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Skona Hem Eye Candy

I was really blown away by a few articles that appeared recently in Sweden’s home magazine, Skona Hem. Did you see these two spaces? The first is really amazing… it’s English and Swedish design rolled into one gorgeous package that I could move into tomorrow. Well, perhaps not as a full-time dwelling, I’d prefer something a bit less ornate and more modern, but I could easily take this property as a vacation flat. :)

Skona Hem

Skona Hem

This home is hopelessly romantic and the bones of each room alone are to die for (moldings, ceramic stove, wood floors, soaring ceilings), but the decor is simply fabulous. I love all of the textiles, this home really feels cherished and lived in but also well edited and designed by someone with an obvious flair for decorating.

Skona Hem

This home is a bit different, more modern with cleaner lines… and the Swedish style shines through. I love the mix of artwork, the arrangement of all the prints over the dresser and buffet, and the collection of white ceramics and glass. The freshly picked branches adorned with berries is the perfect touch adding a natural element to warm things up along with a burst of color so that the vases and glassware do not become lost against the white wall. What a dreamy home!

(images: skona hem)

Posted in inspiration on September 08, 2009

Happy September!

Wow, it’s September people! Hallo Holly! I just realized this fact the moment I woke up this morning and thought about all of the invoices that I need to create. I’m a few days late though, aren’t I? In my head, it’s still August. I think it has a lot to do with the weather here — it’s been in the 80s and sunny ever since we arrived on August 6. That’s pretty record-breaking in this part of the country where I live. But today is very windy and there is a slight “crispness” to the air that I love so much. Do you know this crisp feeling that I’m speaking of? It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Which gets me to thinking about a post that I read this morning over at {this is glamorous}. She pulled some remarkable visuals to show what September means to her. Here are just a few. You’ll need to visit her beautiful blog for more.

{this is glamorous}

These impressions resonated with me so deeply because I love all of these things too… horseback rides, plaids, tea, cozy beds, oil paintings of the countryside found at flea markets, rich colors, reading in my living room curled up on the sofa, and linens. It’s the one reason why I do not miss living in the south. No offense to my southern friends and family, but I have to have Autumn or else I’ll not be the same person. I love September – November, so so SO much. I come alive. And I wasn’t even born during this period and have no real reason to love it so much but I do. It makes me want to pick apples, take long walks in the forest, collect chestnuts, acorns and branches, craft, travel (I’ve always loved to travel most in the Fall, especially to London), and I love that one day that feels chilly enough to wear your favorite cardigan. :) And then it gets sooo cool that you can wear a lush chocolate or buttery soft caramel leather jacket with your favorite scarf. September also means socks. I love stripey knee socks.

What does September mean to you? Please share!

(images: this is glamorous)

Posted in inspiration on September 03, 2009

Good Things

I thought I’d share with you a small curated collection of just a handful of things that I’ve come across over the past week. No real theme, rhyme or reason, just things that caught my eye. Good things. :)

We Make Sense

We Make Sense poster from Bubbo, whom I adore. Isn’t this the best?

Sandra Juto

Sandra Juto and her wrist worms make me happy today, I’m already thinking about owning a pair for Autumn. Lots of girls wear them where I live and though I own a few felted ones, I don’t have knitted ones from Sandra. Yet.


I also love New Hampshire artist/designer Lisa Occhipinti’s pink journal, it makes my heart pitter pat just a little harder. Lisa is awesome, what a lady.

Sandra Juto

And okay, Sandra’s buttcrack characters still make me laugh. And her blog makes my hungry for travel and good food.

Noa Noa Fall 2009

Noa Noa Fall 2009

Noa Noa’s Fall collection, which I enjoyed the full preview yesterday because my local shop was stocking it. Can you believe I live 5 minutes by foot to a Noa Noa? Warning: danger! danger! I picked up their Fall catalog too – it’s gorgeous and set in some beautiful rooms. Very inspiring. Get your hands on a copy if you can.

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in inspiration on August 19, 2009

Stylist Meghan Guthrie

Hello everyone! We made it to the other side of the pond… London is lovely and the weather is amazing! We just left and now we’re HOME in Hannover — I can’t believe we’re here. We were going to stay longer in London but decided to just come to Germany right away. If felt wonderful to turn the keys to the door of our apartment. Sooo exciting! Everything is so white and clean, just as I left it and the rooms are flooded with sunshine as the weather is absolutely amazing. My mother-in-law prepared a meal for us, and put a welcome wreath on the front door that she made along with a bouquet on our dining room table. She also stocked the house with all the little necessities that she knew we’d need upon arrival. So… all is well. Now to unpack, go through mail, take care of lots of appointments and paperwork, apply for my driver’s license… the list is endless so I’ll be spending the next week or two on these things but of course I’ll still be here blogging from time to time but mostly I’m leaving decor8 in the capable hands of the many lovely friends who have been filling my shoes while I’m out and about. Have you been enjoying them?

So before I head off, I wanted to share Meghan Guthrie with you… She has been popping up all over design blogs, but in case you haven’t seen her work yet let’s take a peek together, shall we? Meghan is a prop stylist and set designer based in NYC and I’m guessing you’ve noticed her work around whether you’ve realized it or not since her touch has graced the pages Natural Health magazine and West Elm (in print). I follow a number of stylists and I’ve added Meghan to my list as I’m certain you will too. Here’s only a smidgen of her genius. To view more, please peruse her online portfolio.

Meghan Guthrie

Meghan Guthrie

I’m endlessly inspired by such creative types, I love seeing how they decide to arrange things and I often look at each arrangement, dissecting it and imagining why or how the scene was created. Do you do this too?

(images: meghan guthie)

Posted in inspiration on August 06, 2009


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