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Stylist Sasa Antic

I found out about Swedish stylist Sasa Antic from Anna and thought I’d share her delightful portfolio with you today for a little Friday inspiration. I’ve had a very full day as I attended an art exhibit and had a doctor’s appointment (yay! clean bill of health!), then I went for coffee with two friends and I’m finally home after this full day and well… I’m tired! But of course there’s no way I can skip a day of blogging as there is always so much that I’m finding to talk about here, I have about 12 things in queue already to write about next week! All I can say is that I’m so grateful that I love decorating and design as much as I do because writing on this blog is never tiring or draining for me – even after a long day it’s a source of comfort, inspiration and joy for me to sit here before you, a lovely friend waiting for something beautiful to see.

Stylist Sasa Antic

I was thinking about my blog the other day as I just celebrated my 4th year of blogging full-time and have now entered my 5th year. As you know, the 5th year of doing anything consistently on the web is to be counted in dog years, so if 1 year for a human is for a dog 7 years then I’ve been blogging for 35 years already. I do web math this way simply because things start to feel really old and boring online after mere weeks, never mind months and YEARS. Truth is, if you can keep blogging after 4 years of it like me, I assume I’ll be doing this for many more years to come. I can’t imagine my life with decor8. And I want to thank all of you who visit me and read my RSS feeds each day and I’m very, very happy that you tune in and show me a good amount of support, friendship and that in turn, you share your opinions and finds with me to via your emails and comments here. I digress… back to the lovely work of Sasa Antic who has, by the name, the most unusual and cool name don’t you think?

Stylist Sasa Antic

Sasa is props and set designer/stylist for prestigious clients like H&M, Ahlems, IKEA, Glamour, Elle Interior and Family Living magazine and it’s no wonder why as you view her tear sheets and photographs in her portfolio. She’s extremely creative with great vision and demonstrates patience, a thorough understanding of composition, and is obviously an expert at spotting trends and knows how to best highlight them in a way that meets her clients demands while still remaining current in addition to allowing her artistic interpretation to shine through. What a delicate balance! And such lovely inspirational work.

Stylist Sasa Antic


(images: sasa antic)

Posted in inspiration on January 08, 2010

Interior Styling: Real Spaces

My little interior styling group has grown so much in just a week, we’re up to over 500 600 742 800 members! And the photos being contributed are just lovely. The January challenge was posted a few days ago and I love seeing what some are doing, it’s inspiring to say the least. If you want to take part in this group, you can — but please know that I’m curating all of the photo submissions to ensure that the quality of the photos, lighting, and overall style fits the theme of this group as well as my aesthetic so that the group has a very specific look and feel. I find that some groups on Flickr do not have that many rules and as a result, they’re chaotic and hard to really see the point of joining the first place. Most act more as a no rules photo dump but Interior Styling is different and I’m so proud of my fellow group members, you are all so talented and I love visiting each day to see what new submissions have arrived. Would you like to catch a glimpse of some member photos? Here you go… And be sure to click on the links below to visit the Flickr pages of some of these terrific peeps!

Interior Styling Group

Nestled In, the Purl Bee, Candi Mandi

Interior Styling Group

ethanollie, Dora iz Londona, lulaland

Interior Styling Group

june craft, emma lamb, tovemichelle12

Interior Styling Group

the happy home, nest decorating, souvenirs du passé récent

Interior Styling Group

pink loves brown, kflaim, dottie angel

Interior Styling Group

elena, Saídos da Concha, cupcakes & cartwheels

Interior Styling Group

yvestown, kitsch cafe, imacookoo

Bottom line: Anyone can make their home beautiful and stylish with or without being a “pro”.  With consistent practice, editing, and patience you can create rooms and vignettes with style and impact, too. Most of the above images are from talented people who are creative but do not necessarily decorate for a living. You have the work of jewelry designers, artists, writers, graphic designers and stay-at-home mothers who have never worked in a creative field in their life. These photos demonstrate what all can attain – a fantastic “real” space that reflects the style and taste of the owner that also happens to be styled nicely to show thought and care. THIS IS something attainable, so I encourage you to join the group and practice, practice, practice! And if you’re already a pro, you can join the group to teach and show an example of professional work to other members so they can follow your lead (Interiors Stylist & Author Selina Lake is a member!).

I hope that you find Interior Styling inspirational and fun!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Decorating Tips, inspiration on January 07, 2010

Lovely Things: Rebecca Thuss

Stylist Rebecca Thuss makes me happy. I often turn to her online portfolio for inspiration. Does she make you happy too? How can she not, right? When you look at these photos do you imagine a big party or a room decor or perhaps an outfit you’d like to wear using certain elements from these arrangements?

rebecca thuss

{Inspirational thought} Remember, the more you look at things that you love, how they are arranged, and question what it is that you love about them — the more your taste evolves, and the better you’ll be for it!

(images: rebecca thuss)

Posted in inspiration on December 23, 2009

New: Interior Styling Group

I’m excited to announce a new, inspirational group I’ve created over on Flickr called Interior Styling for both budding and seasoned interior stylists (maybe you?) who want to share photos, participate in discussions in the group forum, and participate in once monthly challenges that will begin in January – each challenge will be announced on the 1st of the month but you have to join the group to read the forum and participate!

Please join~

Challenges will include specifics that I’ll ask members to incorporate into one of their photos — colors, patterns, themes, etc. Members do not have to participate, the challenges are optional and meant to be fun giving you a chance to show your skills and stretch your creative legs a bit!

Photos should be styled and photographed by you and also show your best work – the goal is to build a group of stylists and stylists-in-training who can support one another, learn, grow and of course share their talent.

I just started the group a few hours ago, so there are not a lot of photos yet in the group pool but this one from Adore Vintage, a group member, really stood out as an outstanding example of what I mean by a styled shot. A photo where you’ve carefully arranged items and then photographed that arrangement. It can be of pottery you’ve arranged on a shelf or your entire living room — the goal is to submit photos that you’re proud of and that you took time and imagination to style and shoot.

Have fun, see you in the Interior Styling group!

(image: Adore Vintage)

Posted in inspiration on December 14, 2009


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