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Things We Love At Kate Spade

I’m currently loving some of the new paper goods over at Kate Spade and I’m really liking their e-book called Things We Love At Kate Spade because it is a really sweet online book to peruse — the presentation is so inspiring!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Don’t you love the bold brights!? Makes me ready for Spring!

P.S. Did you hear that American actress Bryce Dallas Howard is the new face of Kate Spade?

(images: kate spade)

Posted in inspiration on February 08, 2011

Leela Cyd Ross Photography

I know, I know… I just mentioned Leela Cyd Ross in a previous post, but I found this image in her online portfolio and it grabbed me hard and wrestled me to the ground with emotion – I love it and wish I could frame this pretty pic for my kitchen – this is such a gorgeous piece of work. I love photographic storytelling and a diptych photo like this one below really opens your heart and mind to what stories lurk there, doesn’t it? To me it’s the perfect blend of beauty and melancholy. It’s serene and hopeful but also a bit sad.

Leela Cyd Ross is a features writer for Kitchn but also a wonderful photographer with a great online portfolio that you must browse for a moment today… You’ll find images that just may transport you into a space and time with lots of sun, cloudless skies and warm temps like this…

Leela your work is beautiful, thank you for sharing it on decor8 today.

(images: leela cyd ross)

Posted in inspiration on February 04, 2011

Inspired by Confetti System

There is so much joy bursting from the online portfolio of Confetti System, owned by artists Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen, that I have to show these beautiful handmade works to inspire you today. What a fantastic color explosion! You may recall seeing their window installations in J.Crew stores nationwide around the holidays… or around the web last year when I first found out about them. In case you have no clue what I’m talking about, then feast your eyes my friends on these shiny, happy things.

Confetti System

I love these gorgeous, festive installations and imagine being able to decorate a huge room with them for a party as traditional party supplies can be quite tacky and dated, don’t you think? I mean, how many more themed party supplies can stores manage to pump out? Furthermore, why is it so hard to find stylish streamers and other gorgeous things to pin, hang and toss around in the first place? Confetti System doesn’t mass produce their wares, it’s true, so they may not be an answer to our party decorating prayers yet — but perhaps someday we will walk into a shop and find party supplies that look like this. If that ever happens, I just may faint.

Confetti System

Confetti System

Confetti System

Confetti System

I’ve been on a big “silver leather” obsession for a year now, I was sourcing it in Morocco last year and am always on the prowl for it as it’s lots of fun to use in my own craft projects. I loved seeing Confetti System incorporating leather into their blindfolds.

Confetti System

There is some light at the end of the tunnel though in case you WANT to purchase what you see above. You can! Confetti System has an online shop and they can also make decorations to order if you contact them directly. You can also find a limited collection of pinatas and blindfolds created for Bergdorf Goodman — but only for the winter season — so quick, hurry to BG at 745 5th Avenue in NYC if you want to grab a few for your next shindig.

If you want to learn more about Confetti System you can read an interview and see photos of their work studio over at Sight Unseen and The Selby where Todd took some amazing shots.

Oh…. My…. I can’t stop looking at these shiny things…

(images: confetti system)

Posted in inspiration on January 24, 2011

Louise Lemaire Photography

Do you want to see the photo that sent me down the rabbit hole dying to find more beauty like this from photographer Louise Lemaire?

Louise Lemaire Photography

Yes, you are right — that is lovely, especially for a kid’s room. When I was teaching in Morocco, I noticed that Leslie had it in her inspiration folder during the class I taught. It was pretty funny to see that image in her collage because right before I flew to Morocco I had pulled the same photo from an issue of VTWonen and posted it on my wall. There is sometimes this magic out there like that, don’t you agree? Where you find a particular thing quite inspirational and then you discover a dear friend was on the other side of the world (Leslie lives in Los Angeles) adoring the same thing. Gotta love kindred spirits.

Louise Lemaire Photography

Louise Lemaire Photography

Louise Lemaire Photography

Louise Lemaire Photography is a photo studio based in Amsterdam led by Louise Lemaire who shoots interiors, lifestyle, stills and food photography for a number of magazines like a favorite of mine, VTWonen. Few magazines inspire me lately because they all feel repetitive and ad heavy, but VTWonen is different because they show lots of fresh spreads that I’d not seen before and they don’t seem to buy in the same articles that are in the English language design magazines that I read from other countries so the images feel current and fit the aesthetic of their magazine so perfectly each and every time.

Louise Lemaire Photography

Louise also shot the home of talented Ingrid from Wood & Wool stool, the two images above are of lovely Ingrid. It hardly seems fair that she is so gorgeous and talented, does it? In addition to her beautiful crochet-covered wood stools, I wish she’d sell boots like the ones she wears! I would love a pair and the Dutch girls I meet seem to love their western cowgirl boots.

Oh Louise, your photos inspire me so much and if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I’m a big fan of your work and spend lots of money on magazines because of you! ha ha! I’m so honored to share your work on decor8 today!

(images: louise lemaire)

Posted in inspiration on January 21, 2011


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