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In The Neighborhood…

Everyone sing along with me (if you’re American and grew up with Sesame Street, you’ll know this song in English by heart)… “These are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neigh-bor-hood yes these are the people in your neighborhood… they’re the people that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, they’re the people who you meeeeet eachhh dayyyyy!”.

Very good. We can all return to being responsible, serious adults again. Or not. :) So! Here are 7 photos from the people in my neighborhood today, at least my virtual one, that I feel inspired by because I am getting a real sense of honest simplicity here that I realize is what draws me to the design I gravitate towards and feature here the most – work that feels as though it formed from a very honest place inside ones soul and blossomed, over time, into something physical. Like a vignette. Or a room. Or a product. This is my mood board of sorts and so I thought that instead of keeping all of these magical escapes to myself that I’d share them in one community-like post. Be sure to click around and stay awhile, you’ll find my neighbors quite nice and super creative. :)

Inspired By

The sunroom of Yvestown. Wow. And her kitchen (shown here). Double wow. Her home needs to be in the Cath Kidston catalog. Cath & Co. if you are listening, put this woman’s home in your next catalog – what an inspiration!

Inspired By

Tamar’s home in Vermont is such a cozy space and though she carefully edits it, there is just SO. MUCH. STUFF. Her home is like a shop or something, a shop I want to peruse for hours. Funny thing, she owns a virtual store called Nest Decorating. I think she needs some feminine little general store in downtown Burlington, or a B&B, or something she can fill and fill and FILL! Her home is part dollhouse, part cottage and I just adore it.

Inspired By

Buttons Magee and her magical eye – she is a natural behind the camera. I love the feeling of this photo, the wall of pretty things as I call it. I can imagine standing before it in person with my jaw hanging open. Wow.

Inspired By

Little fingers tapping on the keys of a vintage typewriter – can you stand the sweetness? And can you even imagine the modern child caring about a typewriter with all the iPhones running around? A person can dream of their child taking a personal interest in something most of us think of as nostalgic. How many of you first learned to type in school on a typewriter? I learned the same year our school received a shipment of Apple computers, which back then, I hated more than you’ll ever know. Typing class I liked. Computer class bored me to death — all that white flashing text on a jet black screen… Yes I understand how old saying all this makes me. Whatever. :) Gabrielle Kai is the photographer who shot this gorgeous photo, her online portfolio is gorgeous. See it here.

Inspired By

I love a sweet, honest approach to decorating and this bedroom is the perfect combination of both. The Fabled Needle is the lady behind the lovely bedroom and her blog is as lovely and sincere as her home.

Inspired By

Ah… the most cozy kitchen… from Haust in Norway. I really want to sit at this table and eat some of my dad’s biscuits ‘n gravy with grits and eggs. Yum. And peek through her copy of Elle Interior… Do you think she’d mind? Would you like to join me?

Inspired By

And speaking of honest simplicity, this lovely table arrangement is byElena Kovyrzina in Toronto, who has the most beautiful Flickr stream. You have to scroll through her recent trip to Kiev. Now I want to get on the next train, it looks wonderful there….

(images: linked to their sources above)

Posted in inspiration, kitchen on October 14, 2009
decor8 shop

Fred & Friends

Diana sent me the cutest link today to a kitchen product she thought I’d love and she was right, I do! I do! These M-cups (no not a bra!) are nesting dolls for the kitchen made to measure and boy are they cute. They’re from Fred & Friends and they accurately measure 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup, and are made from food safe, heavy duty plastic that will last for many years to come.

M Cups

I love understated goods with personality, simple designs and shapes that have just a little bit more to them always make me smile. :)

Thanks Diana for the tip, I might have missed these otherwise!

(image: fred & friends)

Posted in kitchen on October 09, 2009

Herzensart: Viking Plates

Like vikings much? You may not know how charming they can be until now. Sandra Monat from Herzensart has a new collection of viking plates that I think are darling. So fun! I imagine whether you have small boys in the house or not, you could own some for personal use too. No boys required! I’ve talked about Sandra on decor8 before, but in case you aren’t familiar with her then today is your lucky day. She is a German artist/designer who I’ve been following for almost as long as I’ve been writing this blog. And she’s great.


Sandra makes soft toys, cards, and other neat things out of her studio in a small town just outside of Cologne. Her whimsical blog is full of  inspiration — in addition to sharing her work, she’s been busy sketching her daily outfits and posting them for fun and I really appreciate her sense of humor and her sweet illustrative style.

(images: sandra monat)

Posted in kitchen on October 01, 2009

Bird Tray @ IKEA

I found the cutest bird tray over at Kay Loves Vintage today — she discovered it in the latest IKEA catalog which (ahem) my mail carrier failed to leave in the corridor of our house… though he delivered them to other buildings. Hmmm. Perhaps my husband told him to avoid leaving them here as he slipped him a twenty or something. :) Well I think this tray that Kay found is brilliant and as she noticed too, it’s very Charley Harper-esque which I completely love. So colorful and fun!

IKEA find

I’m sure lots of these will soon pop up in home tours on blogs around the world as the latest IKEA must-have item. I know as soon as my local IKEA stocks these I’m ON IT. Hey, why not? They are practical and cute and for Summer, great for serving drinks on the patio. They are even good for the desk to arrange pencil holders, notepads and such on. Let’s hear it for fun, affordable design! And birds! Birds rock people.

(image: kay loves vintage)

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