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Hot or Not? Beaded + Shell Chandeliers

Okay so maybe since it’s nearly November I shouldn’t be thinking about beaded and/or shell anything because that sounds very boho summer on the beach, doesn’t it? But truthfully I’m imagining them as being just as relevant and gorgeous in the colder months too – like now. I don’t know, I just see them as being so cozy in rooms with lots of candles and smooschy pillows with a chunky cableknit throw. And I suddenly want one, again! Again, you say? Well I wanted this one back in 2012. This actually happens to me a lot. I fall in and out of love with stuff. So here is an example of a beaded light that I love…


This is from a shop that I always visit whenever I’m in Amsterdam called Suhka.

And now that you see a great bead version, let’s talk about shells. I found a shell chandy near my house recently at a store called Looms and it would really work in my living room and introduce a little boho factor. Maybe you can only imagine capiz shell lights as I type this, but let me reassure you that while yes, I love those too, I’m including the mini shells and wooden beaded ones too. So below I’m mixing them all up in some pretty fantastic interiors. And I’d seriously love your opinion -hot or not?

ae7b18c97f14419cf54ec9214d0d4653 The  is a shell light that I saw in a local shop window. Swoon.


This is a super mega capiz shell light from Angelika Taschen’s Berlin home from The Selby. Gorgeous but a bit OTT for my humble home. I think it’s as big as my living room.


These are all cute – not really “me” but cute. Top left: She Made Me // Top right: Wild Poppy Goods // Bottom left: Beach House Lifestyle // Bottom right: Peony Swimwear


I love seeing one set against a natural background of green, this is in Australia found on The Design Files.


Out of all of these, I really can see the one shown top left in my home. Or, the bottom right “baby” version – it would be darling in a beach cottage bathroom! Top left: The Decorista // Top right: Wild Poppy Goods // Bottom left: Euro Style Lighting // Bottom right: Pottery Barn Kids


From the Biskopsgarten shop – swoon! Yes, this is a good one too.


From Barefoot Styling and holy &$% that thing is massive. It’s a real focal point.


From MilK Decoration – petite and understated but classy as all hell. That’s Belgium homes for ya. Always interesting and classy.


From Adore Home magazine – great and very relaxed but not exactly what I’m seeing in my living room. Yet, well… They are nice.


From MilK Decoration – again in a home in Belgium. Love seeing it mixed with that shelving system. This actually looks really Parisian to me.

Beaded and shell lighting – So HOT or so NOT? Do you like BEADS or SHELLS?

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in lighting on November 02, 2014

Happy Lamps by Retro Print Revival

Mamma Mia! I came across these lamps and I’m smitten by their serious retro throwback – fun and funky! Such total sweetness from Retro Print Revival today. On this gray, overcast Autumn day all I can say is that accessories in the home with punch, like these lamps, are certainly needed to bring in a little cheer – don’t you think? The first shown below is my fave, but I love the one with the stars, too.






Are you as obsessed with lamps (and chairs) as I am? I am thinking to buy a few new pendants when I move next month so I’ve been scouting for something unique and eye-catching. There are so many choices. So I think I’ll have to keep pinning to my Lighting Pinboard on Pinterest to help me narrow down my selections. I’m usually Pinterest for that a lot more these days – for shopping! But before lighting is seriously considered, I have to select paint and wallpaper for the new apartment. But then most definitely, pendants are next on the ever-growing renovation and move to-do list…

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

(images: retro print revival)

Posted in lighting on November 10, 2013

Zoe Darlington Lamps

I’ve been really into lamps again lately. Perhaps it’s the gray weather and my need for light! I came across Zoe Darlington lamps not too long ago and have been meaning to blog them because they’re traditional yet oh so whimsical and unique. Each one is handmade in the UK with bases made by English artisans and the shades designed and hand crafted by Zoe Darlington herself.

Zoe Darlington Lamps

About her inspiration Zoe says, ““My background in Fine Art informs all of my aesthetic decisions, whilst my time in fashion taught me how fabrics work and fuelled my love for colour and print. My aim is to combine the old and the new so beautifully that the lamps take on a life of their own and can live on through generations”. She does this so well I think!

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Zoe Darlington Lamps

For a limited time, you can find a few of her lamps at Anthropologie, too. Would you add a Zoe lamp to your home? Is this your style? I would own one in a second, my favorites are Oliver, Chester, Lucas and Aubrey.

(images: zoe darlington)

Posted in lighting on October 15, 2013

Kerrie Brown Lighting

I’m not finished yet talking about lights and these from Kerrie Brown Design Studio in Sydney are sooooo nice. My columnist, Jillian Leiboff, told me about Kerrie’s work this morning and I loved her lighting immediately. Here are a few photos for a little show and tell.

Kerrie Brown Design Studio

Kerrie Brown Design Studio

Kerrie Brown Design Studio

I had a good look around her website and really fell in love – very quirky and colorful… I can really see these shades being sold at Liberty in London, can’t you? In addition to lampshades, you can find pillows, wallpaper, blind, fabric, headboards, cabinets and more. I was fascinated to learn that Kerrie is actually an Academy Award nominated set decorator and interior designer – what a fantastic background! She’s worked on the sets of The Quiet American, Mission Impossible, The Chronicles of Narnia and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing job to be a set designer for major motion pictures?

(images: jillian lieboff)

Posted in lighting on April 19, 2013


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