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Pinspiring Pins

Hello friends! It’s a new week and I have a ton on my plate work-wise but I’m feeling so great and ready for the many challenges I have before me. I think this past weekend was a real breakthrough for me in many ways because I actually did nothing in the office. ZERO work. As a result, I feel so refreshed and happy today. I think I’ve been working too much and it’s been draining me. I’ve decided to give myself the weekends back and to work on being more productive M-F so I can take Saturday and Sunday off. I went to several music fests, went dancing several nights with friends, and in general I let myself go and dropped the whole work stress stuff. If you are overdoing it with work I REALLY suggest letting go for a few days and doing some things you may not have done in a while. I’ve not gone dancing in months (shame on me) and I’m glad I changed that. I’m really to make some big changes in my personal life this summer so this past weekend was a major start for me. How are you doing? Any changes in your life currently?

LoveHannah Lemholt via this pin.

I was looking through a bunch of my Pinterest pins recently (love Pinterest) and noticed that when I pin things there is always a theme to them that develops without being consciously aware of it. Have you noticed that with your own pins? It’s kinda fascinating to look back and see those themes, they are very interesting – how we sometimes are so blind to our unique internal process of sorting. It’s good to pause from time-to-time though to become more aware of how we collect things, what we are collecting, what these things are telling us about ourselves. Here are some of my most recent pins and what they seem to reveal about what’s on my mind. :)


A love for fruity sorbet tones, flowers, and a whimsical endless summer is revealed… 1. artpixie via this pin, 2. Lafayette lamp via this pin, 3. Jose Villa Photography via this pin, 4. All washi tape via this pin, 5. HS via this pin, 6. Audrey Jeanne print via this pin, 7. Amy Osaba via this pin.


Next, I’ve been pinning lots of German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender right now. Not sure what this really says about me though except that I have exceptionally good taste when it comes to handsome dreamy actors. 1. MF site via this pin 2. PABlog via this pin, 3. Flicks and bits via this pin, 4. Flicks and bits via this pin.

I love these very graphic spaces that mix old and new and the lovely shine of floors, tiles, glass and mirrors. 1. Alexander White Photography via this pin, 2. Marthe Armitage wallpaper photographed by Paul Massey via this pin, 3. Barn Raising article found in the NYTimes via this pin, 4. source unknown via this pin, 5. Skona Hem magazine via this pin, 6. source unknown via this pin.


vtwonen magazine via this pin reveals my obsession with medical cabinets and polished cement floors, still, years after my initial crush developed.

Color blocking and dots is such a blogger trend, right!? Who doesn’t love these looks right now? 1. eat drink chic via this pin, 2. Photography by Jean-Marc Wullschleger via this pin, 3. Family Living magazine via this pin, 4. source unknown via this pin, 5. Inspiration Ave via this pin, 6. Julien Fernandez Photography via this pin, 7. source unknown via this pin, 8. Nuevo Estilo magazine via this pin.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these lovely pinspirations!

(images credited above)

Posted in inspiration on May 29, 2012

Flower Power

I love flowers but seriously, who doesn’t and how can you not? I’ve been playing with them all week at home doing arrangements and particularly am fond of the big French tulips I found yesterday at the Wednesday farmers’ market. They are to die for! While thinking about flowers and dreaming of ideas for arranging them a little differently at home, I came across the new issue of online magazine, Styled, and found these two spreads particularly inspiring to my process.

Styled Magazine

Styled Magazine

You can see the entire issue here for loads of flower power loveliness. Congrats, Victoria on Issue No. 6!

(images: styled magazine)

Posted in inspiration on May 03, 2012

My Happy Place (on Tumblr via Instagram)

Hello everyone and happy Monday to you! I’m not so keen on Mondays but I thought to inspire myself this morning that I would drink a few cups of Mate tea for energy and then snap some photos around my home and work studio using the Instagram app on my iPhone to push me in a positive direction. Taking a few photos never ceases to get me going — and Instagram makes it so easy that I’m using it more and more to capture stills of my life to not only share with others looking for inspiration but to, at times, inspire ME and to serve as motivation. Have you ever tried it? For me, it really works! Here are some views from my morning and a few snaps from my weekend.

Blogged today on decor8

If you want to follow me on Instagram (or Followgram on the web), you can simply look for ‘decor8′ and connect with me via the app OR if you don’t use Instagram that’s fine too because I post some of my better photos over on my Tumblr site, Happy Place. I’m not a big fan of Tumblr for posting others’ photos because rarely can you track the original source, but I made a pact with myself that if I only use it to share my Instagram photos, ones I’ve taken myself, that I could use it with a clear conscience.

I hope that you had a really nice weekend. I did some decor8-related work, went to an outdoor fair, walked for miles, caught up on some reading, had a friend over, watched a film and a few episodes of SMASH (oh my gosh the dreamy Brit!) cooked, bought a few bunches of flowers and did some work around the house. It was relaxing  – no stress – this is my motto for the weekend because we need a break don’t we?

What did you do this weekend? How do you inspire yourself on Monday mornings? I often wonder how you motivate yourself because sometimes it’s just so hard, isn’t it? Any creative routines or things in general that you do to motivate yourself to get your rear into gear??? :)

(images: holly becker)

Posted in inspiration on April 30, 2012

Dreamy Dyes & Dietlind Wolf

With Easter on the horizon, these egg dyeing ideas seemed appropriate to post today, especially with Spring in the air and because these are not your typical ways to use dye for Easter. As a side point, I was so thrilled to learn yesterday that I’ll soon be having lunch with the Dietlind Wolf, as arranged behind-the-scenes by a good friend of mine here in Germany so I was taken by surprise and I can’t wait. I’ve been a fan of this German stylist for ages so to meet her soon in person makes my heart leap. We’ve been in contact for awhile now but never met in person so this will be an absolutely lovely moment in time for me. Plus, I hope to convince her to work with me on a project here in Germany so I’ll let you know of my idea very soon!

Egg dye inspiration

In thinking about delightful Dietlind today, I found these gorgeous images from her blog that appear in the April issue of German interiors magazine, Schoener Wohnen. Aren’t these incredibly inspirational? She is responsible for the concept and styling while the photography was done by the great Julia Hoersch.

Egg dye inspiration

Egg dye inspiration

Egg dye inspiration

Egg dye inspiration

I love that Dietlind explored the idea of dyeing Easter eggs and thought to not stop with only the eggs but to dye the dinnerware and tablecloth as well to give the table a more watercolor-y look, almost like a spring dress off of a Parisian runway. This is completely brilliant!

(photographer: Julia Hoersch)

Posted in food, inspiration on March 22, 2012


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