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Room Seven

Hello and happy new week to you! I hope that you have been doing well, enjoying summer, and that you had a nice weekend! After returning from a week in Denmark (and a fun day in Sweden!), I returned home to attend a music festival and have been quite busy with my friends and family as I missed them all very much when I was away. The weather has been positively sublime, for you too? Summer is such a nice season!

Room Seven

Today I went to an outlet sale around the corner from my house — a bunch of stores locally well selling their overstock so there were many great products that were 50-70% off. One of my favorite shops, Von Klein Auf, had lots of beautiful things which made me wish I had a child because I found so many adorable dresses and things. Maybe next year I can buy them. :) I found an adorable patchwork bear from Room Seven (a Dutch brand I’d not heard of until today) and a pencil holder from Danish company GreenGate. I decided that, like I did when I was engaged, that I would start a small “hope chest” and fill it with cute things for my future child. I’m not pregnant yet, but I’m hoping to be next year and so I figured that I will start with this bear to build up a very small collection of sweet things. If I do not have kids, then I have a small chest for the kids of my friends to go through and play with while they are visiting. Either way, these sweet things will be used and enjoyed. Before you had a child or got married, did you start a hope chest? I know that it is old fashioned of me, but it is quite fun and inspiring.


Room Seven

Room Seven (they have a US and an EU website) is a brand for kids owned and operated by Brecht Olsthoorn that specializes in clothing, bedding, bags and some soft toys. Brecht is the daughter of the founders and owners of the Dutch brand OILILY and established Room Seven in 1994 initially designing only a bedding and accessories line but after her first child she branched out into children’s clothing as well.

Room Seven

Aren’t these things sweet? I love the green and blue walls – that acid-y green is such an inspiring color choice for a room, you have to be quite bold to use it but I like it very much!

(images: room seven)

Posted in kids on June 07, 2010

Small Magazine

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy yourself? I am doing well… today I have some errands to run in preparation of my London adventure (I leave on Thursday) so I’ll leave you with these relaxing images from Small magazine and a link to their inspiring new issue. The first photo below is how I spent most of Sunday… lounging around with some of my favorite books + things. What about you?

Small magazine

Small Magazine

Small magazine is mostly geared towards kids and parents, but there are still many delightful highlights within to be touched or inspired by so please check it out until I’m back later on with more goodies for you. See you in a few hours!

(image: small magazine)

Posted in kids on May 10, 2010

Mini Modern Dollhouse via The New York Times

I love me a good dollhouse but not always the Tudor or Victorian kind… so of course I jumped on this article today in the The New York Times and swooned over every bit of it because it’s all about modern mini furniture for dollhouse hobbyists. If you love the idea of a dollhouse filled with min modern design then this article and slideshow just may steal your heart…

miniature modern

If this intrigues you just a wee little bit (pun completely intended) then you can also view the Modern Miniatures group on Flickr or follow the blog Miniatures by Annina. Enjoy!

(image: David Azia for The New York Times)

Posted in kids on April 08, 2010

Jeremy Harwell Photography + A Vintage Party

It’s party time! Don’t you love to hear those words? I do because who doesn’t love a good party? Photography Jeremy Harwell in Atlanta (the brother of the talented artist Anne Harwell) wrote in recently to give decor8 first dibs on sharing a party he recently shot. But not just any party, but a vintage themed puppy party for his beautiful daughter planned and styled by his creative wife Karrie.

Jeremy Harwell Photography

I was excited to hear about and share this vintage party because Karrie went beyond the basics and had each girl in attendance make a pillow out of recycled fabric and vintage buttons. They also made their own book out of vintage prints from the 40’s. All of the fabrics used to decorate are vintage and the sweets were all handmade. Charming, right? Have a look at these beautiful photos as they may inspire a party of your own in the future, the palette for a piece of art you plan to begin, your wedding palette, or even how you imagine decorating your craft room.

Jeremy Harwell Photography

Jeremy Harwell Photography

Jeremy Harwell Photography

Thank you so much Jerry for contacting me and sharing this party with decor8 readers. I think it’s just adorable and super inspiring — you really captured the moment so perfectly with your gorgeous photographs! And readers don’t miss Jeremy’s portfolio — it will make your day!

Doesn’t this party bring out the little girl in us all?

Psst: Jeremy has a beautiful blog, too.

(images: jeremy harwell)

Posted in kids on March 09, 2010


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