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Jennifer Davick Photography

Ready to slip into la la land together and drool at some truly remarkable photography shot in some fantastic spaces and places? I am… There is nothing I like more sometimes than to simply peer into the life of someone else and examine all the little details of a shot to see what went where, why, and also to consider how the colors relate, why they were chosen, etc. Jennifer Davick, who specializes in photographing food, is based in Birmingham, Alabama and she’s able to take you by the hand and lead you into some very special places (and moods) because she captures so much emotion through lighting, subject, depth… that it’s hard to not feel inspired by her work. See for yourself…

Jennifer Davick Photography

What I love about the images I’ve selected to share from her portfolio above: the colors! Soft yet vibrant, that peach and green looks so fresh and I love the orchids on the porch along with the sweet”heart” swing. They look like this typical laid back country look that I admire a lot and though living in a city, I still work to achieve a laid back feel in my home because it has an impact on my life — when I’m at ease everything naturally unfolds for me. I also like laid back living at home because it so closely matches my own personality.

Jennifer Davick Photography

So now I have a more personal question for you… do you think your home is laid back with a little pile here and there? Or would you define your home as being very organized and buttoned up – everything perfectly in place and looking like a magazine home? Or is your home a big chaotic mess that you feel ashamed about? Have you ever tried photographing your own home to see what it really looks like? I know, sounds strange. But I suggest doing it. Clean your rooms, make the bed and such, and then pretend you are a photographer and go through each room with your camera, shooting in natural daylight (no flash). Upload the photos and take a critical look at each nook, each room, and see what can be moved, improved, stored, fixed, etc. This is a fun exercise and worth taking the time to do.

You can even pull together a binder with your photos – store your notes and even your during and after photos there as you complete your rooms. When you photograph something you notice the details. That is why the photos you see of rooms in magazines look so perfect. The photographer takes the photo and they look at the picture on their computer (especially if they are shooting tethered) to see what’s what. They mostly are looking at the technical stuff, while the stylist and others involved in the project are looking at the actual shot from a creative perspective – what could be altered, moved, etc. to make the photo look even better.

Maybe those vases on that mantle instead, and that tea towel can be moved over to that table and off of the kitchen counter, etc. Once all of this combing and processing has been accomplished, the end result is the magazine photo that you drool over. And even then, sometimes color editing and other image editing is done to perfect the actual shot – perhaps the color correction is needed. That is called, “magazine perfect” and what we think is just another “normal” home that we don’t have. Well, it’s not. And then we swing open our door at night to our shaggy apartment thinking What The Heck Is My Problem, feeling insecure about our homes because they don’t look like a magazine image.

So remember… one way to help you to achieve a more pulled together home, or perhaps a neater “laid back” home, is to photograph your space as I’ve mentioned and go in with a critical eye to examine what needs help. Style a fireplace mantle and photograph it. Don’t like it? Style it again. And again, and again…. Then once you you really like it – well, it’s done and you can move on to another area of your home. Take inspiration from other rooms that you love — arrange things in a way that you liked from the home of another person — it’s not copying — your objects and colors will no doubt be very different. But it can be helpful to train your eye in the beginning as you start to take more interest in the details of styling and how it’s done. Gosh, I could go on and on about this, I’m passionate about the whole art of making something look beautiful. :) Wow! Looking at the work of Jennifer Davick gave me a lot to talk about, didn’t it? :)

(images: jennifer davick photography)

Posted in inspiration on October 21, 2009

Si Lolita Parfum

I felt intrigued when my husband called me into his office today to share a video that he thought I’d really love. I wasn’t sure what it would be. But did my eyes widen when he shared not one, but two videos for Si Lolita parfum. You can watch them along with me if you’d like. But first, please view the “making of” the video here and then afterwards, watch the final video that is the advertisement running on tv currently in France.

Si Lolita

It is the new Si Lolita parfum and I just love the whole handmade feel — so many models built and intricately painted, flea markets sourced for inspiration that the designers relied upon… Oh it’s just so magical. I wish the behind-the-scenes footage lasted a wee bit longer, I would have loved to have learned more about the production. :) It’s Dali meets Coraline meets Tim Burton. So, so magical. Enjoy!

(images: si lolita)

Posted in inspiration on October 15, 2009

In The Neighborhood…

Everyone sing along with me (if you’re American and grew up with Sesame Street, you’ll know this song in English by heart)… “These are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neigh-bor-hood yes these are the people in your neighborhood… they’re the people that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, they’re the people who you meeeeet eachhh dayyyyy!”.

Very good. We can all return to being responsible, serious adults again. Or not. :) So! Here are 7 photos from the people in my neighborhood today, at least my virtual one, that I feel inspired by because I am getting a real sense of honest simplicity here that I realize is what draws me to the design I gravitate towards and feature here the most – work that feels as though it formed from a very honest place inside ones soul and blossomed, over time, into something physical. Like a vignette. Or a room. Or a product. This is my mood board of sorts and so I thought that instead of keeping all of these magical escapes to myself that I’d share them in one community-like post. Be sure to click around and stay awhile, you’ll find my neighbors quite nice and super creative. :)

Inspired By

The sunroom of Yvestown. Wow. And her kitchen (shown here). Double wow. Her home needs to be in the Cath Kidston catalog. Cath & Co. if you are listening, put this woman’s home in your next catalog – what an inspiration!

Inspired By

Tamar’s home in Vermont is such a cozy space and though she carefully edits it, there is just SO. MUCH. STUFF. Her home is like a shop or something, a shop I want to peruse for hours. Funny thing, she owns a virtual store called Nest Decorating. I think she needs some feminine little general store in downtown Burlington, or a B&B, or something she can fill and fill and FILL! Her home is part dollhouse, part cottage and I just adore it.

Inspired By

Buttons Magee and her magical eye – she is a natural behind the camera. I love the feeling of this photo, the wall of pretty things as I call it. I can imagine standing before it in person with my jaw hanging open. Wow.

Inspired By

Little fingers tapping on the keys of a vintage typewriter – can you stand the sweetness? And can you even imagine the modern child caring about a typewriter with all the iPhones running around? A person can dream of their child taking a personal interest in something most of us think of as nostalgic. How many of you first learned to type in school on a typewriter? I learned the same year our school received a shipment of Apple computers, which back then, I hated more than you’ll ever know. Typing class I liked. Computer class bored me to death — all that white flashing text on a jet black screen… Yes I understand how old saying all this makes me. Whatever. :) Gabrielle Kai is the photographer who shot this gorgeous photo, her online portfolio is gorgeous. See it here.

Inspired By

I love a sweet, honest approach to decorating and this bedroom is the perfect combination of both. The Fabled Needle is the lady behind the lovely bedroom and her blog is as lovely and sincere as her home.

Inspired By

Ah… the most cozy kitchen… from Haust in Norway. I really want to sit at this table and eat some of my dad’s biscuits ‘n gravy with grits and eggs. Yum. And peek through her copy of Elle Interior… Do you think she’d mind? Would you like to join me?

Inspired By

And speaking of honest simplicity, this lovely table arrangement is byElena Kovyrzina in Toronto, who has the most beautiful Flickr stream. You have to scroll through her recent trip to Kiev. Now I want to get on the next train, it looks wonderful there….

(images: linked to their sources above)

Posted in inspiration, Rooms on October 14, 2009

Erik Johnson Photography

Looking for a little inspiration to kick start your week? Look no further than the portfolio of American photographer Erik Johnson. With clients like Real Simple, Lucky, The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living and more, you’ve no doubt spotted his work many times but perhaps never associated his name with it. Well now you will! And this is the whole reason why I like to highlight the many talented photographers out there who visually work their magic producing some of the best photos in some of our favorite publications. I also think that it is a bit unfortunate how little most know about the person behind the lens — we just assume the photos appear out of thin air I assume (I once never gave it much thought, sad to say) — but they don’t. Very often magazines hire on freelance photographers like Erik Johnson and this is the work that keeps these talented people afloat, able to do what they love: take pictures that give the viewer a emotional reaction. And this is what makes magazines come to life: gorgeous visuals. Imagine a design or decorating magazine without photographs, only text? Blah!

Erik Johnson Photography

Erik Johnson Photography

Erik Johnson Photography

Please take a further look into Erik’s portfolio here. Highly inspirational work!

(images: erik johnson)

Posted in inspiration on October 12, 2009


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