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Inspired by House Beautiful

Is it okay with you that, aside from today’s upcoming creativity post, we escape a little and simply look at beautiful rooms together? I really need to tap into some beautiful interiors today for inspiration. Let’s first look at some rooms as featured in House Beautiful, a magazine I’ve decided to subscribe to in an attempt to replace Domino. I’m going to play a little game. With each photo below I’m going to call out what I personally like the most in the photo. If anything strikes you, please feel free to join in on the fun.

Everything. I just love it all. This is my dream bedroom for sure. Love the gold picture frame. Fabulous.

Art wall, darling side table, blue walls…

Silk curtains and bedding. Lush, embroidered details. Random stack of blue books.

Chandelier, white table, foo dogs, purple, white pedestal table, fab geometric chair covers.

White chairs, striped rug, wallpaper on the ceiling – fun!

Soaking tub, gorgeous blue walls, amazing turquoise glassware.

Lavender and blue, combination of textures, very Paris in New York.

Mirror above writing desk, lots of yellow and blue, window seating.

Energetic color with lots of white.

Velvet bench, lovely headboard, drapes with a border, lovely peonies.

Wall color, blue lamp, pink bedspread.

Yellow side table and ornate white side table. I want the white one.

Chandelier in a bathroom, massive soaking tub, heart-shaped chair, funky avocado bedroom.

(images from house beautiful)

Posted in inspiration on March 12, 2009

Salad Design

Yesterday I discovered a talented young Australian photographer and graphic designer via Russian blog Design Collector and his name is Dallas Maurer.

Lullaby Reflections Tackyness in Bunches

His graphic design firm, Salad Design, shows lots of neat projects he has worked on that are worth checking out if you have a moment today. But I love his photography and wish he sold it somewhere online, so Dallas if you are reading set up shop because I know tons of people who would love (me) to have access (me) to your work (me) and frame it for (me) the home (me).

Dallas is also on Flickr under the name Mr Sqwiggle.

“Photography has been a long term hobby of mine which I’ve always used as a break from design. I guess it could be described as procrastinating from the work I should be doing but I feel that it also helps in the way I design and of course in creating photos for my work. Playing with Medium format, Expired film and Polaroids all excite me but whenever my wallet starts to look a tad thin I can always fall back onto digital.”

Psst: He has a blog too.

(images: dallas maurer)

Posted in inspiration on March 03, 2009

Franck Juery Photography

See this girl?


This is how I feel today, like hiding from you because I haven’t posted all day due to some technical server issues. I hope you didn’t miss me and went about your day not noticing my absence. But I assure you that I was here, just hiding behind the curtains working on things that are far too technical to discuss on a decorating blog.

Winter Ballad

Rainbow Walk

These photos were all taken by a photographer I recently fell in love with, Franck Juery, living and photographing Paris from people to architecture and a variety of quirky things too. I love his work because they tell a story, you can sit and stare at them forming your own, guessing and dreaming…

(images from franck juery)

Posted in inspiration on March 02, 2009

Spring Inspiration from Amy Butler Design

It’s Friday, time to prepare for the weekend and hope for Spring with fresh images from the inspiration folders of Amy Butler Design. I haven’t talked about Amy in over three months so I needed a little of her sparkle and beauty on my site today. I’m so fond of her design work and home in Ohio, but I also follow her husband and business partner David because in my opinion his photos of Amy’s products radiant joy and life. When I look at his recent batch of photos (below), I imagine a charming country lifestyle… a sweet friend winks at you from the porch, asks that join in on a game of cards and whether or not you’d like one lemon slice in your tea or two.

I love single flowers in candle holders, I do the exact same thing with mine too. Just add a few tablespoons of water and your buds will stay beautiful!

View additional larger photos here and to shop for Amy’s products visit her web shop. Don’t miss her gorgeous new stationery, the Lucky Flowers collection.

(images from amy butler design)

Posted in inspiration, shopping on February 27, 2009


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