autumn 2012 issue and I’m particularly excited because there is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Decorate Workshop, that releases later this Fall. Before Heart Home hits computer screens everywhere, I thought to share a special sneak peek because this issue is packed with stunning homes and stories that you deserve a special glimpse of because they will inspire you today. Don’t forget to hover over the images with your mouse below, look for the PIN button, and pin them to your Pinterest boards!

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

Heart Home Sneak Peek

I am so happy to see Decorate Workshop in this issue so thank Carole, Daniel and Arianna from Heart Home because it means a lot to have your support and that I am able to share some of my decorating tips for creative spaces with your fans around the world. I haven’t included it in any of the images above but you’ll come across it later today the moment THIS ISSUE goes live. :)

(Photography: Simon Eldon, Jon Day and Malcolm Menzies)

Posted in inspiration on September 13, 2012

Weekend Report: Final Days of Summer

Hello and happy new week to you! I thought it may be nice to do a mini weekend report and though I may not do this every Monday, I think sharing my more personal life is a nice thing to do from time to time. Plus, I’m always keen on seeing what my blogger pals are up to when they’re not blogging – it’s fun to go behind the scenes and hear about their everyday adventures whether it is things they did, found, saw, what inspired them – all of it… So here is a recap of what I did this weekend in mostly photos that I took with my iPhone. I hope that you see something that makes you smile.

My flower market loot

Flowers from the farmers’ market put me in the weekend mood…

Having fun at the outdoor fabric market in Hannover

Then I visited an outdoor traveling fabric and notions market here from the Netherlands on Saturday. So much inspiration. I can’t wait until it returns again in November!

Cute prints by Westfalen

So many fun patterns and colors. Most of these are from Westfalen, a German fabric company that specializes in these cutesy country prints.

More fabrics I brought home from the fabric market

I couldn’t resist bringing some home with me…

Field flowers in my sitting area

I decided to put some of the flowers I picked up the day before in my sitting room…

English roses on my table

And some more in my dining room… These English roses are so romantic and I adore all of the intricate folds because they look like tissue paper yet feel like silk.

Preparing dinner

In addition to flowers, I picked up something else fresh this weekend – sweet corn brought in from the country! I prepared it as a simple meal for dinner and it was delish!

3 years since I moved here and I still haven't lost that first time feeling when I walk home admiring my neighborhood.

I walk everyday, but not always taking photos! This weekend, I took a walk around my neighborhood and snapped some photos for you because the architecture here inspires me so much. I have lived here for three years now and it still feels as exciting and new as it did the day I arrived. I really love living here.

I love my neighborhood

How could a neighborhood like this NOT inspire me?

Racing home to the one he loves?

The red phone booth is an British import and is not used, just left on display – I really don’t know where it came from, who brought it here or what the story really is behind it but it’s cute and makes me smile whenever I pass.

Sunset in my hood

I felt lucky to catch the sunset. It’s a magical time of night, don’t you think? I really enjoy strolling around, it helps me to collect and sort my thoughts.

A mini break in my neighborhood cafe

On Sunday, I went to this cafe nearby for lemonade. It was very quiet inside because everyone was out at the neighborhood street festival and flea market. This particular cafe is for parents and children so there is a play space and little tables dotted around for the kids. All of the shops were open yesterday, which is rare because Germans do not shop on Sundays. All of the stores are closed, only some bakeries are open, flower shops and cafes. But yesterday was a very special “Open Sunday” that is a pretty big deal. Stores put balloons outside and have prosecco, pastries, wine and other treats for their customers because it’s a special treat to be open.

Loved that this 14 year old boy was singing at the street fest today. Killer talent.

Here is a 14-year-old boy who was playing acoustic guitar in front of this shop that is new in our neighborhood and specializes in selling cork products handmade (and grown) in Portugal. His voice was amazing and he played so well. I liked some of his John Mayer tunes.

great stuff in Thomas' kitchen (my German friend)

I went to visit my friend, Thomas, and took a quick shot of his kitchen where he has the best display of wonderful things. He is a chef but could easily be a stylist. Such a talented man. He had a flea market on the street during the festival so I picked up a cute vintage board game circa 1971 shown below.

Brand new board game from 1971 - never used! Wooden pieces. Sooo cute! €2

This cute board game, complete with wooden play pieces, was a must have. It’s in German and still had the original letter from the manufacturer in it dated 1971. I love stuff like this…

Street flohmarkt in Hannover Germany (where I live).

I really enjoyed the festive atmosphere with open shops, tables in the streets where people were selling things, eating, drinking… And in general the vibe was so positive and laid back. Germans are so laid back in general.

Old typical German tiles where my friend lives

During the flea market, a friend invited me back to her apartment and I had to photograph the old German tile work in her hallway. So typical here in older buildings yet I never tire of it!

Field flowers

I popped into my friend Danielle’s shop, Sommerfugl, and then went to my other friends store called Sandras Kleinod. I picked up this pretty needlepoint pinboard that she made. I have to find wall space for it but had to show you — I really like it.

My weekend ended with wine and snacks on the outdoor patio with my friends by candlelight. What a gorgeous, happy ending.

What did you do this weekend?

(images: holly becker on my iphone)

Posted in inspiration on September 10, 2012

New! The Simple Things

It was such a treat to hear from Lyndsey Mayhew, who heads up Marketing for UK crafty mag, Mollie Makes. Lyndsey is currently a student of mine in my online course, Blogging Your Way, and wrote in to thank me for the class which was such an honor to know that she enjoyed it so much.

New! The Simple Things

Lyndsey then told me about a new venture in addition to Mollie Makes… A magazine called The Simple Things that will soon be published in print as a sister title beginning in the UK on September 6th.

New! The Simple Things

About the magazine, “The Simple Things is a new monthly print magazine celebrating the things that matter most. It’s about knowing the greatest rewards come from the simplest things, that there’s no satisfaction like that at the end of a long muddy walk, no pink so pretty as freshly-cut rhubarb, no perfume to compare with your own home-grown flowers. It’s about making warm inviting homes – big or small – sharing food with friends, growing your own vegetables. It’s about shopping for a coffee table only to find you’re happy with a tea chest. It’s keeping your dad’s old typewriter just because it’s beautiful. It’s an empty beach on a Sunday morning. It’s backpedaling.” So many sweet thoughts!

New! The Simple Things

New! The Simple Things

New! The Simple Things

New! The Simple Things

Lyndsey wanted to show decor8 readers a glimpse of the pre-launch mag cover and some views of the inside of the magazine, which you can also view online here. Congrats to Lyndsey and her crew on their latest adventure!

(images: the simple things)

Posted in inspiration on July 30, 2012


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