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Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Can we talk about this Enoki Cumulus pendant light for a moment because I’m really in love with it. You guys are going to love it too. It reminds me of a modern take on similar vintage pendants found in grandma’s homes everywhere across Germany. My husband’s grandmother had one, it was more oval shape, covered in fabric that was gathered at the top and bottom and looked a little like a floating shower cap. This is defintely a better take, and I find them quite stunning. In fact, I want one now!

li1Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Enoki Cumulus Light: Hot or Not?

Swoon! I love that they also come flat-packed so they’re super easy to ship. In fact, Enoki, you can ship one to my house right away! Please, don’t hold back.

What do you think about them in different fabrics? Or do you like the white? I like the white because it really looks casual and airy, but I bet covering it in a pretty print from Liberty would be gorgeous in a kid’s room, too and would love to see that.

What do you think of the Enoki Cumulus light? Hot or Not? I vote HOT.

(photos: enoki)

Posted in lighting on April 19, 2013

Atelier Areti – New Lighting!

If you like birds then one of these lamps will surely light you up today! As mentioned in the previous post, I attended 100% Design in London last month as a speaker and was able to briefly walk around grabbing vendors materials who caught my eye as I went. One company, Atelier Areti, had some fabulous lighting on display. This interdisciplinary design practice is based in both London and France with partner studios in Sweden and Germany.

Atelier Areti

Atelier Areti Lighting

Atelier Areti Lighting

Atelier Areti Lighting

I love their Acorn and Alouette lights but for a more sophisticated pendant, the Gris shown directly above is sexy and gorgeous. I would love the Alouette lamp in black or white for my desk – the desk lamp with the bird on top – it’s the best isn’t it?!?

(images: atelier areti)

Posted in lighting on October 10, 2011

Lighting From 157 + 173 Designers

I recently came across Greek design firm 157 +173 Designers founded by Babis Papanikolaou and Christina Tsiragelou who both studied architecture and set up their studio in Thessaloniki. Their goal is to, “Design and manufacture products of unique aesthetic value and quality. All ideas are meticulously tested and redrawn before they are finally converted into full scale objects, destined both for extensive production and/or for limited edition release, but always with the care of a handmade object.” I really like their wood lighting, it’s quirky and I appreciate that their design has a sense of humor.

157 + 173 Designers

You can purchase a few of their pieces at French shop Serendipity in case you are interested.

(images: 157 + 173 Designers)

Posted in lighting on August 02, 2011

Junk Shop Love

I was out walking in the forest this morning and decided to circle back to look in the window of a local junk shop — I mean, why can’t a fitness walk turn into a decorating adventure? :) I’m so glad I took my indulgent detour. I not only found a man selling the freshest watermelon ever along with sweet peaches from France, but the shop was open and even better, I found this lovely solid wood lamp. Nice, right?

Junk Shop Find

It weighed a ton to carry it home, but when you spot something like this for cheap you have to grab it. I love the shape and of course, the shade reminds me of something you’d find in the wallpaper collection over at Cole & Son or possibly in the Florence Broadhurst collection. When I saw this lamp I thought of how this could easily be worked into a beach house somewhere in Australia or something. It also reminds me of designer Shannon Fricke, and I wish I knew why, it just does. I love Shannon’s work and dream of meeting her someday and hanging out in her creative cottage where she teaches. Swoon…

I may or may not eventually paint the base and I may or may not pop a new shade on this or cover this one, but for now I’m going to see where I can work this in at home and once I do, I’ll show you where it ended up. Do you have any latest junk shop/flea market “scores” to share with me?

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in lighting on June 07, 2011


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