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Decorating Tips + Pia Ulin Photography

I’m so impressed and feeling quite creative after reviewing my mile long list of “people to blog” because I have collected many amazing creatives out there that I can’t wait to share with you over the next few weeks! I have to show you the work of Swedish photographer Pia Ulin today. And while I’m at it, I’m going to share some ideas from each collection I’ve pulled below with some of my own tips on decorating, styling and even some notes on relaxation. I think this is a nice Friday post… :)

Pia Ulin Photography

Try this at home: Paint your heat registers jet black, collect glass vessels on your windowsill, try mixing gold with indigo blue, craft a big flower-like piece of art for your wall.

Pia is based in Stockholm and is represented both in Sweden by Agent Bauer and in New York by Thomas/Treuhaft. I’ve had several editors contact the photographers that I’ve featured on decor8, so if you are from a magazine (or anyone else out there sourcing for a great photographer) Pia is a great one to consider. She has some gorgeous work on her website — my favorites shown come mostly from her interiors portfolio though I managed to slide a few lifestyle shots in the mix to create a little more visual interest.

Pia Ulin Photography

Try this at home: Pair two coffee tables from the same collection in two different sizes, collect lace doilies and with a little starch craft them into pretty bowls, place framed art on your kitchen counter, stack some magazines and top with a candle placed a little to the left (or right, just not dead center).

Pia Ulin Photography

Try this at home: White dinnerware always works and as you can see above, you can change the palette of your dinner table quite easily since you don’t need to work off of the patterns and colors of your china to create a theme. Why not have a few sets of dinnerware, one patterned or with color and another in fresh white? Why not? Also, add green to your home to give it some life – there are some beautiful plants out there that don’t require a green thumb to maintain and look lovely placed in the right vessel.

Pia Ulin Photography

Try this at home: Don’t be afraid to display some of your prettiest dresses and smartest shirts in your bedroom. I always air dry my silk blouses by hanging them on the rod above my window and love how the patterns look in the room through the filtered light. If you have a few favorite pieces, photograph them in your bedroom and see if you can create some pretty photos for either your blog or personal collection of images. Lay a dress casually on a bed. Take a few dresses on hangers that look nicely together and layer them against a door. Hang a gorgeous dress in the window from the rod. This exercise can also help you to see what certain colors and patterns can do to a room, often a dress hanging on your closet door can wake you up to a stunning new palette for the bedroom. Oh and try to use linen, whenever possible, in your home. It breaths so well and drapes beautifully. On tables, as tea towels, on beds, curtains, shower curtains… and it’s such a forgiving, durable fabric.

Pia Ulin Photography

Try this at home: Remember when you were little and still in grade school and the teacher called a “time out”? That usually meant you were to put your head down on your desk and take about 10 minutes to nap, day dream… as long as the pencils were down and you were not talking. Sometimes, as adults, we need to take a time out during our work day. If you are at home working from your office there, get up and stretch, pour yourself some hot tea, sit on your porch, or simply put your head on your desk for 10 minutes and just chill out. Relaxation promotes creativity. If you want better, more authentic ideas you must take some time out moments each day. Why do you think the French are so creative? It’s those lingering lunch breaks! Another tip, if you are showing a photo of your bathroom on your blog or in a magazine, fill it with bubbles and a plop a big sponge on the rim — nothing more inviting that that!

Lots of these shots where stylist by Stella Nicolaisen, whom I’ve talked about before on decor8. I hope that you enjoy my picks today from Pia’s magical portfolio and I hope that you’ll visit her website to view many more gorgeous photos that are not shown here.

(images: pia ulin)

Posted in inspiration on August 27, 2010

Philip Ficks Photography

Are you familiar with the work of American pro photographer Philip Ficks? I first discovered him back when I was writing for Cookie magazine, but he has also appeared in other publications like Real Simple and has shot for clients that I love like Hable Construction as well. His still life work is my favorite, you can see some of what I like below but you’ll need to visit his portfolio online to access all of his beautiful photographs for your viewing pleasure today. :)

Philip Ficks Photography

Philip Ficks Photography

Philip Ficks was raised in Cincinnati and studied painting and then went on to study graphic design at Parsons. In New York, he worked as an art director for 10 years, most recently at Real Simple. While working with so many photographers over the years, he felt drawn to their work and realized his own unique ability to express his vision and creativity through this medium so he transitioned from art director to photographer. Great story, isn’t it?  He currently lives and works in Brooklyn and works with a diverse group of clients ranging from editorial to advertising and commercial.

Philip Ficks Photography

I love stories like these… people changing directions and trying new careers and finding success. It’s lovely and definitely flattens the old school way of thinking — studying something and sticking to it for life no matter how much you’d prefer to be doing something else! Why bother? Transition and move forward! Those of us who have done this are happier for it, this is a fact!

(images: philip ficks)

Posted in inspiration on August 16, 2010

Rooms Inspired By Corsages

You can be inspired by so many different things from the wings of a bird to a corsage on your blouse! is a small business that specializes in creating beautiful corsages and other decorative pieces to embellish your wardrobe — it’s exciting to peruse their website because you can always find something lovely but you also can find inspiration for your next decorating project! How so? Take inspiration from the colors, patterns and textures and translate those things into a room — it’s all about letting your imagination play and giving yourself the freedom to explore something new — who would have thought that a brooch pinned on a vintage dress could inspire a wall of plates? But it can.


These images above, paired with the corsages, were not inspired by work of — though I’ve paired them to appear as such. This is merely an example to support my point so that you get an idea as to exactly how this sort of thing works. Now it’s your turn. Here are some more lovely things from below. Perhaps you can use them to inspire a room in a your home now, or someday?



And a big P.S. — yes that model with the red hair is the lead singer Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy that I wrote about a few years ago after seeing her in concert. She is a doll, isn’t she?

Let your creativity run wild, inspiration is all around you if you pause for a moment to simply see it.

(images: plates: shannon fricke, bed with child: vogue living tear, all others:

Posted in fashion + accessories, inspiration on August 13, 2010

Anna Williams Photography

I want to immerse myself into something refreshingly beautiful for a moment to ease my mind and comfort the soul. It’s impossible to not feel inspired by the talented Anna Williams so I have selected her portfolio to highlight in order to accomplish my need for visual comfort food. Would you like to join me? Anna Williams

Anna’s photographs magically transport you to sweet spaces where cherished memories are made, where tables runneth over with delicious foods and ease delightful object beckons you to hold it, use it, run your fingers on each creamy smooth surfaces…

Anna Williams

I first discovered Anna in Real Simple but after finding her again online I learned that she is based in Brooklyn and has been shooting commercially for Martha Stewart Living, body + soul, O Magazine, Weddings, Whole Living, Food & Wine, Target, Williams Sonoma and many others for over 10 years, including Real Simple. She has shot 43+ covers — wow!

Anna Williams

Anna Williams
Anna Williams
Anna Williams

Stunning work — Anna is one of the reasons why we keep buying magazines, you can’t tear images from blogs and tack them on your board for inspiration, can you?

I hope that you will visit her website and slip away into her stunning portfolio for additional inspiration today. Perhaps you will come across some familiar images from some of your favorite magazines.

Wasn’t that a luxury, to enjoy her gorgeous photos for a moment?

(images: anna williams)

Posted in inspiration on August 12, 2010


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