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Photographer Melanie Acevedo

As I was writing 8 Interiors Books On My Wish List For 2011 on Real Simple earlier today, I bumped into the online photography portfolio of Melanie Acevedo and had my own little swoon party at my desk. Ah, yes — Melanie Acevedo, that Melanie… the one who shot tons of interiors for Domino magazine. Here are a few favorites of mine, though you simply must see her site for many more inspirational images that you’re sure to love.

Photographer Melanie Acevedo

Her website is this gorgeous space where you can spend lots of time being dazzled and ooo-ahhhed. You can also walk away feeling a little bit uncool because it seems her clients are either famous, rich, gorgeous or all of the above but that is the magic of a great photographer so perhaps if Melanie shot an image of you at home it would be equally stunning.

Photographer Melanie Acevedo

Photographer Melanie Acevedo

What a great way to kick off 2011 — with gorgeous rooms and inspiring homes by the oh-so-talented Ms. Acevedo.

(images: melanie acevedo)

Posted in inspiration on January 05, 2011

Perfect Palettes + Anders Schønnemann Photography

Are you ready to see some gorgeous photography coupled with inspiring palettes that I’ve put together for your home? I found out about Danish photographer Anders Schønnemann from Charlotte at Rice and now I’m hooked – what a stunning online portfolio! Check out some of these shots (and the styling, great stuff!)… Along with my interpretations of the collaged images that I’ve included from his portfolio below. I combined photos that felt cohesive to form a specific palette taking in mind current trends for interiors and fashion in my part of the world (northern Europe). Though as I look through magazines in Australia and the United States, I see these palettes as well so I think it’s safe to say that you most likely can find objects in your local town to pull together in order to build one of these looks at home for yourself. Enjoy!

Creative Sunday Afternoons

Anders Schønnemann Photography

Creative Sunday Afternoons Palette

Wintery Walks In The Snow

Anders Schønnemann Photography

Wintery Walks In The Snow Palette

Collections From Afar

Anders Schønnemann Photography

Collections From A Far Palette

I gravitate towards the Collections From Afar palette because I love the overall vibe though I’d be inclined to bring in some violet accents and on that gorgeous creamy sideboard with the paper lamp I can imagine my white ceramic vase filled with branches in the winter months and in the spring, pink cherry blossoms as I think pink would be a great accent for the Collections from Afar palette in the spring/summer, moving into the Fall add in some persimmon perhaps and in the winter, violet….

Which palette speaks to you, if any? Why? What feelings does it give you? What do you like about it? What elements can you bring into your own home? What do you already have at home that you could use to build one of these looks, even just in a corner or small room, to try it out?

(images: Anders Schønnemann)

Posted in Color Inspiration, Decorating Tips, inspiration on December 03, 2010

Prop.d Objects For Hire Store

I was reading about Prop.d (pronounced propped), a store which specializes in food styling props located outside of Melbourne, Australia and knew I had to share it on decor8. First of all, how cool is this idea? I love the thought of an objects-for-hire store, don’t you? Run by Glen Proebste who is a style director for the beautiful Inside Out magazine, which happens to be one of my top 5 favorite magazines in the world, and his business partner Rachael Hart, their huge and impressive collection of objects makes for the perfect stylist’s prop house and a little something called a dream come true for me. :)





Prop.d was founded by Rachael Hart and Glen Proebstel, two kindred artistic souls who met three years ago at a creative agency where they both worked together on both editorial and advertising projects. With a clever business idea in mind, they left the agency to launch Prop.d and these images are just a glimpse into their wonderful world of props, including surfaces that you rent — all what you can expect to find in their shop.

Curious to see more? You can find many inspiring objects on their website, which flaunts a stunning display of wares that you’ll no doubt love. Enjoy!

(images: prop.d)

Posted in inspiration on December 02, 2010

Photographer Penny Wincer

Do you recall my review of The Homemade Home by stylist Sania Pell? If so, you may have noticed that her book was shot by the talented Penny Wincer in London, who is represented by ERA Artist Management. (If you don’t remember my review, you may click here to read it.)

Photographer Penny Wincer

Some of the photos from Sania’s extraordinary book are shown in this post… and I just love Sania’s styling work combined with Penny’s amazing eye so the combination of these two talents is quite an inspiration to me. I thought I’d show you some glimpses into Penny’s portfolio today. If you want to see more amazing eye candy, you have to check out this link

Photographer Penny Wincer

Photographer Penny Wincer

Penny has long been one of my top ten favorite photographers in the world of interiors — I love her angles and how she finds beauty in the mundane and even how she makes the extraordinary feel within reach somehow. She has a very strong eye, her composition and lighting is inspiring, and overall Penny has enormous talent. I hope you’ll check out her work for some inspiration of your own today!

(images: era artist management/penny wincer)

Posted in inspiration on November 29, 2010


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